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Maria Maksakova: I have the best husband in the world

Maria Maksakova: I have the best husband in the world

– In the spring of last year, the secular chronicles blew up the news that you were married? Tell us how Denis made you an offer?

– I have always been of such views that even if the children are already there, you still need to look for ways to sing the soul. There is no point in enduring a person who is extremely annoying to you. Not in the sense that you have to turn the novels on the side.

You have to live with a person as long as you really want to live with him. Therefore, knowing my beliefs, Denis jokingly asked: “Why will you marry me?”

To which I replied: I’ll run.

– Your previous relationship to the registrar did not reach. What won you Denis?

– Just not one of the men who were before Denis, I would not have bound their fate. He is an amazing person in his depth, in demanding of himself. He takes a lot on himself, and he never has any complaints about this.

He is surprisingly single-minded and modest, with tremendous manhood, great intelligence and a terrific sense of humor. This is a great rarity in our time.

I do not have a husband – I have a treasure.

– You recorded an amazing song “Yours”. Did you dedicate this song to your husband?

– Yes, this song is devoted to the husband, as well as everything that I sing. In this song there are words “I want it so much, it means it will be like this” – this is my life credo.

– What is the relationship between your older children from a previous marriage with Denis?

– My son Ilya wants to repeat Denis Nikolaevich in all details and details. He is already going to be an investigator of the military prosecutor’s office and is now studying in the second year of the Suvorov School.

– And who will continue the musical dynasty?

– You know, everything fits together: Ilya plays the piano at the Suvorov School at all ceremonial events.

– And daughter Lyudmila found a common language with Denis?

– Yes, they have a good relationship. Denis also has children: three children. If you count all the children – mine and Denis – then Vanya is already the sixth child in our big family.

The eldest son Ilya was very happy that I would have a third child, because to his satisfaction in the Suvorov school a little is added for having many children. He is very zealous.

– After the birth of Elijah, you once said that the child has nothing to do in front of the TV, since everyday life begins to seem too static and he ceases to delve into it and ponder. I can assume that you have a certain limit on the use of gadgets and TV by children?

Maria Maksakova: I have the best husband in the world

– Up to 6-7 years, Ilya, for example, watched only the BBC. He really liked the series about animals, life in the microworld.

– What is your daughter Lyudmila?

– She plays the harp wonderfully. I am very pleased with her success.

She is a very purposeful girl and she will have a voice – this is already obvious.

– Question from the magazine “Happy Parents”: how was your pregnancy Vanya?

– Pregnancy vanya was great. Toxicosis was very short: the first six weeks.

But when I was pregnant with Ilya, I ate a lot and weighed 94 kilograms. But then in 4 months I lost 35 kilograms. I stopped eating fats and carbohydrates.

She ate only animal and vegetable proteins. I just set myself the task: you need to lose weight.

And she did.

– Last year you lost twins. What helped you to survive this loss?

Did your husband help?

– I got pregnant very quickly again. If you could not get pregnant for a long time, I would try, and the pain accumulated. It so happened that the event was vylozhen a joyful event.

Although I had already seen those children in a dream, and of course it was very hard for me. In addition, I have a wonderful husband – the best in the world.

It was worth waiting for 37 years and not getting married, waiting for this person. He feels and understands me.

– What advice would you give to women who, like you, have lost a child?

– On the Internet, there is your little outright photo shoot just before Vanya’s birth. Why did you decide on it?

– I was very glad to participate in such a photo shoot, because pregnancy is not something that happens to us every day. I decided to fix it in such a decent way.

There was only one bold frame with a bare belly, all the rest is very restrained.

– What is most important for you in raising children?

– The main thing that the child was healthy. So that he correctly feels his place in the world, that he felt this very thin line, that they care about him, they love him, but at the same time that he develops himself.

It is very important not to indulge children. The child must understand that he himself must achieve something, that his self-realization is the most important thing for which he was born.

This Saturday, July 9, at 9.00, watch the interview with Olga Shelest in the program “Oh, Mommies!” On the TV channel “MIR”.

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