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Living Water from Saint-Odile

Living Water from Saint-Odile

It is known for certain that in 1743, visitors reached the thermal spring: there the enterprising Marquis de Rokozel, the owner of the “discoverer” stallion, built the baths. Since then, much water has flowed, the very one whose fame quickly passed from mouth to mouth.

After just a century, it became known outside of France and was even exported overseas: in 1871, batches of bottles were sent to the US to treat the victims of the Great Chicago Fire.

Living Water from Saint-Odile

Living Water from Saint-Odile

In 1975, the pharmacist Pierre Fabre became the owner of the thermal spring, which received the status of a national treasure. In just 15 years, the popularity of this place has increased so much that the Hydrotherapy Center, which by that time the baths based by the Marquis had turned into, could no longer accommodate everyone.

In 1990, on the basis of a healing source, the Pierre Fabre group of companies built a modern thermal station and a research center, a laboratory dedicated to monitoring the purity and quality of thermal water, as well as studying its unique properties. Today, this sanatorium is open seven months a year, from April to October (like most thermal spas around the world), accepting up to two thousand patients during this period.

Most of them, of course, are French – treatment at the Hydrotherapy Center for them is included in the compulsory health insurance program. But guests from all over the world are welcome here (by the way, 10–12 people from Russia come to the thermal therapy every year), the main thing is that a dermatologist will confirm the diagnosis at home and prescribe treatment.

Indications for a visit to the Avène thermal spa: atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis, neurodermatitis, post-burn and postoperative therapy, skin recovery after active sunbathing, laser treatment, irritation after epilation or shaving.

Thermal water Avène, going through a long underground path, sees the white light for the first time only when it comes into contact with your skin. The production process of cosmetics of the same name brand, launched in 1993, is almost perfect and allows you to save all its useful natural properties: water is drawn directly from the source and is in a special packaging in a sterile environment.

Living Water from Saint-Odile

The unique healing properties of Avène thermal water is due to nature itself. Tear-dropping raindrops, falling from the sky, penetrate 800–1000 meters deep into the rock, and then begin a long, decades-long journey to the surface.

During underground travel, water is saturated and enriched with biologically active elements – fluorine, manganese, iron, copper, lithium, zinc silver, etc., which have a beneficial effect on irritated skin. The crucial role for therapy is played by the ideal ratio of calcium and magnesium in its composition – 2: 1, which helps to debug the capacity of cell membranes and has an anti-irritant and softening effect on the skin.

The temperature of the water appearing on the surface is 25.6 degrees. At the same time, it is not further heated and cooled, no additional filtering or processing takes place either! The level of its acidity is close to neutral (7.5), and the degree of mineralization is very low.

Due to these properties, thermal water (and cosmetics created on its basis) is ideal not only for sensitive skin, but also for hypersensitive and even atopic.

Living Water from Saint-Odile

Living Water from Saint-Odile

More than a third of the patients at the Hydrotherapy Center are babies suffering from various manifestations of dermatitis. There are many reasons for its development, from poor ecology to poor nutrition from infancy, and one consequence is the need to cope with irritated skin.

This problem is solved by the specialists of the thermal station. A standard course of treatment costing about 600–800 euros is 21 days.

Of course, this does not mean that no one will allow to stay here for just a week. They will gladly accept it, they just warn you: the effect of thermal therapy will be less noticeable, and the period of remission will be shorter.

A daily hydrotherapy program for both children and adults includes taking 15–20-minute thermal-water baths with underwater spraying and a shower (it can be both general and “local” —for example, a small irrigation for the face or a capillary shower). for scalp), wraps and compresses based on thermal water. It is also taken internally – for the improvement of the intestinal microflora, and therefore the whole body from the inside. The bonus is “enlightenment” counseling for patients who are designed to help them cope with the problematic condition of the skin in everyday life.

For example, they will tell you and show you how to relieve itching or swelling with a compress from thermal water and demonstrate a camouflage make-up workshop.

Living Water from Saint-Odile

Living Water from Saint-Odile

The average number of daily water procedures here is five, and their passage takes a total of not more than two hours. The rest of the time you can (and should!) Rest. The situation only contributes to this.

The Upper Languedoc National Natural Park, spread out around it, is 300 thousand hectares of calm and serenity, piercing blue sky, captivatingly fresh air, massive ridge of the Sevenna Mountains, which are breathtaking, and stuck to them, a small, like a toy, small village Aven, on foot the way to which will take no more than half an hour. And on the territory adjacent to the Hydrotherapy Center there is a swimming pool, mini-golf and petanque fields, a tennis court, a playground and a cozy park.

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