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Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda

Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda

HAPPY PARENTS Nikita, before the start of the project where you met Marina, did you have a feeling that the meeting would somehow change your life? NIKITA JIGURDA This is an old story.

But I remember very well how, on the very first day, I told Anisina that I would teach her to love her in Russian — without regard to her, contracts and calculations. The first thing I asked was if she was married.

And he said: “It would be nice if you would be my wife and give birth to the same green-eyed girl.” She took it as a stupid joke: “And I want the first boy.” “Well, we will have a boy,” I replied. “But the second child will be a girl.”

I knew from the first day that our meeting was not an easy one. Every day she brought Marina a lyric poem, but it didn’t work on her. Moreover, she said that for her ice and personal life are incompatible.

And that no poems and acting tricks on her will not work. And I realized that I first met a woman who does not give in to any men’s tricks. Ten days after they met, I read her a lyric poem before training.

She with a smile, looking at me with her green eyes, said the phrase, which became a turning point: “Well, quickly on the ice! All the talk – only after the victory. “

I was shocked by this – the female partner absolutely does not react to me! For me it was a real blow in the stomach. I was shocked and began to think about leaving the project.

He went on tour to Kiev, sending Marina a text message with a declaration of love with elements of the mat.

C.P. And what was the reaction of Marina?

N.D. A little later the bell rang.

Of course it was she. When I tried to reprimand me for my misdeed, I said: “Anisina, I’m going to sleep you with such verses or get out of the project because I won’t be able to train. The woman I fell in love doesn’t even indulge with a corner of my lips! ”After that, I became more persistent in training.

And before the first performance, Marina went to the producers of the project to complain about Dzhigurda, who “sticks and paws her in the corners”. “I came to win, not to arrange my personal life,” Marina shouted. The producers were delighted: “Oh, let us publicize it, draw attention to your couple!” And Anisina burst into tears: “I’ve got tired of everything – both your project and Dzhigurda!” By the way, I learned about it only when Marina became my wife.

C.P. What happened after the ultimatum?

N.D. The very next day we were taken out of the project. I was shocked.

And Marina went to France. I went to hard drinking and drank for two days without stopping. On the third day there was a call from Anisinoy from France, we talked for eight hours – from 11 pm to 7 am.

In the end she burst into tears and confessed in love. I asked then: “Why are you crying?” It turned out that I was the first man to whom she confessed her feelings.

As a result, what was supposed to take place. We spent our first honeymoon on trips to different cities of Russia on a tour of the ice project, from which we departed so quickly. We opened the show with a dance to my song, dedicated to Marina, – “Green-eyed Goddess”.

I made Anisina a formal offer, but I was refused. And then he was forced to blackmail her, explaining that he was free to dispose of his own freedom.

Surprisingly, after this statement, Anisina agreed to marry me.

C.P. Your wedding also took place in the winter?

N.D. Yes, I thought it would be February 23. We were painted an exit session at the Wedding Palace.

And then we started working on children almost every day, but nothing worked – Anisina could not get pregnant. In fact, within six months. It should be noted here that all this time Marina was forced to listen to a lot of nasty things from her mother: that you are his tenth wife, he has such people in every city, if he loved you, you would have married.

And I made the decision to be baptized in the church – in order to arrange a wedding.

C.P. Very noble of you … N.D. We were married to the Red Hill, after which Anisina bought a test at the pharmacy and found out that she was pregnant.

Many will say – mysticism. Mystical was also in the fact that the father crowning us said: “In a year you will come here to baptize a boy.”

The boy was born on January 7 in France, in the resort town of Bayonne near Biarritz – right on Orthodox Christmas. We baptized the son of our father, the next year under the Red Hill.

This time he again surprised with his own words: “And a year later you will come to me to baptize my daughter.” Indeed, one year later, on January 23, Eva was born, and we again came to the same priest.

So this story was looped.

C.P. Marina, did you continue to perform on the ice, even being pregnant? MARINA ANISINA For the first time, being already in the seventh month, I flew to Japan with Gwendal for the next show (Gwendal Peizera, French, Marina’s partner in ice dancing. – SR).

Before that, I consulted a doctor in France, who said: “If an ultrasound scan shows that everything is normal and there are no deviations, you can fly — I don’t see anything wrong with that.” When asked when to come to the birth, he replied: “When you can.”

I was surprised: “Last month?” And he: “Yes, for God’s sake.” His main warning was not to fall.

And we have thought through the program, reducing its duration and removing all complex elements.

C.P. The audience guessed that the skater is in position? M.A.

If you do not know, it was absolutely not clear that I was pregnant. So, just a little bit big.

But the organizers still reported this to the audience – and I was pleased to feel the warm support of the stands.

C.P. You decided to give birth in France.

Why was this choice made? M.A. First of all, because I have lived in France for 15 years and it is much more familiar to me than French medicine.

Plus, I have French insurance, and there was an absolute certainty that everything would be fine.

