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Midges, flies, mosquitoes: how to get rid of them flat

Midges, flies, mosquitoes: how to get rid of them flat

Of course, all means are good for combating hateful midges, flies and mosquitoes (except those that are unsafe for people and pets). But traditional fumigators, sprays and spirals, many of us already cause a healthy skepticism. And the prehistoric invention – the sticky tape – does have an unaesthetic appearance.

Conclusion: it’s time to explore other possibilities of fighting insects. Maybe we did not try something else or did not know?

It turns out that one of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of black flies, flies and even wasps, who also like to visit the kitchen in the summer, is vessels with a narrow neck or a narrow inlet. The main “ingredient” of success – the sweet contents of the vessel.

The essence of the method: the midges, attracted by the sweet bait, climb inside the vessel, and can not get back anymore. Remember how often the insects that have flown through the open window, then can not fly back, and fight about the glass?

About the same thing happens here. If you find the right place to place your bait, then in a relatively short period of time a decent amount of food flies is collected in the vessel.

1. Do it yourself: A bait is put (poured) into a bottle of wine or champagne – something that attracts the attention of midges (flies, wasps). It can be very sweet water (for example, honey dissolved in water, or a few spoons of jam), slices of sweet fruit (a banana is especially good in this), caramel (it is better to slightly soak it for a start).

Variation on the same theme: take any jar, you can even a jar from under yogurt or soft cottage cheese, put a sweet bait in it, cover the inlet with a cling film and put the film on the jar with scotch to prevent the film from moving. Make a kind of colander out of a film – make several holes in it, enough to allow food flies to crawl in them. They’ll get through, but they won’t be able to get out.

You will only need to change the traps more often (and yogurt regularly).

Midges, flies, mosquitoes: how to get rid of them flat

2. Buy and do not suffer: For aesthetes and lazy, enterprising manufacturers already offer a decent assortment of reusable trap vessels. Simpler, more complicated, glass, plastic, with cunning covers and just with narrow inlets. Suspended and legged, quite decent look, do not violate your idea of ​​beauty.

Most of these traps can lure not only black flies, but also casually wasps and bees.

Question: Where do the midges come from in the apartment? It’s simple. We buy them with seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Drosophila (that is how they are called according to science) are unique adapters. They lay eggs … in the peel of the still growing fruit.

And if you keep the fruit warm, the larvae instantly begin to develop.

Simple advice: Keep purchased fruits and vegetables in the fridge, and remove the peel in bags before dropping them into the trash can (which is best kept tightly closed in summer).

Flies are a real disaster for those citizens who have to put up with a “view of the trash cans” from the window of their apartments. And if in the cold season you can simply not look out of the windows, in the summer, as a rule, a 3-D effect in the form of flies is added to this landscape.

What to do if flies often fly into your apartment?

1. Do it yourself: Take a clean jar, fill it with a third (or half) of apple cider vinegar, cover with a lid and make several holes in the lid that are sufficient for the fly to crawl through. Arrange such banks in places where the flies.

Attracted by the vapors of apple cider vinegar, flies will climb inside the cans through the holes, but will not be able to get back. Vinegar in the bank periodically need to be changed.

The method is well suited to those who are overpowered by flies, but who are not ready to hang around the living area with adhesive tapes.

Midges, flies, mosquitoes: how to get rid of them flat

2. Buy and do not suffer: an electric trap for insects can become a much more aesthetic alternative to catching flies in banks. The principle of operation of most of these traps is based on attracting flies (blackflies and even mosquitoes, by the way) by thermal radiation and light of a certain wavelength, which is emitted by a lamp embedded in a trap.

Further, the methods of destruction vary: in some traps insects die when the grid touches the inside of the trap, which is under high voltage (it is necessary to regularly clean the tray with charred insect carcasses), or tightly stick to the adhesive surface (the adhesive tape will have to be changed periodically). The design of electric traps is also diverse. There are both indoor and outdoor copies for verandas and summer cottages.

Suspended, wall mounted, stationary. All models are also divided by coverage area – from 30 to 120 square meters. m

As one old song says: “We killed a mosquito, not in a fight, not on a hunt, but at home on a weekday night. See, god!

We do not sneak him, and when he was in flight. We warned him – he neglected his advice. ”

Do not know how to catch mosquitoes in flight? Then try other ways to fight.

1. Do it yourself: one of the old-fashioned ways to clean the room from mosquitoes – fumigation. If there are really a lot of mosquitoes, and your plans do not include being eaten alive during the night, use camphor or camphor spirit. Camphor is placed on a hot skillet or in a ladle.

The fumes emitted by it literally smoke mosquitoes out of the room, while the smoke of camphor is harmless to people and animals.

Variation on the subject: it is believed that mosquitoes are well repelled by the smell of lavender and citronella essential oils. They can be used in oil burners in the room, which must be cleaned of bloodsuckers. There you can also add essential oils of anise, valerian, eucalyptus, geranium, thyme, mint, tea tree and camphor laurel.

If you are not alien to the craving for plant cultivation, plant decorative tomatoes on all windowsills. This will significantly reduce the “attendance” of the bloodsuckers of your apartment or house.

Even easier: stick a stick of dry cloves in half a lemon and place it at the head of the bed. According to reviews, thanks to this tool, you can sleep all night even in a room with open windows.

Midges, flies, mosquitoes: how to get rid of them flat

2. Buy and do not suffer: of course, the easiest commercial version of the fight against mosquitoes is fumigators. But no one has proved that the substances used in them are completely harmless, especially for children.

Yes, and fakes, which, at least, are useless (and even dangerous), enough. Among the alternatives we liked the mosquito traps that imitate … man. Not himself, of course, but what attracts blood-sucking insects to us: heat waves and carbon dioxide released from the surface of the skin.

Once inside, mosquitoes can not get out and die. As a rule, such traps have an attractive design in the form of night lamps or table / hanging lamps.

However, before using it at night in the bedroom, you should read the instructions. The fact is that a sleeping person emits 10 times more heat and carbon dioxide than a trap. Therefore, if you need to clean the bedroom from mosquitoes, you should turn on the trap 4 hours before sleep and close the door.

At the same time, the device itself must be located at a height of at least 75 cm from the floor. At night, the trap can be moved to the bathroom (the favorite place of mosquitoes) or the living room, where no one sleeps.

Video: How to make a mosquito repellent with your own hands

  1. Keep the rooms clean, take out the garbage on time, keep all containers with food tightly closed.
  2. Use mosquito nets on windows. Hang curtains of flies on the door (in the form of ribbons)
  3. Plant near the windows and in front of the balcony any plants that exude unpleasant essential oils for mosquitoes: tomatoes, catnip, bird cherry.
  4. Put window plants such as myrtle, lemon tree, rosemary on the windows.
  5. Keep bags near the bed, in the kitchen and in the bathroom, with crushed parts of plants that repel insects.

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