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Light a holiday

Candles are an indispensable attribute of the New Year holiday. Without them, creating a solemn fabulous atmosphere would be quite difficult.

Light a holiday

The variety of candles on offer is simply amazing: bunnies, bears, piglets, elegant long candles, clumsy thick, spherical smooth, patterned, flavored, with coffee grains or dry flowers – the whole museum. From the window of the eye is not to tear!

Any baby will surely love candles in the form of animals or birds. Do not fulfill the desire of the child in the winter holiday is simply impossible, and you probably already gathered to get a wallet.

But – alas! To light such candles a little humanist will hardly allow you. This purchase will be for him a new toy, but not a source of exciting flame.

If your kid stubbornly shows his finger on curved candles, demanding to buy them, according to psychologists, this means that you have an extraordinary and creative person. After all, the shape, color and properties of candles have a certain meaning.

Which candle to give preference, everyone decides for himself, and, by the way, your choice can tell a lot. Classical options prefer balanced, conservative people. Square forms are chosen by energetic people, round ones – those who love not only those around them, but also love their souls.

If you are going to buy scented candles with the smell of flowers or oriental incense, then, most likely, you are in love or have recently created a family. The choice of “floating” candles speaks about the subtleties of nature, as well as the presence of romance in relationships. But older people often like candles in the “wicker” ceramic lampshade or in the “house”.

Choose a gift for the grandparents with the baby, let the exciting lights warm them on a winter day with your warmth and your care.

Light a holiday

Light a holiday

Beautiful souvenir options require considerable material costs, and on the eve of the holiday you need to buy so much of everything … And the warmth of candles made with your own hands is much more pleasant than the beauty of the purchased ones.

Miracle of orange. Melt the paraffin wax cheap candles in a tin.

Then pour the contents into the orange peel. You can get an orange from his “clothes” with a spoon – the process itself is quite appetizing and simple. Before pouring paraffin from a jar into a new form, put a piece of wire on the peel and tie a wick to it.

A new candle will harden quite slowly – at least an hour, so please be patient in advance.

Abracadabra is a boom! If you wish, you can make candles of any colors and shades.

To do this, dilute the oil paint with gasoline to the consistency of liquid sour cream in any lid. If you want to get a rich color, you should add more paint than gasoline; for receiving gentle pastel tones – on the contrary.

Carefully pour the prepared solution into the melted paraffin. Another important note: to get a monochromatic candle after infusing paraffin, everything must be thoroughly stirred; and to get the magic of the marble stains, it is only necessary to hold the brush clockwise once and whisper the fabulous spell “Abracadabra – boom!” with the child.

The alternation of color. You can fill the form gradually: first, a layer of paraffin of the same color; while it freezes, make a mixture of a different color and top it.

Continue to alternate colors to complete the form. Striped candles look unusual and very funny.

If you do not give the layers a good dry, they will mix up, which, by the way, will also look quite original.

An interesting form. As the forms you can use any plastic bottles. After paraffin hardening, it will only be necessary to cut the form with a knife and enjoy the resulting miracle!

That’s just fascinated by creativity, do not forget to insert the wick before all the paraffin is poured into the form!

Fairy flashlight. Decorate the New Year’s table, cut together with the baby the Santa Claus’s house from cardboard.

Cut through the windows in it, seal them from the inside with a color film. Now in the middle of the house you need to put the included electric torch or a self-made candle.

But be sure to check that the lantern bulb or the candle flame are not close to the cardboard. Be careful and careful, and then such a fabulous house inspires a magical mood that will certainly lead to the fulfillment of desires and the performance of miracles.

Light a holiday

Children’s candlestick. Invite a child to make a Christmas candlestick, very simple, but very original. To do this, prepare the dough for crafts.

You can mix in a bowl 240 ml of cold water, 250 g of salt and 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil. If desired, a powdered dye or food coloring is added. Stir the mixture, gradually add 3 cups (375 g) of flour and 2 tsp with the baby. starch.

Once again, mix until the consistency of the dough and knead it on a cutting board. The resulting clay is plastic, bright and colorful, moreover, it does not freeze for a long time, which means that a crumb can enjoy plenty of creativity!

Help the child roll the ball and, crushing it on a platter, place a candle in the center. Let the crumb in the dough and other objects: cones, beans, peas, sticks, beads, etc. To decorate the candlestick with glitter, you need to remove the candle, and then, after drying, put it in place again.

Play with your child in the game with candles, because they are associated with the kid with the most joyful holidays: New Year and Birthday.

Soothing light. Turn off the lights and light the candles.

The baby will like to blow them out, just show him how to do it correctly: the exhalation should be oral, long and light. This exercise contributes to the development of speech breathing in a child.

In addition, it is able to soothe the baby excited by gifts and festive bustle.

An ordinary miracle. For creative activities, take a slightly undercut or cut candle, brushes, watercolors, a jar of water, and sheets of watercolor paper.

Draw a funny picture on a white sheet of paper with a candle. It will be hard to see.

Now, offer the crumbs to paint over the sheet with colored paint – the drawing will begin to appear.

Let the kid try to draw himself. This game develops children’s creativity, fine motor skills, thinking, interest in drawing and accuracy.

Candle of love. After gathering the whole family, sit in a circle and pick up a small candle in your hands. Light only one of them.

The one whose candle was lit first must say something bright and good about the person who sits closest to him. And then light your candle his candle.

The game ends when all the lights are lit in the circle. Then you can blow them and come up with a fairy tale about the magic candle of love.

Such common games unite family members, bring warmth and light to the house.

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