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Masquerade ball: why should children play with reincarnations?

Masquerade ball: why should children play with reincarnations?

Allow the child to dress up not only on holidays, but also when he wants it. Let him wear what he likes if he feels sad and tired. This will help him unwind, forget about the insults and problems.

No need to wait for a special occasion to start a small masquerade. In addition, the day of a small child is strictly painted: food, sleep, walks.

Therefore, in his free time he will be happy to do what he likes. Free to play, dream and dress up in anything.

They start to understand quite early that clothes can tell something important, meaningful about a person. As they grow up, the child learns that everyone feels trying to dress as elegant as possible during the holidays, and at the dacha they go that they don’t feel sorry.

He notices that Dad goes to work in a suit and tie, but at the same time “cannot tolerate this.” And mom always tries to impress the guests with a new blouse or dress.

From cartoons and books, it becomes clear to the kid that the royals wear lush gold-embroidered outfits, and the poor wear rags. The villains look terrible, the knights – great, but aliens in general are not like anyone.

Trying on the clothes of parents or the costume of a fairy-tale character, the child gets the opportunity to reincarnate, to feel a little different. Changing clothes, he tries to enter the image, changes his voice, gait, facial expression.

He gives vent to fantasy and acquires those qualities which he lacks. For example, a not very self-assured child will gladly dress in a superhero costume or throw on the mantle of a powerful wizard.

Dressing in different outfits is not just a child’s play, but a way to express yourself, your feelings.

“At first, they began to slowly take my shoes, her father’s handbag, hat and umbrella, and then change into a knight and princess,” says Marina, Sonya’s mother, and Andrew (3 and 4 years old). They spin for a long time in front of the mirror, giggle, and then proudly show us their outfits.

Sometimes they even demand that we call them something else. ” Trying on other people’s clothes, the child experiences amazing metamorphosis: remaining himself, he becomes someone else.

And this is so exciting! “Someday I will become like them,” the kid dreams of putting on the clothes of his parents. After all, it is a symbol of parental power, so for children it is so desirable and exciting.

At the age of three or four years, the “I” of the child is not yet sufficiently strong, he is only beginning to realize and recognize himself. Therefore, some children do not like to change clothes at all, they feel strangely invisible in someone else’s outfit, and they are frightened without recognizing themselves at this age, there is not always a desire to play the “big” game, completely reincarnating into fairy characters. Most often, the children quite enough several characteristic attributes and makeup instead of a mask.

Small changes in appearance will bring them joy. A few strokes will help them to plunge into the fairy-tale world, into a dream, while remaining in reality.

Masquerade ball: why should children play with reincarnations?

Older children, closer to 4 years, easily reincarnate, without fear of losing their own “I”. They are ready for full disguise with masks, cloaks, fluffy dresses, ribbons, rhinestones and sparkles.

They want to measure everything and try.

True, sometimes they reluctantly leave the image that they like. They are sorry to part with royal honors, knightly courage or the incredible abilities of Spider-Man.

Dresses allow the child to exceed their own capabilities. This is not just beautiful clothes, but also a way to hide, disguise from the outside world.

Children’s fantasy is inexhaustible! In the hands of a child, a simple wooden stick becomes a sword, and a feather becomes a magic wand.

It’s so great when you have a “superpower” and nobody can forbid you anything.

Get into costume making with your child. Ask what outfit he would like to try on, let him share his ideas.

Do not criticize it, if the selected image did not seem to you too attractive. Try to understand why he chose such a suit.

Even without special sewing skills, you can create a fantastic outfit with your child using old things that can be found in any home. Something to hem, make the assembly, decorate with trinkets, in general, to give the magic costume originality. Imagine that three fairies in completely identical outfits will come to the children’s holiday, they will surely be very disappointed.

And the feeling of a fairy tale will disappear.

In addition, ready-made carnival costumes are not so original compared to those that were created with their own hands.

Coming up with their own outfits, children not only imitate their beloved heroes, but also realize their most varied fantasies. And, of course, they will be immensely proud of having made them themselves.

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