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Life with a baby: without fear and reproach

The feeling of anxiety for the child will accompany you all your life and, perhaps, will save your child from many troubles. However, do not give concern to develop into a panic.

Life with a baby: without fear and reproach

You are so afraid that the baby will stop breathing, that you constantly check it – every hour, all night long.

Cases of sudden death of a child in the first year of life usually cannot be explained either by a detailed study of the medical history of the baby, or by the results of an autopsy. Most often, SIDS occurs in a dream, so it is also called “death in the cradle”.

The number of cases of SIDS varies in different countries around 1 per 1000 births. Most cases occur at ages 2–4 months.

Previously, the percentage was higher, it decreased thanks to campaigns conducted around the world under the slogan “We sleep on our backs”, which called on parents to not put their children to sleep on their stomachs.

Control the position of the child during sleep – the baby must sleep on his back. When babies are lying on their stomachs, it is difficult for them to turn their heads to inhale fresh air, and thus the supply of oxygen is limited. Put the baby in a safe cradle, that is, on a mattress without toys, bottles, extra blankets.

And yet: in no case do not allow anyone to smoke in the room where the baby is, as passive smoking can double the risk of SIDS.

Life with a baby: without fear and reproach

You are afraid that the baby at any moment may accidentally fall out of the stroller or from the changing table.

The number of falls of 2- 3-month-old babies is quite common. Accidents can occur even when adults are nearby.

After all, a mother cannot keep her eyes off her child around the clock, and this is not necessary.

Infants often roll onto the floor from the changing tables, so you need to swaddle the baby not on the table, but, for example, on the sofa. He is lower.

In addition, to soften a possible fall, spread the carpet under the table or near the sofa.

A few more recommendations: keep your eyes on the baby during swaddling; try to hold it with your hand; if you need to leave, for example, for a bottle, take the crumbs with you. As soon as he starts to sit down, immediately get a low stroller.

From it it will be harder for him to get out, and it’s safer to fall.

Life with a baby: without fear and reproach

Any, even the softest food you try to turn into a puree.

It is extremely rare that a baby suffers a choking attack from products suitable for his age. Most accidents occur due to the hit in the respiratory tract of coins, watch batteries.

The rest happened because of hard candy.

When the baby begins to eat solid food, cut it into small pieces and always check whether it is well cooked and whether it is soft enough. Do not give children under five years old the cud, any tough and round food – nuts, whole grapes, cheese balls.
Make sure the child always eats while sitting. The chance of choking or choking is always greater if he eats lying or half sitting.

In no case give crumbs toys with removable small parts, as well as balls, caps and coins.

Life with a baby: without fear and reproach

You consider that it is necessary to isolate the newborn for the first couple of weeks and to allow the child to be carried only in gloves and a mask.

During the first two months of life, special proteins, or antibodies, are found in the baby’s body, which have penetrated the placenta from the mother and are able to protect against infections. In addition, these same antibodies are found in breast milk.

Colostrum is most abundant in antibodies, which is produced in the first days after the baby is born. In addition, breast milk contains a large amount of antimicrobial substances that cover the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract and help prevent the “invasion” of microorganisms through the mucous membrane.

In any case, you can not protect the child from every sneeze. It is quite normal that in the first year of life the crumb will suffer a cold a couple of times.

To start, do not let sick people hold a child in their arms. Politely ask friends and relatives to postpone the visit until the next time, if they do not feel well. Fresh air is also very useful for children, so try to walk with your baby more often, but avoid public places with large crowds.

As for the obsession with the use of antibacterial agents, there have long been debates in medical circles that excessive sterility leads to allergies and asthma. If your child lives in a sterile environment, in the complete absence of germs, his immune system has nothing to fight with, and it will thus weaken.

Until the doctors came to a consensus, we advise you to find a “middle ground”. Before you take the child in your arms, be sure to wash them thoroughly with soap and ask everyone who communicates with the crumbs to always do the same.

Life with a baby: without fear and reproach

The fear of “not keeping” the baby is familiar to most young mothers. It is especially evident in the bathroom while bathing a child.

Instincts are stronger than you, mothers rarely drop children.

If at first you feel insecure in your abilities, ask a person who has experience in bathing a baby to help you. Be sure to monitor the water temperature.

When bathing a newborn, it should be 36−37 degrees.

If the baby slips under water when bathing, nothing terrible will happen: up to three months the child instinctively holds the breath. And later – just tilt the head down at a 45-degree angle, and he easily coughs up the liquid that has entered.

During bathing, water sometimes gets into the ears of a baby. Remove the flagellum from the cotton wool and blot the ears.

Always remember that the crumb feels your anxiety. Therefore, try to calm down, and then bathing over time will bring the baby joy.

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