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Milk porridge from the store

Milk porridge from the store

First of all, a few words about the usefulness of such cereals: in addition to the grain, they contain a dairy component that supplies babies with very high-quality protein, energy plus calcium and phosphorus. Milk carbohydrate – lactose – helps calcium to be absorbed and supports the growth of normal intestinal microflora.

Now – what to choose: industrial cereals or homemade. To all the advantages of the products of the first category it is worth adding one more: purchased porridges do not need to be cooked. The fact is that boiling milk reduces the availability of certain amino acids (lysine, alanine), which makes it less valuable.

In addition, due to heating, we lose some vitamins and minerals: vitamin C – by 60–70%, B – by 20–30%, A – up to 50%, calcium – 15%.

1. Label inscription:

Porridge contains whole milk powder; cow’s milk; skimmed milk.

In the role of the milk base of purchased cereals can be whole milk powder, all components of which are preserved in their original form. Another option is skimmed milk powder, in this case, manufacturers replace milk fat with vegetable.

The purpose of the combination is to provide children with polyunsaturated fatty acids that are involved in the development of the nervous and immune systems.

2. Label inscription:

In the composition – demineralized whey, whey proteins.

For some time, porridges have appeared in our market, based on infant formula, whose composition is much closer to the composition of breast milk than cow’s milk. So, they will be easier to digest and will not overload the body of a small one.

So, if your baby fed on a mixture, you can pick up a porridge based on it.

Milk porridge from the store

3. The inscription on the label:

Oatmeal; rice buckwheat corn; Wheat milk porridge.

The value of porridge is largely determined by the type of cereal from which it is made.

As we have said, it is important for mothers to remember that rice, corn and buckwheat groats do not contain gluten protein.

Oatmeal is rich in vegetable protein, minerals, vitamins and contains the most solid among the cereals amount of fat (on average 6 times more) and fiber, which means it will be useful for babies who are prone to delayed stool.

RICE cereal is easily digested, but there is little protein, minerals and dietary fiber, but starch – a lot. It is for this reason that it is so suitable for babies who too often visit the pot.

Corn grits are similar in composition to rice, but there is much more protein and dietary fiber in it. By the way, it is precisely to the last group of substances that it is obliged for its laxative properties.

HUNGER is one of the most valuable cereals, because it contains a lot of protein, minerals (magnesium, iron, zinc, copper) and vitamins (B1, B2, PP).

WHEAT grits – not the leader in the content of fats, vitamins and mineral salts, but it is easily digested.

Bacon croup contains a bit of starch, but it contains a lot of fiber and vitamins B1, B2, PP.

4. Label inscription:

Multi-cereal / multifruit milk porridge.

Like all foods for babies, milk cereals can consist of one or more components: grains and fruit fillings. The latter are powdered dried fruit, to which manufacturers sometimes add vanilla – for taste.

However, it happens that it is used by itself, outside of this bundle.

Recall that the first milk porridge of the baby should be a monocomponent product from cereals, which do not contain gluten, and without adding fruit.

5. Label inscription:

In the composition – cream, different types of vegetable oil.

Cream “charge” the product with energy, and a combination of several types of vegetable oils provides the body of kids with a set of valuable fatty acids. To make the fat of them easier to digest, manufacturers add soy lecithin to cereal.

6. The inscription on the label:

With sugar / no sugar.

Milk porridge may or may not contain additional carbohydrates – sucrose, fructose or maltodextrin. Sometimes in their composition there are combinations of these substances.

7. Label inscription:

Fruit and cereal milk porridge.

Please note that now there are milk porridges for sale, which do not even need to be diluted – they are already ready for use. By their properties, they are no different from the instant ones, that is, requiring dilution, they are enriched with vitamins, micro and macro elements.

Available in glass jars.

Milk porridge from the store

8. The inscription on the label:

So called one of the varieties of children’s milk porridges – is a traditional Scandinavian dish. Wallings are made on the basis of infant formula and, due to their liquid consistency, are well suited to the role of your baby’s first porridge.

9. The inscription on the label:

Children’s instant cookies.

It can also be classified as a porridge, because after dissolving the liver in breast milk, the baby’s usual mixture or juice, you will receive a portion of regular porridge, which also contains all the necessary nutrients.

10. The inscription on the label:

Sour-milk (yoghurt) porridge.

In this case, manufacturers add yoghurt to the composition of the dairy base, which is known to have a good effect on the composition of the intestinal microflora.

Milk porridge from the store

“Milk wheat porridge with pumpkin”, Nestle

2nd stage of the meal plan

It is enriched with iodine and vitamin B and 11 more vitamins and 7 minerals.

Basis – skimmed milk powder.

Ingredients – wheat flour, vegetable oil. w Contains sugar and gluten.

Without artificial preservatives, stabilizers, dyes and GM components.

Prepared according to a special patented technology of careful splitting of cereals.

Milk porridge from the store

“Milk porridge. “Baby”, Nutricia

It is enriched with iron, calcium and 11 vitamins. w Basis – cow’s milk.

In the composition – cream.

Contains rice and oatmeal flour, and also sunflower oil, soy lecithin.

In the composition – maltodextrin.

Milk porridge from the store

“Wheat porridge with apple”, Nutricia

The basis is infant formula.

Enriched with vitamins and minerals.

In the composition – only natural ingredients: wheat flour, a mixture of vegetable oils (palm, coconut, rapeseed, sunflower), apple powder.

No salt added.

Does not contain artificial colors and flavors.

In the composition – maltodextrin.

Milk porridge from the store

“Soluble Multifruit Porridge for Children”, Frisocrem

The basis – whole milk, whey proteins.

Does not contain artificial dyes, preservatives and GM components.

In the composition – 13 vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients – rice flour, corn starch, vegetable oil, soy lecithin, natural fruit powders (peach, apricot, banana, lemon, orange), vanillin.

Milk porridge from the store

“Multizlakovaya porridge with pear, apple and raspberry”, Semper

Basis – skimmed milk powder, demineralized whey, milk protein.

Enriched with iron, iodine, vitamins and minerals.

Does not contain artificial preservatives, dyes and flavors.

It consists of vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, sunflower), oat and wheat flour (cereals with natural gluten content), rice flour, wheat flakes (wheat, malt extract), pear and apple juice concentrate, dried raspberries.

Milk porridge from the store

“Milk porridge with corn and rice”, Humana

Gluten free and almost free of sucrose, contains fructose and glucose.

Basis – skimmed cow milk.

It is enriched with 13 vitamins and calcium, iron and iodine.

Contains processed corn and rice, vegetable fats, starch, natural vanilla powder.

In the composition – maltodextrin.

Milk porridge from the store

“Buckwheat cereal with milk”, Heinz

2nd stage of the feeding program

It is enriched with 12 vitamins and calcium, iodine, iron and zinc.

The basis – whole milk powder.

In the composition – buckwheat flour.

Without the addition of gluten-containing ingredients (but traces of gluten may be in it).

Without flavoring additives, preservatives and dyes.

Milk porridge from the store

“Children’s milk porridge” Banana “, Bebi

The basis is whole milk powder.

Ingredients – rice, banana, vitamins.

Without artificial colors, flavoring agents and preservatives.

Milk porridge from the store

“Milk porridge” Corn with banana “, Bystrenok Baby

Basis – skimmed milk powder.

In the composition – corn flakes, pieces of dried banana, salt.

Without the addition of preservatives, dyes and vitamins.

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