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Magic cubes Zaitsev

Magic cubes Zaitsev

The warehouse is different from the syllable. These are different concepts. Russian syllable can contain from one to ten letters (explosion, look, frustration).

Warehouse is considered to be a merge of a consonant with a vowel (DE, MA), a separate vowel as a syllable, a separate consonant (in a closed syllable), a consonant with any sign (Pb, Bb …). For example, MA-SHI-NA, PI-RO-G, A-I-C-T and so on.

“All that we say is a combination of a vowel-consonant pair,” explains Nikolai Aleksandrovich Zaitsev. – The consonant is necessarily followed by a vowel sound. It may not be indicated on the letter, but it is.

Our ancestors felt this and put “ъ” at the end of nouns ending in a consonant. ” Warehouses are far from an invention of our day.

Much earlier, children specially memorized by heart: “Buki”, “Az” is “BA”; “Lead”, “Az” is “VA”. The warehouse principle of learning is easier and more accessible for the child. He understood him almost from birth: trying to pronounce the first words, the kid never spells it.

He does not need to try to associate one letter with another; he does this even earlier, during the babble period.

We divide the indivisible sound code when we decide that it’s time for the baby to get acquainted with reading. It is difficult, especially if the child is taught not to sounds, but to letters. The book says “mom”.

Even this simple word baby should have pronounced like “um – a – em – a”, and at best like “m – a – m – a”, which is also not called reading. To learn to read, a child must make a discovery – to understand how one letter connects, merges with another. It is beyond the power of a two-year-old baby.

In the methodology of Zaitsev, there are no such problems – he offers to memorize ready-made warehouses.

Innovative teacher who graduated from Philology LGPI them. Herzen, N.A.

Zaitsev proposed to place warehouses on the faces of the cubes and on the tables. Now the technique is not so boring, it is available for small children, and besides, it affects three sensory zones: auditory, visual and tactile, which is especially important in teaching children (see www.zaikikubik.ru; www.razvivalki.ru).

Magic cubes Zaitsev

Inside the cubes with warehouses a different filler is placed. These are wooden sticks or peas – for cubes with deaf sounds, these are metal bottle caps for “ringing” cubes and bells for cubes with vowel sounds.

Colored cubes are also not random. “Gold” (yellow) – for warehouses with vowels, “iron” (gray) – for voiced vowels, “wooden” (brown) – for deaf warehouses, one gray-brown-white-green and white-green for signs. Cubes are different in size: large, large double (glued pair) – for solid warehouses; small and small double – for soft. True, Zaitsev does not consider warehouses hard and soft, he says: “Well, what is hard and soft here?

But the big and small is! Compare how a mouth is opened when you say “BA” and “BJ”, “U” and “U”, “O” and “E”. According to this principle, the cubes differ. ”

It is believed that the cubes are assembled correctly if they can be divided into 12 groups blindfolded: about 60 cubes differ in 46 characteristics!

Interestingly, the innovator insists that all cubes offer the child immediately. The first acquaintance, and all subsequent ones, is a game, songs, communication, movement.

Each cube mom sings to her child: “B – BA – BO – BU – BE – BE!” Learning to read, combined with singing, is much faster and more joyful. Baby brings mom different cubes and listens to their sound. Children can climb a rope or hang on the wall and learn to read.

Tables are attached to the cubes, according to which warehouses are chanted and read, showing them with a pointer.

All games that can be used are difficult to list. Here are the little animals are preparing for dinner.

Immediately from the cubes appear the words “soup”, “pasta”, “pilaf” – the words are read, the warehouses are sung. Puppy ate the soup.

And now he drinks tea. Who will come to him for tea? “ME – ME – ME – MJ – MI – ME” – a small cube rings.

MI – one syllable found. “Ш – ША – ШО− ШУ – ШИ – ШЕ” – the double cube turns to the baby with different sides and stops at the place: “Sha”! Misha will come to the puppy.

Cubes accompany the child when he eats: food is written from them, the name of the dish; they are placed on a shelf before bedtime, escort the baby for a walk. The child writes words, solves rebuses, makes up a string of words, finds the necessary cubes.

In general, learning to read according to the method of Zaitsev occurs through a letter. And the first word that the child writes is, of course, his name.

With the writing of the first words, the child can offer cards with the words separated into warehouses, hodilki games with heroes signed in the same way, self-made books and wall newspapers, photo albums. You can ask your child to put cubes of words that are written on the cards.

Magic cubes Zaitsev

To read a year baby, of course, can not. The kid shows on the cubes, where the word you call is written, he can make the word himself.

If the cubes enter the life of a child on the eve of his second birthday, then a few months later the baby will read the first word – it is still too early to read books yourself.

If the baby is three – three and a half years old, then he will master any unfamiliar word in a month. A year later, will please you by reading the text.

By four years, he will be psychologically and physically ready for such studies.

Zaitsev asks methodologists, educators, teachers and, of course, parents to offer the kids only texts written in a good language, interesting, enriching, beautiful. Then the children will reach for the books.

You can offer children Russian folk riddles, rituals, sayings, tongue twisters. These short phrases reflect the beauty of the language and the wisdom of the people. The author’s riddles of Zaitsev in most cases do not approve, criticize them. “White wool floats somewhere, the lower the wool, the closer the rain” is an example of a “bad” puzzle.

Nikolai Aleksandrovich says that it does not rain from the cloud, and the clouds are not white. So, be attentive to the choice of material for reading children!

But in this system of education there are some nuances that are considered controversial. On the one hand, Zaitsev claims that the cubes help solve speech problems. If the kid does not pronounce any sounds, then you need to work with the appropriate cubes.

But this is often not enough. And visual recognition of incorrect pronunciation can lead to phonemic errors in the future.

The child pronounces the sound “H” as a soft “T”, memorizes the written designation, making no particular difference between the letters, and a word appears in his notebook that he did not “pass” on the cubes: “boy” with an error – “maltik”.

This remark applies to any method of reading early reading. Consideration should be given to the recommendations of the methodologists about the start of training.

The child should at least be able to pronounce the sounds correctly.

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