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Male conversation: we care about the boy’s health

Male conversation: we care about the boy's health

The reproductive system of the child is formed in the first days after conception. At a very early stage, it carries the future of both male and female cells, which are still the same in boys and girls. In the special organs that distinguish one sex from the other, these cells begin to transform for a period of 5–7 weeks.

By the male type, they develop under the influence of the male sex hormone testosterone. If in the first weeks of pregnancy in the woman’s body fails, it can affect the reproductive health of the future boy.

Almost all diseases of the external and internal genital organs of the stronger sex are formed at the stage of intrauterine development.

By the time of birth, the baby’s genitals are already fully formed. Many congenital disorders of the sexual sphere can be found even in the hospital.

Nevertheless, parents should also carefully look at the anatomical features of the little son.

In a newly born, healthy, full-term boy, both testicles are located in the cavity of the scrotum and are defined by touch. They must be mobile and can be located at different heights, then descend, then pull up into the inguinal canal – this way their internal temperature is regulated, which saves an important organ from overheating.

The scrotum itself is normally symmetrical (both halves of the same size), does not change during the day and is quite well developed.

The penis should be the correct form, and its head – completely covered by the foreskin. Doctors call this phenomenon “physiological phimosis.” If this does not prevent the child from urinating, the baby does not have recurring inflammations, kidney diseases, bladder developmental malformations, while urinating, the foreskin does not swell, you should not worry about phimosis until puberty begins and a full erection develops.

Medical indications for surgery until puberty – only repetitive inflammation of the foreskin and impaired urination.

The boy should literally be a fountain from the glans penis. If it is covered with the foreskin, then from the tip of the flesh.

Spray in different directions – a deviation from the norm.

An erection in a baby can occur at any age due to any stimulus. Moreover, if a child cries at night, the first thing to do is to pick him up and remove the diaper.

Maybe he has an erection, because he wants to urinate, and in the diapers too closely.

The norm may have options. Many states pass by themselves as they grow older, but only a specialist can decide whether a baby should be monitored by a pediatric urologist.

If one testicle or both testicles do not have time to descend into the scrotum before birth and stop in the groin (most often this happens in premature babies), everything should be normal by the time the birthplace of the rush is planned. For example, if a boy was born at 35 weeks, after 5 weeks (gestational age 40 weeks), the testicle should descend into the scrotum.

If this does not happen, the diagnosis is cryptorchidism.

Until six months, doctors monitor the development of events. Is everything still the same?

It is important to conduct surgical correction in time and assess the hormonal status of the future man. The latter can be done in 3-5 months.

At this age, the boy’s testosterone level reaches a peak. By 6–7 months, it fades away. And if a male infant has a disruption of sexual development, in 3-4 months it should be shown to the pediatric urologist-andrologist in order to analyze reproductive health.

If you wait until puberty, time may be lost.

The doctor will examine the baby, appoint an ultrasound of the scrotum organs. Depending on whether the problem testis is determined or not, a specialist will recommend a treatment regimen. It may include hormone therapy, surgical correction, and a combination of these two methods.

Upon completion of the course of hormone therapy, which may take several months, you will need to immediately visit a specialist to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. He will examine the baby, if necessary, appoint a second ultrasound.

If therapy has not had the desired effect, surgical correction is recommended.

Sometimes, newborns have swelling and swelling of the scrotum. Perhaps this is a manifestation of the hormonal adjustment of the body in response to the release of my mother’s estrogen. Sometimes this phenomenon is accompanied by swelling nipples.

Within two to three weeks, all of these symptoms usually go away on their own. If the scrotum has not decreased in a month, the cause may be dropsy (hydrocele) – fluid accumulation. The diagnosis is made after a routine inspection.

Suspecting the problem, the doctor will enlighten the scrotum with a flashlight (this manipulation is called diaphanoscopy) and will immediately understand everything.

In a small child, this does not require surgical correction. When the baby is in his mother’s abdomen, his abdominal cavity communicates with the scrotum through the inguinal canal, or the non-growing vaginal process of the peritoneum. By the time of birth, he, as a rule, has time to overgrow, but sometimes this process can last during the first year of life.

If nothing changes, by the age of one and a half years, when the boy begins to walk on his own, the question of the operation is decided.

If the child urinates, the jet goes down the root of the penis, do not delay the visit to the pediatric surgeon and the pediatric urologist-andrologist. It is necessary to urgently consult a doctor if:

  • one half of the scrotum is swollen and reddened or pink, hot to the touch, the child reacts sharply when touched. This may be due to torsion of the testicle, its appendage or acute orchitis – testicular inflammation. Treatment depends on the results of the examination and ultrasound;
  • the child cannot write because of inflammation of the foreskin. He is crying, from under the foreskin go pussy, yellow or mucous (as from the nose) discharge. You can not touch anything and try to rinse something! On the background of inflammation may occur pinching the glans penis. Only a doctor can determine the cause and prescribe treatment;
  • noticed a drop of blood on the laundry or urine. At best, this is a minor injury to the foreskin. But the cause may also be inflammation of the urogenital system, kidney stones, etc. The doctor will examine the external genitalia, refer to urinalysis, ultrasound of the kidneys, bladder and abdominal cavity.

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