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Many faces persimmon

Many faces persimmon

To get the maximum benefit from eating persimmon, you need to choose the right variety. And also be able to cook from it the right dish.

After all, this fruit can be consumed not only in raw, but also in many other forms.

Persimmon – a storehouse of vitamins A and C, natural sugars – fructose and glucose, fruit acids – malic and citric. It has a lot of manganese, potassium, copper and iron. So this fruit is a powerful weapon against winter avitaminosis.

It quickly satisfies hunger and at the same time low-calorie (62 calories per 100 g), strengthens the immune system, helps to overcome depression and insomnia, “fixes” the intestines in case of digestive disorders, normalizes pressure. Doctors say that daily eating 100 g of persimmon (1 medium in size or 2 small fruits) will help to avoid atherosclerosis.

But there is a flip side to the coin. Due to the abundance of sugar, persimmon is contraindicated for diabetics and those suffering from obesity. Due to the fixing properties, it is not recommended to use it to people suffering from constipation.

Persimmon is contraindicated in children under 3 years of age. The fact is that persimmon contains special substances – tannins, which, interacting with gastric juice, form a viscous mixture.

As a result, in the stomach of a child, pieces of persimmon are combined in one room, which greatly complicates the process of digestion and can cause undesirable reactions.

This berry is distinguished by astringent taste. Blame for all the tannins. But, as soon as the persimmon ripens, these substances disappear and the berry becomes sweet.

Conclusion: you only need to eat ripe fruits, especially since there are unripe fruits – dangerous for health.

And what to do if you bought a persimmon, and she knits? Do not rush to send in the bin – under the right conditions of storage the fruit can ripen.

In persimmon about 500 varieties. The love and respect of the Russians earned about a dozen of them.

Many Persimmon

Round dark orange, sometimes to brownish shades, with chocolate pulp – juicy delicious fruit. And the darker the flesh and the more bones, the korel sweeter. And characteristically, even an immature fetus does not have a hint of astringent taste.

It remains sweet under any circumstances.

Tangerine persimmon (or honey)

Many Persimmon

The shape resembles mandarin, to taste – honey, for which it received its name. Seedless.

The flesh is always bright orange, and at the mature fruit it is soft, its consistency is close to jelly.

Many faces persimmon

It is also called Oriental or Japanese. The most common variety. It is easy to recognize this variety: a shallow groove runs along the length of the fruit.

The taste is very specific: astringency is present, regardless of the degree of ripeness of the fruit, so that Chinese persimmon is necessarily tart and astringent, it lacks sweetness. But if you hold it for a short time in the freezer, the viscosity and tartness will go away.

True, it will not become sweeter anyway.

Many faces persimmon

It is not even a variety, but a hybrid – the result of the crossing of a persimmon and an apple. Fiery orange fruit tastes like quince, persimmon, apricot and apple at the same time. A hybrid was developed in Israel in the Saron Valley, from which it got its name.

There are neither seeds nor seeds in the fruit. Sweet and ripe and unripe fruits. In addition to the Israelis, Azerbaijan and Spain are engaged in breeding sharon.

The Azerbaijani fruits are pointed at the end, the Spanish in the same place have grooves in the form of a small cross.

Many Persimmon

Yellow-orange fruits weigh no more than 100 g, ripen in late November. But they are removed from the tree much earlier, so they reach the desired condition as it is stored.

Fruits are sweet, can be both with stones, and without them, the flesh is light.

Chamomile (fig persimmon)

Many faces persimmon

Another name for this variety is Fuyu. In appearance, it resembles figs – these are flat brownish fruits with or without stones, rather sweet, without cloying.

Fruits without stones – viscous in taste, with stones – tastier, the taste depends largely on the climate of the country of origin: the south, the sweeter. So do not hesitate to ask where the persimmon is from.

Choose round, bright, saturated color fruits. Peel should be smooth and shiny, without damage.

If it has dark spots and stripes – persimmon began to deteriorate. The ripe persimmon has a dry and dark peduncle and leaves.

Feel the fruit. Soft – it means ripe, will not knit.

You can eat. Solid to the touch fruits often require ripening.

An unripe persimmon can be put in a freezer for a while. Thawed fruit becomes tastier and sweeter. Unripe fruits can also be held for 10-12 hours in warm water so that they ripen.

Bananas and apples with tomatoes also help to reach the desired condition of persimmon. Put them in a single bag with persimmon: ethylene, which produce the listed vegetables and fruits, accelerates ripening.

By the way, persimmon can be canned and dried. After drying, persimmon becomes true oriental sweetness. Choose hard fruit without stones, remove the skin, cut into pieces – and in the oven, the temperature is 40-45 ° C.

Make sure the fruit is not dark.

You can eat persimmon as an independent product, and add salads to it, make drinks, desserts from it, make jam, jelly.

In a salad, persimmons are cut together with tomatoes, onions, walnuts and sprinkled with fresh ginger root and greens of basil.

Seasoning persimmon chutney (for poultry)

Fry 1 onion in oil, add the pulp of 7 persimmon fruits, 1 sprig of thyme, 1 bay leaf, 1 tsp. wine vinegar, 1 tbsp. l honey Mix and simmer for 15 minutes, then add 25 g of roasted pine nuts.

Mascarpone and Persimmon Mousse

Peel 4 ripe persimmons and chop them into puree. Mix 100 g of mascarpone, 125 ml of whipped cream and 4 tbsp. l sugar, add egg whites with a small amount of sugar and vanilla. Mix gently and refrigerate.

Serve in cups.

Indian chutney sauce

Mix the persimmon puree and yoghurt in the ratio 1: 2, sprinkle with sesame, decorate with a mint leaf.

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