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Meeting the wife from the maternity hospital: useful ideas for newly minted fathers

Meeting the wife from the maternity hospital: useful ideas for newly minted fathers

Hopefully, at home everything is already prepared for a meeting with the newborn’s maternity hospital: the crib is in the right place, the floors are cleaned, the dust is wiped out, the children’s furniture is arranged in places, the refrigerator is filled with products useful for the nursing mother, and the newly made dad has not forgotten what to take on discharge from the maternity hospital for mother and baby. In this matter it is better to do without amateur and carefully fulfill all the wishes of his wife.

But then everything depends on the imagination of the newly-made dad and his material capabilities. Ideas for a meeting from the hospital can be gleaned from the Internet, from the experience of friends, colleagues and relatives, and, of course, from your own ideas about how to make the meeting of the wife from the hospital bright and memorable.

1. The budget version of the meeting from the maternity hospital is probably the mother’s flowers, candy and an envelope with money for “redemption” of the newborn for the hospital staff and a ceremonial exit of the Madonna and Child to the applause of friends and relatives. To this are attached friendly hugs, kisses and a few memory photos taken by friends or relatives, and a journey by car to the house.

2. Quite often, a meeting from the maternity hospital involves the design of the balls. You can order almost a hundred multicolored balloons and release them into the sky at the time of the ceremonial appearance of happy parents with a baby on the porch of the maternity hospital. Having shown a minimum of fantasy, you can arrange so that early in the morning on the day of discharge from the maternity hospital, a balloon with flowers for your beloved will fall on the windowsill of the ward.

The main thing here is not to make a mistake with the window sill, there is no need to look for performers for a long time – to make sure of this, just look at the Internet.

Meeting the wife from the maternity hospital: useful ideas for newly minted fathers

The third version of the “balloon” design is to order a dozen balloons with symbolic inscriptions – such as “smile”, “joy”, “happiness”, “delight” and other positive words. And why not launch balloons in the sky on which the name of the newborn is written?

You can decorate with balloons the porch of the maternity hospital, the entrance of the house or even its yard. Let the young mother pass under the arch of balloons, and funny figures made of balloons will meet her at the entrance to the house.

It is not forbidden to lay out the initials and the date of birth of your long-awaited baby from the balls. Let the neighbors rejoice with you and heartily congratulate the happy family. The solemnity of the moment will give to everyone around you also 5 fountains and bouquets of balloons.

At the entrance along the railing, if the house is without an elevator, up to 2-3 floors are often also tied with balloons filled with helium. Then these balls can be brought into the apartment, so that they can “hang out” merrily under the ceiling, or distribute to the guests: let them write wishes on them or tie little notes with good wishes to the balls and launch the balls from the balcony.

3. Flower show. The idea is tempting, but do not get carried away: pick flowers with a neutral smell.

You do not know how the baby will react to the strong, albeit magical, fragrance, and even after the birth, the wife may have a rejection of certain odors. Are “safe” flowers matched? Then keep in mind that some happy fathers from the maternity hospital order a huge bouquet and give their loved ones as many flowers as the days passed in anticipation of a joyful event.

You do not need to be a great mathematician to calculate: there should be 270 colors! If you are sure that the beloved will keep such a bouquet – give without a shadow of a doubt!

The theme of the flower extravaganza can be continued at home. Cover the floor of the apartment with petals if not roses, then other equally beautiful flowers. You can cover it with flowers.

Bath, which will take his wife after returning from the hospital, can also be covered with flower petals.

4. Among the ideas of the meeting with the hospital was also found a show with the participation of life-size puppets, which could depict fairy-tale characters. The artists will congratulate the young mother, and the surrounding people and the hospital staff will be glad for you and your baby from the heart. By the way, you can order not only Mickey Mouse or Pinocchio, but also a stork with cabbage.

Because it is known that storks bring children, and they find babies just in the cabbage.

Meeting the wife from the maternity hospital: useful ideas for newly minted fathers

But since you are going to celebrate to the fullest, let me make some preliminary remarks. Be sure to discuss the approximate scenario with the performers and keep in mind that the show should not last as long as the full-fledged performance goes on. Young mother wants to quickly get home, take a bath, feed the child.

She, of course, will be pleased with the bustle around her and the baby, but she is not strong enough after the birth. So if the presentation is planned to be serious, take a folding chair with a back so that your mother does not stand on her feet.

5. Along the street with an orchestra. A couple of musicians or a small jazz orchestra playing serenades in front of the porch of the maternity hospital in honor of the young mother or melodies from cartoons, children’s songs – why not? There is a video on the Internet, where a slender young drummer welcomes a happy mother with a baby that appears on the porch of the maternity hospital. Solemn drumming, spectacular rebuilds – everything is as it should be.

