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Live in an era of change

Live in an era of change

Of course, diapers are the first thing that comes to mind. To call them so, the current, the language does not turn for a simple reason.

Back in the 90th year, parents bought gauze for the independent manufacture of diapers. Bought at the pharmacy. Exactly 10 meters and only for reference.

And children grew up in these “self-directing” diapers.

Now types, sizes and options for disposable diapers – the abyss! Some breathe better, others are hypoallergenic, others – with gel, fourth – with holes, fifth – give the baby some special freedom … you can continue to infinity. There are even panties.

Stuck, of course, comfortable. If you have made a choice – happiness is in front of you. If you want to appreciate it – buy ten meters of gauze, and … When the laudatory ode sounds, the listeners always have a question: is everything so beautiful?

No, of course. The main danger posed by super-comfortable diapers lies in the fact that they are super-convenient not only for us.


Why do we go to the toilet? Why remove clothes before you get down to business?

Agree, if this is not done, it will be just unpleasant. Wet and cold.

The same factor is very important in the development of the child’s aspiration for the pot. Only if the baby has diapers, it may not work.

Because they are “super-comfortable, super-comfortable, they are dry and warm.” Which pot?

What for? It turns out that the complex of sensations associated with the urination itself is limited only by information from the urethra – we write … pee. And nothing more.

And again, dry and warm. And then questions begin – the child does not go to the pot, as taught. Fortunately, now any reasonable pediatrician can make recommendations on this matter.

And years before there was no experience, there were no recommendations. And the wave of “diaper enuresis” started. And pediatricians faced a problem.

Well, the child does not go to the pot, and that’s it! We are examining, looking, advising … Everything is normal, there are no signs of the disease, and the pants are wet … The main problem was that there was no pathology. Everything works, but …

And therefore it is not easy to solve the problem. It seems to be similar to what is called enuresis.

For all the formal features. And there is nothing to treat. Need to build skills.

It is not simple. Treat probably easier. And even easier – to know and do everything so that the skill is formed on time.

To explain a little one in the first year of life: “If you want to write, say,” it will not work. In diapers, there’s basically nothing to talk about. There is no possibility to form a “chain of knowledge”: I wanted – pee – wet.

Because it is formed in steps. The first step: pee – wet. Wet means pissed.

And before that I wanted. And finally, he wanted – pee – wet.

That is, if you want, then you have to pee so that it is not wet. Everything.

Motivation is formed. Next is the pot. And initially it is better to communicate with him.

It is to communicate. The child is a wary creature. And it is not known what structure it is simply not so joyfully to trust oneself.

Joy must be created. And not necessarily color music, as in some advanced models. It just has to be warm and comfortable.

And yet – without my mother’s cry or father’s roar: “Where is the pot. How much do I need to tell you. “As much as necessary.” And necessarily – with love and patience.

And also – if you do not find the strength for it on time, then it will leave them immeasurably more … So diapers are a convenient thing, but when using them, the main thing is to give them away on time and correctly.

Eternally busy parents – a sign of our time! So, only close people can give the baby the level of communication necessary for moving forward.

And if the appearance of a nanny in a family is inevitable, you should not completely shift the care of the child to her. And the maximum time with the baby should be spent by relatives.

And dad should not watch football on the couch with a child in his arms. And grandmother – watch TV shows with the same child.

Live in an era of change

Many conscious dads still remember how they got up early and early in the morning in order to have time to stand in line and get the coveted bottles of milk and kefir covered with a cotton swab and curds in more advanced times – already in boxes. And now look at the jar with ready-made baby food: “Developed by the Institute of Nutrition …”. If not ours, so overseas.

And sleepless nights of scientists will immediately stand in front of their eyes, in which what is called “new technologies” is born. And in any supermarket we are waiting for packs of milk, cans with a mixture and yogurts for small ones …

True, technological advancement almost brought to naught the habit of breastfeeding children. Why?

Live in an era of change

New technologies for the manufacture of dairy mixes have gone so far ahead that miraculous not only balanced milk, but also a full amount of vitamins and minerals, and special substances that contribute to the formation of immunity — prebiotics, and much more — turned out to be a miracle in the cherished can. The gap between breast milk and the mixture “from the banks” began to rapidly decline.

And just as quickly a question arose: why breastfeed? But common sense prevailed this time.

Replacing mother’s milk is like creating artificial intelligence: an idea from the realm of science, but nonetheless fiction.

Look at the jar with the finished baby food: “Developed by the Institute of Nutrition.” Not ours, so overseas. Here it is, a product of new technologies!

Live in an era of change

This movement began with the abolition of the previously popular postulate: “The newborn cannot walk, neither sit nor stand – no movements.” He really has nowhere to move.

But you need to move. It has long been proven that development cannot go “by itself”. It must necessarily be fueled by information.

Information comes to us through systems that capture it — for example, temperature and tactile sensitivity, and also through organs of sight and hearing. We feel not only what is outside, but also ourselves. From the inside.

