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Manual therapy and pregnancy

Manual therapy and pregnancy

The science of osteopathy, one of the directions of modern medicine, regards the human body as a unity of organs and tissues that are closely interconnected. All of them should move freely and in tact with each other, like a clock mechanism in which the efforts of each wheel are aimed at solving a common task.

If this condition is met, a balance appears in the body.

The problem is that during life, from birth, we all face a variety of circumstances that can discord this mechanism. And pregnancy is one of them. During the 9 months of waiting, the body of a woman undergoes many changes – they relate to the shape, size and position of the internal organs.

In order not to lose stability and correctly deal with the force of gravity, the body – all organs and tissues – will need to somehow adapt to this restructuring.

If, before the pregnancy, the future mother had significant abnormalities in the spine and the rest of the skeleton, if the interrelations of the internal organs went wrong, then it would be difficult for her to feel comfortable waiting for the child. This happens, for example, when, after inflammation of the appendages, the uterus loses its mobility – because it is associated with some segments of the spine, the sacrum.

In this case, the woman’s body will have to spend a lot of effort in the struggle for stability, while this energy could be directed to the benefit of the younger baby, not to mention that small manifestations of this struggle, such as pain or discomfort in the spine, pelvis , stomach, would not bother the future mother.

1) The doctor will relieve her of the discomfort, pain, which often appear in women during pregnancy.

As the baby grows, the center of gravity of his mother’s body shifts and the spinal deflection increases in the lumbar region. If the freedom of the latter is limited due to some kind of disturbance, it will be difficult for her body to adapt to the growing and gaining weight of the uterus. As a result, pains in the lower back and sacrum begin to disturb the woman.

I must say that it is with such complaints that future mothers most often turn to osteopaths and after 2-3 procedures safely get rid of these problems.

2) The osteopath can affect the quality of the birth and the condition of the baby after it is born.

Imbalance of the body of the future mother directly affects how the process of childbirth will develop. For example, if the bones of her pelvis are not free, “clamped” in the wrong position, not only the shape of the bone canal is disturbed, through which the baby will move out, but also the work of the soft tissues of the pelvis – the uterus and its ligaments, the muscles of the perineum.

By correcting this violation, we will help the baby’s head be born gently, which will save the baby and mother from unnecessary injuries and their consequences. Special talk about the tailbone. Many fell on him, sledding, skating, rollerblading.

Meanwhile, the tailbone is one of the most important bones of a woman’s skeleton: it is in this area that the baby will face the child during labor and push his head back a few centimeters to squeeze his head to the exit. If the tailbone is unable to move, as is often the case after an injury, it will not work.

For a child, this is fraught with a violation of nasal breathing, adenoiditis, problems with bite, scoliosis; for the mother – pain in the spine and coccyx, constipation, obsessive cystitis, painful periods and migraines.

Osteopathy was born at the end of the nineteenth century, and came to Russia recently, in the 90s of the twentieth, and was recognized as a treatment method by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
An osteopath is not just a person who owns osteopathic techniques, but a doctor who has received an additional degree in medical education in a specialized school and defended a diploma for the title of doctor of osteopathy. Once in the hands of such a doctor, the patient can count on qualified, effective, and most importantly – safe help.

3) The doctor will rid the body of a woman from both recent and long-standing violations. Among the reasons that limit the future mother’s body to adapt to the new situation and act correctly during childbirth are the imbalance of the body that a woman received during or even before her birth, as well as injuries and illnesses acquired in childhood.

Let us examine these situations in order. We are born into the world, having spent 8–9 months in a tight space, curled up.

These two circumstances change the tone of our muscles throughout the body and lead to the fact that the pelvic bones take the wrong position, causing the organs and tissues move not in one, but in different rhythms, and sometimes they are constrained. Being born into the world is far from always without any violations, because the mother of our heroine could also have problems with body balance.

But even if the girl – now the future mother – did not receive any injuries at this moment, in the new life among people she was traumatized, infections and so on – the very unfavorable circumstances that also threaten the balance of our body.

It is better, still planning a pregnancy, and with its occurrence, if the future mother is not disturbed by anything, closer to the 30th week. The fact is that by the end of the term all the ligaments and joints become softened under the action of hormones in the woman’s body, they become more elastic and mobile to make it easier for the baby to move out of the birth canal.

This circumstance should definitely be used to solve even long-standing problems – there are few such chances in a lifetime.

The doctor with soft touches finds the tension in the body, tries to determine their cause and relaxes the “clamped” areas of soft tissues, bones and joints, redistributes the load, makes them even. If before the treatment the body looked like isolated piles that hardly found a common language, then afterwards it becomes a single whole, and the whole is easier to manage, and only balance is possible in general, that is, harmony.

The problems that a pregnant woman can bring to a manual therapist can best be corrected before conception. After all, in working with future moms, tough manipulations (namely, restoring the interposition of vertebrae) will be unsafe. The main risk now is to cause an increase in muscle tone of the uterus and a threat to the well-being of pregnancy.

Therefore, the manual therapist will most likely use soft techniques that do not always help to resolve tough conflicts. They allow you to adjust muscle tone, outflow and blood flow and smooth out the existing violations, but not get rid of them.

The specialist will work with the problems of the cervico-thoracic, not lower, because of the risk that has already been mentioned.

If a woman has habitual changes in the state of the spine, which from time to time require specialist correction, then the doctor, who knows well all of her features, can continue this work while waiting for the child, but with the help of soft techniques. But for the first visit to the manual therapist, pregnancy is the most inappropriate time.

With such a patient, the state and features of which the doctor knows little, it will be unsafe to work.

Another important point is that it is necessary to restore the state of the pelvis after preriod pregnancy and labor (displacement of the center of gravity, weight gain, muscle overload during contractions and possible disturbance of the relative position of the pelvic bones). And since in the first weeks after the birth of the child, the tone of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus of the young mother remains reduced, and the pelvis is mobile, such a correction will be a simple matter.

Do not miss this opportunity.

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