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Master class: baby massage

If the pediatrician, observing the baby, gave the “green light” to the idea of ​​home massage, act!

Do not forget that different methods affect the nervous system of children in different ways: stroking, rubbing and kneading are soothed, and clapping, on the contrary, excite. Keep this in mind when choosing a time for a massage session.

Massage should be done only if the baby’s skin is clean and healthy, otherwise you risk bringing infection. By the way, pay attention to the lighting that accompanies the session: it is important that it helps to quickly notice possible changes on it.

The most important condition for starting a class is the desire of the child to take part in it. A prerequisite is a comfortable temperature for the nude in the room (20–22 ° C), the absence of drafts and a warm coating on the table.

Deal with your baby 1 hour before or 1 hour after feeding. And do not use creams and ointments for massage, it is better to take baby oil.

Master class: baby massage

A small exercise session will be a simple exercise: massage the baby’s head with soft circular movements of the fingertips so that it relaxes. If you see that the child likes it, start the massage.

Master class: baby massage

Facial massage will relieve tension from the muscles, loaded with important work – sucking, and even soothe the pain during teething and help relax.

With a slight pressure, spread the corners of your mouth into a smile, stroke, pinching your cheeks. Pay special attention to the jaw joints (you will find them between the lobe of the ear and the angle of the lower jaw): massage the joints, describing small circles.

Facial massage can be done in 5–6 approaches per day, repeating each treatment 4–5 times.

Master class: baby massage

Stand at the feet of the baby and, changing the force of pressure, stroke his hand: first the inner surface, and then the outer one. The direction of movement is from hand to shoulder.

Repeat the reception 4-5 times on each hand small.

Master class: baby massage

Fingers and palms of both hands sweep the chest of the baby so that your thumbs are on the front surface of the chest. Now stroke it in the direction from the sternum to the sides of the child, along the intercostal spaces. You can do this with your palms – as if you were smoothing the pages of a book.

Repeat 4–5 times.

During the massage, try not to touch the armpits, groin, genitals of boys and girls, carefully go around the joints.

Master class: baby massage

The direction of movement of your hands is clockwise, with the end point in the lower left abdomen. You can start the exercise with a light circular stroking with your fingertips.

If your baby is worried about gas and abdominal pain, try to put your palms on the edge and alternately smooth your tummy from top to bottom. By the way, doing a massage of the abdomen, try not to touch the area where the liver is, and patting on the back, bypass the side of the kidney.

Master class: baby massage

Master class: baby massage

Master class: baby massage

Gently hold the foot of the child in your palm. His leg at this point should be bent.

With your free hand, stroke her back and outer surfaces, smoothly stroking her knee joints. But the hips of the child – inside and out – leave alone.

Do this exercise 4–5 times on each leg of the child, then go on to massage the feet, stroking the sole from the fingers to the heel.

Make sure your touches are gentle and neat. Check yourself: small skin should not move under your hands at the time of the exercises.

Master class: baby massage

Put the baby on his tummy, feet to himself. Now, with the outer side of the brush, stroke its back in the direction from the buttocks to the neck, then turn the brush with the palm down and move in the same style in the opposite direction. Repeat 4–6 times.

At the end, try gently pinching the child for the ass – and the massage can be considered finished.

Kids quickly get used to the massage and get a lot of pleasure from it, but they get tired quickly. Therefore, your home sessions should not last more than 5-15 minutes.

Be sure to follow the time!

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