Every movement made by us carries information about itself. Through the muscles that tighten, the tendons that tighten, the joints that work. And this kind of information provides “feedback” of the “commander” – the brain – with the “performers” – muscles, ligaments, joints … The flow of such information stimulates the development of the brain.

Therefore, if there is no such information or it is not enough, the development goes wrong. Suffers and the quality of it, and pace. This is called “sensory deprivation.”

The practice of swaddling infants was very, very much conducive to its appearance. How much? It is enough to remember how children swaddled.

So tight that they could be put! What kind of freedom of movement and what kind of movement could you think about?

Now, with the “change of ideas”, blouses and pants for the little ones have come into use. And their movements are not holding down anything.

As well as opportunities for development.

Why pediatric neurologists do not like computers and everything related to them? The main thing in the game is an imitation of the real situation from childhood or adulthood.

And not only the situation, but myself in it. When a baby carries a typewriter by the floor, he identifies with it to some extent.

Somewhat later – with a driver. He buzzes, portraying the motor, then starts to turn the steering wheel, talk for the driver, announce the stops of his bus. And while receiving a lot of information that accompanies his actions.

He feels the movement of the machine, the temperature of the surface of the toy and the texture of the material. In motion, he gets the full amount of necessary information! So it turns out that Her Majesty the Game is a window to the world.

And it should be transparent.

What do we have in the case of a computer game? The child also receives a modeling situation. Only created not by him.

Ready. The flow of information associated with the game is limited – it consists of only visual and auditory sensations.

Motor activity – no. And the emotional load is big!

And formed the problem between the emotional and sensitive components. Therefore, it is impossible to replace such simple and such complex “ordinary” child games with computer development games.

Live in an era of change

In search of an answer to this eternal, seemingly eternal question, the scientific thought of the turn of the centuries suddenly went in an unexpected direction: is all of what we consider a disease to be? Not everything, as it turned out.

And a vivid example of this is dysbacteriosis. The controversy has not abated around him in recent years. What it is?

Illness or condition? Do I need to treat it?

Opinions diverged to the extreme – from “heal immediately” to “once this condition means it will pass by itself”.

Of course, since dysbacteriosis causes changes in the condition of the child, it must be treated. But how and with what?

And will it be a treatment or rather a correction? Previously, a radical tactic was in use: the antibiotic was “burned out” by all, both normal and unwanted bacteria in the intestines, after which it was necessary to “colonize” it anew. Of course, this is a difficult and long business, and it is easy to “colonize” the intestines with artificial microbes only on paper.

Therefore, the development of biological products did not stop – to replace antibiotics. For example, there are microbes such as bacteriophages.

This is something like a virus that infects bacteria. And now it is enough to find out which of the bacteria is undesirable, and to collect the “army” that can bring order.

So, by dividing the concepts of “disease” and “state” for ourselves, we gave birth to a new generation of drugs – “non-medicinal drugs”, which allow us to “restore order”, for example, in the child’s intestines with the most natural way.

The scientific thought of the turn of the century divided two concepts: illness and condition. And new drugs appeared – “non-medicinal drugs”, which help to solve the problem in a natural way.

The evolution of our doctoral and parental views is an example of a spiral development. At the current stage, we again began to appreciate not only the “effectiveness of treatment.”

For us now it is important, at what price it is reached. In recent years, great changes have taken place in the world of medicines. They have fewer and fewer side effects.

Nevertheless, the most serious breakthrough in this direction was … yes, the appearance of homeopathic remedies known for thousands of years.

Nowadays, parents are increasingly asking doctors: “Can you do without drugs at all?” Doctors are surprised by the answer: “The longer you work, the more often you ask yourself the same question.” Price treatment is again on the agenda!

Inspection of a homeopath is a very difficult matter, the selection of a drug is laborious work, because he notes such things that in normal practice are considered at least secondary. For example, what color eyes, hair, skin – dark or light.

In addition, those who are faced with this practice, remember that the prescribed peas or droplets must be taken strictly in time and strictly in a row. And also – there were always not enough qualified homeopaths. Therefore, these tools were used not so often … But the main thing in them is the minimum dosage!

And recently, this kind of drugs appeared “for everyone at once”. Their range is very wide – both “from cough”, and “from cold”, and to improve digestion … They quickly entered our lives, because pediatricians and those who do not have a special homeopathic education can prescribe them. And thus, homeopathy with all its advantages became more accessible for us.

And our children were able to use the “wisdom of the ages” with minimal side effects.

And, finally, to the question of the popular idea of ​​“early development” today. How to deal with the baby, so as not to force the course of events?

First of all, he should like the lessons. Because kids have an interest in learning new things. If this interest is replaced by a demand, it will not be the first.

Moreover, at this age a stereotype of rejection easily arises in children, in this case, for any educational activity with adults. And he is able to spoil the further educational process, because on one butting in this case you will not go far.

Secondly, the ability to concentrate on the subject of the child’s classes is small and again depends on the degree of attractiveness. An interested child with a pyramid correctly proposed to him can fiddle for about fifteen minutes.

As part of the “obliging” time of attention will be much less, and if you “go too far” and exhaust the limit of his patience immediately, the whole lesson will end in one or two minutes.

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