Unfortunately, in Russia there are not so many worthy clinics of the European level. To begin with, here, in Russia, for a very long time I could not determine the sex of a child.

That was when I got pregnant with Eva. Russian doctors said so: if there is an opportunity to make a diagnosis in France, it is necessary to use it.

And indeed, in France they immediately said that we were expecting a girl.

C.P. What struck you the French doctors? M.A.

I can not say that they struck me with something — after all, I repeat, I have been used to it for a long time. I would be more worried if I gave birth in Russia. During childbirth, the French midwife apologized for a very long time: oh, sorry, the child has broad shoulders, now it will be a little painful.

We have the same … You look at all sorts of reports about childbirth, and it becomes uncomfortable – a woman can say rudeness and even shout. N.D.

And I was pleasantly struck by the very situation in the clinic. We went to the maternity hospital, and there everything is clean, beautiful and quite unlike the hospital.

We put on shoe covers on the street shoes, and immediately hung outerwear in the corner of the ward.

Being present at childbirth was an initiative of Marina. She was very afraid of this, and I saw that despite the fact that she was an Olympic champion and national hero of France, as a woman, she had a very strong sense of fear.

The doctor trusted me to cut the umbilical cord. The baby was born silently. He was put on Marina, then taken away.

Anisina started screaming: why can’t you hear the child crying? I say to her: “Calm down, I was also born asleep, in complete silence.” A minute later we heard the cry of the baby.

And then it suddenly snowed on the street. For five years, France has not seen the snow, and there is such a miracle!

All palm trees were in the snow.

Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda

C.P. What was the difference between the second birth and the first?

M.A. The first birth lasted about seventeen hours, and then I was given epidural anesthesia.

And the second time we were in no hurry to go to the hospital, we were going quietly. We arrived at the clinic at the very last moment, when the uterus had already opened 8 centimeters. The doctors threw up their hands: “You will give birth very soon, it is too late to make an injection.”

It was a Saturday, and on that day there were only three anesthesiologists in the clinic, who by that time were busy. The pain was much more – despite the fact that in the end I was still given an injection of a drug that relieves for only a couple of hours.

And it’s good that Eva was born much faster than Angela.

C.P. Many were surprised by the fact that Nikita uploaded a video of your birth to the Internet.

And it is not a secret that there were a lot of negative reviews … M.А. Of course, the Internet was different.

But I take it very calmly and I believe that there was nothing wrong in these videos. They are made as works of art. In the first clip, the song that Nikita specially composed for me in the hospital sounds.

When I first heard it, I immediately began to cry. Yes, criticism addressed to us most often sounded boorish, and I think this is wrong – only completely uneducated people could write or say that.

And another thing: if another person posted it on the Internet, not Dzhigurd, then I assure you, the reaction would be completely different.

C.P. Now you and Nikita are engaged in a joint theater project.

Do children often attend your rehearsals? M.A. When we leave, Angel stays with Nikita’s grandmother.

Due to her age with two babies, it is very difficult to manage her, so we take Eva everywhere with us, both at rehearsals and on tour. Moreover, I still continue to breastfeed. For the nanny, we have not yet matured, since the children themselves do not yet speak.

Scary to leave them with a stranger.

I can not say that a child on tour is a serious problem. But one I, of course, did not go anywhere with her.

Nikita and I take care of the baby together. Nikita is a good father, he loves his children very much and copes well with any duties.

When Angel was born, at first I was afraid to even approach him. And Nikita explained everything – what and how to do with the child. It is surprising that when Angel began to cry, only Nikita could calm him down – even I did not succeed.

And Eva is a little different child, she likes to be with me more. Although Nikita and with her daughter easily found a common language: amuses her, plays, sings songs for Eva.

C.P. Marina, have you already managed to feel the difference in how boys and girls develop? M.A.

Yes, indeed, children are completely different. Eva behaves much calmer than Angel. And the boy is so fast, smart.

Behind him is very difficult to keep track of. It’s a bit easier with Eva – at least for me.

And when the children are together, it is a pleasure to watch them. It is already clear that they love each other very much.

Angel hugs her sister, kisses, laughs with delight. And Eva is very happy – smiling, clapping her hands.

C.P. Please tell us, what was your most romantic New Year? N.D.

When Marina was pregnant with Angel, I came to her in Biarritz, we watched “New Year’s Light” with Irina, (Marina Anissina’s mother. – SR) and drank red wine. I played the guitar, sang songs, Marina’s mom sang along and everything worked out for the best. And when the New Year passed, we agreed with the whole family to live in the same house.

True, a little later, after the birth of her son, Irina behaved at least strangely, demanding from her daughter a divorce from “this crazy hooligan.” Unfortunately, now Irina and I do not communicate at all, but I know that the time will come when she and her beloved grandchildren will walk along the coast of France.

And all the insults will be forgotten, I am deeply convinced.

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