Like cubes

Like cubes

The uniqueness of the cube for the development of the child was noted at the beginning of the 19th century by the German teacher Friedrich Frebel. He called the cube “a gift for a child” and considered it “indisputable and necessary” the second game after the ball. At 6 months, the baby received this item, and with it the opportunity to learn new things, compare, manipulate and observe.

This amazing subject and pioneer of Soviet pedagogy Boris Nikitin does not neglect. His world famous educational games are in many ways cubes.

These are “Put a pattern” (16 cubes with a certain color), and “Unicube” (27 cubes, whose faces are painted in three colors), and “Cubes for all” (consisting of small cubes fastened together in a certain way).

Cubes will help children to develop attention, logic, observation, fine motor skills, creative abilities, spatial imagination, to understand the future with stereometry, descriptive geometry, drawing.

Show your child how to shift the cube from hand to hand, how to knock them on another cube or table, how to fold them into a bucket and get them out.

Simple dice games for the youngest, of course, can be found in the works of Fröbel. He suggests giving the cube to a child, putting it in front of him with a strong movement: “Stop, stand firm!

Stop, my cube! ”All games of the German teacher are accompanied by poetic lines. You can shake the cube from side to side: “It will swing here, there – never loves to stand.” You can show how he stands on the verge near a small object, how he spins on one corner: “I stand on one leg and turn around, do not get tired!”

A cube caught in the baby’s hand shows him only three of its facets, hiding the rest. A cube hanging on a string is swinging and then comes closer, then moves away from the crumbs.

And a cube rotating on a rope threaded through it turns into a cylinder or sometimes into a ball. Different manipulations introduce the child to arithmetic (the baby observes the sides, angles, edges, cube shape), mechanics and physics (cube pressure on the baby’s palm, lowering and raising it on a string), with life itself (the cube looks like a square stone, a bale of goods, garden table, a tub in a flower greenhouse.).

Like cubes

A child of 3-4 years old can be given drawings for construction. Draw the simplest structures – a tower of two cubes, out of three, out of four.

Two dice, one on them; three dice, two on them, one on them. If the cubes are multi-colored and of different sizes, playing is even more interesting.

Among the previous drawings, offer your child 2–3 new ones that are impossible to build. It can be an “arch” in which the middle part has nothing to rely on, a “slingshot” towering on one cube, which should be able to support the entire structure with just one corner.

Or “plus”, the extreme parts of which in the figure “hang in the air.” Let the crumb experimentally determine which drawings are made incorrectly.

Suggest a child to lay out various drawings. It may be just a yellow dog or a ornament of several colors.

The game Nikitin “Lay the pattern” – this is a complicated and more interesting option.

Cubes with split pictures are more useful than puzzles, teachers say. The lack of bonds and the need to turn the cubes make the game of 6 cubes even more difficult than drawing up a picture of 24 puzzles. To begin with, offer the child 4 dice and turn over all the cubes with the right side.

Perhaps, for the smallest, you will need to connect 3 cubes and suggest to put only the last one correctly – after all, it also needs to be correctly deployed. In preparation for this game, you can cut the cards into 2, then 3 or 4 parts and invite the kid to collect them.

Take the cube and the ball. Place them on a ramp. The ball rolls, but the cube does not.

If you make the slope more, then the cube can roll on a slippery surface, but the ball does not need these conditions. How far will the cube roll?

And the ball? Why?

Show your child the corners and faces of the cube.

In the year the baby should already be able to put the cube on the cube. What is not building than not a house?

This simple activity is very fascinating toddlers. Just help the little one. Show how you can make the house taller and more interesting.

Place cubes on all four sides of the turret. Let the kid try so.

Put two dice and in the middle of them another one. Offer different options.

Step by step, the child will amaze you with its architectural abilities.

Like cubes

Cubes – an excellent material for learning mathematics. Take five red cubes and four blue ones.

To find out which cubes are more, connect them in pairs. Stay red? Red more.

Let the baby determine which is more, blue or yellow. And the most difficult: which more – large or small?

Come up with stories. For example, that red cubes want to dance with blue, will there be enough partners for everyone?

Build a tower of three cubes. Ask the crumbs to build buildings below and above yours.

When you are engaged in construction, you can diversify the game with the help of small toys. A piglet is afraid of heights and wants to live in a low house, and a giraffe does not agree to bend its neck – it needs a house higher.

We will learn to make tracks for dolls or for machines. The tracks should be long, but to compare their length, you need to place them side by side.

This is what the baby has to learn.

By arranging cubes in a row, you can acquaint the child with alternation and sequence. Put a red cube, then blue, then red again.

Let the baby continue the track, train cars or beads.

Difficult tasks – alternate three colors or lay out pairs of identical cubes. If you have a lot of cubes, you can make a chessboard of 32 dark and 32 light cubes.

Who can break the record and build the highest tower? Cubes need to be put very carefully. It is important that the surface for construction was smooth and firm.

Pay attention to this baby.

Like cubes

Put a few small cubes in the bag and a few more things or toys of similar size. Let the baby, without looking, take out all the objects, except for the cubes, and by touch, he guesses what he has got.

Multi-colored cubes are a great opportunity to learn colors. The same cubes, differing only in color, are an ideal material for the development of color perception.

Offer him to give you all the cubes of the same color as you show. Let the baby set aside separately to the yellow cube all yellow, to blue – all blue. The task can be made more interesting: put red cubes to a red bear, and yellow ones – to yellow hippo.

Speak the names of the colors.

Cargo will be building material – cubes. You can simply transport them from room to room on a truck. And you can sort them by size or color and transport in groups.

Give the task: “Bring me big cubes” or “Bring me red cubes”. The task can be complicated: “Bring all the red and big cubes” or even harder, for real geeks: “Bring not red and not big cubes!”

Put the box at a distance of 1m from the child and invite him to try to throw cubes there. The game develops the eye, accuracy, accuracy of movements.

Spread the cubes at a distance slightly less than the child’s pitch, and have the baby try to go through them. Give your baby a hand – it’s quite difficult for him to keep his balance.

This exercise is good as prevention of flatfoot.

Have the child sit down, stretch his legs, lean on the floor with his hands. Feet (like scissors) need to grab the cube and move it clockwise to the other side.

So move all the cubes, then return them back.

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