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Milk Rivers (all about pumping)

Milk Rivers (all about pumping)

Sometimes after breast feeding there are seals – clusters of milk not eaten by the baby. They can cause stagnation of milk (lactostasis), and doctors advise to put the baby to the breast again, even if he is sleeping.

If the crumb does not want to eat anymore, you need to strain. The same should be done if at least one feeding is missed.

If there is a lot of milk and it is difficult for the baby to suck, strain a few drops before feeding.

If the baby has a poorly developed sucking reflex, it is difficult for him to get to the back milk. And it contains more protein than the front, and there are enzymes that promote digestion. In order for the crumb to get it, drain the front milk.

After 10 minutes, attach the baby to his chest or pack in a bottle. This method is also used when the child is slowly gaining weight.

Expressing is not enough when breastfeeding a baby is not possible. Straining helps to avoid lactostasis and keep lactation at the same level until the moment when breastfeeding can be resumed.

In these cases, it is necessary to decant no more than 4 hours with interruptions, empty each breast in turn (once for one time) until noticeable relief.

When a one-time need and tendency to edema, it is more efficient to decant manually. Place your thumb and index finger on the opposite edges of the areola.

Then dissolve them together with the skin and slide them inside the breast, acting not on the nipple, but on the milk ducts. At the same time with your other hand, knead the base. After a few taps, move your fingers: the milk comes out of the part of the breast that is being massaged.

Breast pump is useful for regular pumping. Attach the attachment so that its opening is opposite the nipple, and press it tightly against the chest.

To empty different lobes of the breast, change the angle of the nozzle.

Tatyana Paritskaya, neonatologist of the highest category, breastfeeding consultant, maternity hospital №1

If you express or feed improperly, with a sudden influx of milk in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, excess fluid accumulates, which leads to the formation of edema. Swollen tissues impede milk flow.

A warm shower will help to remove mild swelling. You can also express some milk by hand. Both treatments improve blood circulation.

To remove not only the swelling, but also the pain, take an ice cube, wrap it in a diaper and apply it directly to the nipple for 30 seconds.

If you are worried about severe swelling, attach a cabbage leaf to your chest: it contains acetylsalicylic acid, it will gently remove excess fluid. If there are no wounds or cracks, compresses with warm salt water (a tablespoon per glass) or a 25% solution of magnesium sulfate will help.

Put the gauze soaked in liquid for 15−20 minutes on the chest – and milk will pour out of it.

When expressing a special breast care is not needed. Take a shower twice a day, more often if necessary.

Do not abuse the soap: alkali will dry out the delicate skin of the breast, causing cracks. To increase the elasticity of the nipple and remove microcracks, use a cream with lanolin (animal wax). For cracks and injuries, lubricate the breast after decanting with panthenol and arnica.

Rinse off is not necessary.

Fresh expressed milk at room temperature is stored for up to 3 hours, in a refrigerator – up to 12. Milk supply in the freezer will last from 3 to 6 months. When freezing and defrosting milk is divided into its component parts.

The taste of this does not change, but thawed milk is absorbed slightly worse than fresh. To prepare such milk for a child, gradually warm it up in a water bath to body temperature.

Re-freeze milk is not worth it: it will lose its valuable properties.

Milk Rivers (all about pumping)

If the milk is leaking and soiling clothes, the Pigeon liners can solve the problem. Their outer breathable layer is very soft and does not irritate the skin, and the inner one, thanks to a special absorbent, effectively absorbs and retains moisture.

Inserts are invisible under clothing, securely attached to underwear with fixing strips.

Milk Rivers (all about pumping)

SUN HERBAL wet phyto-wipes are suitable for breast care before and after feeding. They are impregnated with a vegetable solution that does not need to be washed off: it protects the nipples from cracks, does not irritate the skin and does not change its pH.

You can wipe the baby’s mouth with wipes and clean the pacifiers.

Milk Rivers (all about pumping)

Light and compact Swing ™ electronic breast pump will help maintain lactation. The technology of two-phase pumping simulates baby’s sucking movements.

During the first phase, the breast pump makes frequent and rhythmic movements, stimulating the breast, and during the second phase, milk is released.

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