About what it cost the young dad such a show, the video is silent. But it clearly shows how many onlookers have gathered to look at an unexpected holiday, and how the young mommy (attention!) Is sitting on a chair having fun with all her heart.

6. Jugglers, acrobats, circus music – a meeting from the hospital can be turned into a circus show. Both relatives and friends can participate in it.

It is not so important what tricks they will show, it is important that they dance, laugh and do not stay away from the fun. At the same time, the surrounding people, doctors and nurses, and just passers-by will have fun.

7. Particularly generous characters can arrange a feast for everyone nearby. Ice cream, cookies, pies, candy confetti – fantasy is limited only by your desires and material possibilities.

8. Let everyone who comes to meet a young mother with a baby, let white doves fly into the sky. Delight and delight are guaranteed.

Meeting the wife from the maternity hospital: useful ideas for newly minted fathers

So, on what mom and baby go home? Clear, not on the subway. Public transport is not suitable for this.

Decorate the car with colorful stickers, appropriate inscriptions and balloons. So one day in the yard of my house I found a brutal black jeep in the early morning, lightly decorated with heart-shaped stickers, pink balloons and an arshin inscription: “My daughter was born!” This decor decorated the car for about a month, and all this time I was smiling all over mouth, it was only worth seeing this vehicle.

And the neighbors in the parking lot shook the hand of the newly minted dad and wanted everything and more. Nicely!

For the meeting of the mother with the baby can be ordered and the corresponding color limousine. Backfill question: if a boy and a girl were born at once, what color is the limousine to choose?

However, do not worry: in the company where you will order a limousine, and have not seen this, get out.

By the way, another original on the day of the meeting from the hospital of the wife with the child decorated our yard with huge foam letters – this is how we learned the name of the baby and the date of his birth. It was possible to see wishes of health and happiness cut out of foam plastic.

True, the designers claim that such a foam decor is more appropriate in the courtyard of a private house.

Among the “courtyard” decorations are also colorful panels with corresponding words, posters, etc. Draw the sun and clouds, and in each cloud let those who meet you write a wish.

Another option is to draw or glue a star, a flying carpet, etc., write large the name of the hero of the occasion, and all those invited leave their autographs on this piece of home art.

It is recommended to decorate the room and baby. There are also many possible options.

1. Pompons – beautiful paper clouds can be hung above the bed at different heights. You can buy them in online stores of goods for celebrations and holidays.

2. Again the balls. You can run helium under the ceiling, you can “settle” figures from the balls to the right and left of the crib, arrange a “ball” arch over the crib, etc.

3. Put the baby’s name on the wall in wooden letters. This is the most durable decoration. It can be on the wall as much as you want.

Think of a festive treat. And here again I want to remind you that many hours of feasting is completely inappropriate. So, a little snack, drink a glass of champagne for the health of mother and newborn and go to parental care. Did you understand?

Festive blitz buffet with a menu that takes into account the interests of the nursing mother, that is, exclusively from tasty and healthy snacks with a minimum of alcohol. After him, dear guests, let them clean and wash the dishes, wash them, if the floor is required, air the room.

In a word, they will take care of household chores, since young parents already have enough worries on this day without interest.

Meeting the wife from the maternity hospital: useful ideas for newly minted fathers

Gifts and souvenirs . The first is expected from the invited persons, the second – from the hosts of the celebration. Gifts would be good to give practical.

For example, a “cake” made from pampers or baby- “bouquets” from clothes for a newborn. They are good because you can not only admire them, but also use all the components strictly for their intended purpose. You can donate and stylized figurine, made again from diapers.

Indeed, during the first year of life this product will be very, very much in demand.

As for souvenirs from the owners, this is, of course, a costly business. But you can give guests as a souvenir mugs, calendars, chocolates, which will be the name and date of birth of the hero of the occasion.

On this options, a solemn meeting with the hospital is far from exhausted. The rest will be prompted by your imagination and sense of proportion. The main thing is not to forget in the bustle to photograph the most exciting moments on the video and take photos.

Want to be original? Take video on the preparations for the celebration.

You saw it, but the young mother didn’t, so she would have fun seeing how everyone made balloons together, arguing about where to put the crib and hang the panel, what flowers to buy, how all these accessories are bought, etc. .

And finally, the story of a very original meeting from the hospital, seen on one of the Internet forums. “Balls, kisses, photos … On the way home, we stopped at the store for a mix, as I left the hospital with an empty breast. So, there, at the store, the grandfather of the intelligently flagellate type passed by, in a top hat and a cane – a sort of a bygone era.

He sent me kisses. And when we almost arrived at the house, we were suddenly caught up by traffic cops in a car with flashing lights.

Say, too slowly you are driving something. Have you drunk a little, dear driver?

But when they found out that a man under the age of 40 was carrying his newborn daughter, the first and only one that he ordered and waited so much, gave us … a bottle of champagne. ”

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