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Light consolation (dummy)

Light consolation (dummy)

If you feed your baby with breast milk on demand, then his sucking reflex is fully satisfied and he does not have a great need for a pacifier. After all, its main purpose is precisely the satisfaction of the sucking reflex, and not at all to be a sort of magic wand to calm the baby.

In this case, you should simply find out the cause of the baby’s disorder and look for a solution to the problem. In addition, it should not be forgotten that improperly chosen pacifiers can cause a baby to refuse from the breast.

Therefore, if you do decide to use a pacifier, be careful when choosing it.

The size of the pacifier must necessarily match the age of the baby.

For the smallest, size A is suitable (up to 6 months, with a small base and the smallest size of rubber), for middle age – B (from 6 to 18 months) and for older ones – C (over 18 months). For children weighing less than 1750 g, special soothers with a lightweight base plate and a small nipple have been developed.

Silicone soothers are strong enough, they are changed on average once every five to six weeks. They have neither color nor odor, and they are easier to disinfect because the material is more resistant to boiling.

Dirt almost does not stick to them. However, hard material can contribute to the deformation of the first milk teeth in crumbs. Moreover, silicone is easier to crack than latex.

Therefore, silicone pacifiers are recommended to give to children only before the appearance of the first teeth.

Latex soothers are very soft and therefore like many children. However, latex is short-lived and worse tolerates exposure to high temperatures (during boiling), which is why such nipples should be replaced more often than silicone, approximately every two to three weeks with regular use.

In addition, latex soothers have a rather specific taste and smell; dirt sticks easily to them.

Another very important point: in case of damage, the nipple from any material must be replaced immediately, because a piece that has come off of it can get into the child’s airway.

Virtually all pacifiers consist of a nipple, faceplate and ring. In some models, all parts are made from a single piece of latex or silicone.

This is convenient from the point of view of safety, since the child cannot take it apart and choke. The base of the nipple should be wide enough to avoid accidental ingestion by the baby, have a cutout for the nose and air vents near the base.

Day and night dummies are different. The latter should not have a ring-holder, or it can be made of soft material so that the baby does not experience discomfort if it turns over in a dream on the tummy. In most day models, the ring can be fixed on the clothes with a clip-holder so that the soother does not fall to the floor.

In addition, it is very convenient when the ring is also highlighted: it will be easier to find a dummy lost in bed in the dark.

The shape of the dummy are round, oval, in the form of a drop and orthodontic. Small, drop-shaped soothers are ideal for newborns.

Round and oval pacifiers are timeless classics, they are loved by children. Dummies of a special orthodontic shape are designed taking into account the shape of the baby’s palate and sucking mechanism, they help him to form the correct bite.

In addition to the classic function – to calm the baby, some soothers have another purpose. For example, a dummy thermometer is used to measure temperature.

A dummy dispenser is used to inject liquid medicines. However, in all these cases there is a danger that the baby will not accept a new unfamiliar nipple.

For convenience of use of baby’s dummies complete with them or accessories are on sale separately. For example, a cap or box for nipples are convenient for travel.

So that the dummy is not lost, it can be attached to the baby’s clothes with the help of a special chain with a clip.

  • It is best to give preference to high-quality, proven models dummies known manufacturers.
  • All pacifiers should be provided with anti-vacuum holes that allow the nipple to maintain its shape.
  • Very bright multi-colored nipples often scare babies. Therefore, choose a calm tone.
  • Do not hang a pacifier by the rope around the child’s neck (use a special chain with a clip).
  • Buy dummies of the right size.
  • Sterilize them for at least 3 minutes.
  • Do not hold soothers near heaters.
  • Store them in a special container.

Light consolation (dummy)

Material – 100% natural (natural) rubber. It contains no dyes, bisphenol A, phthalates and other synthetic substances.

It has no seams and joints, into which bacteria and microbes can fall. Soft natural rubber gently touches the face of the child, does not rub and leaves no traces.

380 rubles, www.mladenec-shop.ru, “Yes to Children”, Children’s Gallery “Yakimanka”

Light consolation (dummy)

Orthodontic dummy made of latex or silicone. The shape of the pacifier follows the shape of the mother’s nipple during breastfeeding. Optimal coordination of the jaw, palate, tongue and lips.

Extra robust due to the thickening along the contour. Extra mild due to special channels along the nipples.

From 200 rub., The network of mines “Children’s World”, “Daughters of the Son”

Light consolation (dummy)

Developed by leading experts in the field of pediatric dentistry. The baby’s dummy repeats the shape of the baby’s palate, contributes to the safe and healthy development of the oral cavity and the proper structure of the bite.

It is compressed and pulled out, providing the baby’s natural sucking movements. It has a fashionable design, made of 100% silicone – the softest material, ideal for delicate gums.

293 rub. (2 pieces in the package), the network of shops “Olant”, www.olant-shop.ru

Light consolation (dummy)

Developed in collaboration with a leading German orthodontist, Dr. Kai Hageman. The unique shape of the nipples with wings minimizes the pressure on the teeth in the process of sucking and evenly distributes it over the palate, which is important for the formation of the correct bite. Thanks to the flat symmetric shape of the drop, the natural position of the tongue is maintained and the air flow is unhindered.

Made of silicone, has no taste or smell.

229 rub., Www.shop.philips.ru

Light consolation (dummy)

Physioform dummy contributes to the proper development of the baby’s speech apparatus, stimulates the natural sucking reflex.

From 200 rub., Ask in the stores of your city

Light consolation (dummy)

Has an orthodontic (inclined) soft nipple, which contributes to the natural development of the teeth and gums of the child from birth and older. The safety circle around the nipple is perforated in several places and has raised edges, which prevents moisture accumulation and protects your baby’s sensitive skin.

From 320 rubles., Www.detsky1.ru .; www.esky.ru; TK “Maria”, a network of pharmacies 36.6; chain of stores “Olant”; www.olant-shop.ru

Light consolation (dummy)

For training sucking movements. Ideal for the newborn. It is combined with the sucking hole in the mouth of the baby.

It resembles the form of the mother’s nipple, facilitating sucking movements during breastfeeding.

The composition of the product: the nipple – silicone; holder – polypropylene.

A curved outward guard protects the face from contact with the pacifier. Travel cap attached.

From 215 rub., Www.olant-shop.ru; www.dochkisinochki.ru

Light consolation (dummy)

It provides the need for baby to suck and prevents finger sucking. Stimulates the development of jaws and tongue. The teat is suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months.

Before use, read the instructions. Keep the packaging to be able to access it if necessary.

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