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Let them teach me! “: Best practical lessons for schoolchildren

The project, designed to revive the engineering elite and instill technical knowledge in children – the Kulibin Pro garage opens in September in three places at once: Moscow Planetarium, Central House of Entrepreneur and Montessori School. In spaces that combine a school, a scientific laboratory and a club of interests, children themselves will decide how, what and from what to create. They will be able to do design, prototyping, modeling and industrial design, robotics, electronics and art.

Classes will be held daily from 16:00 to 20:00, and on weekends from 10:00 to 20:00 (one hour – 950 rubles). Expansion of scientific horizons, leadership development and the ability to work in a team is guaranteed!

Let them teach me!

The new season of children’s classes opens in the scientific laboratories of the Polytechnic Museum. The focus here will be on the experimental side of science – the guys will have the opportunity to get acquainted with different professions (including mastering the ciphercraft craft!). Schoolchildren are invited to the following laboratories: chemistry (tasty experiments), robotics (3D design, printing on a 3D printer, a visual programming course, electronics (the course provides for the ability to make a radio sound or a controlled flashlight), mathematics (includes the courses “What a compass is capable of ruler ”and“ How to invent a wheel ”), biology (the course“ Microscope and Me ”, physics (with theory tested practice). The children’s lecture hall will continue its work with a series of“ Break your brain: cognitive science in experiments ”.

Economical note: the annual subscription provides a discount!

Let them teach me!

From September 1 to September 16, the city of masters “Masterslavl” will offer visitors activities that will help children to refresh their knowledge forgotten over the summer (and for preschoolers to replenish their reserves). The festive atmosphere with quizzes, contests, gifts and surprises will be created by the indigenous people of Lefty and Sophia. For the companies of classmates there are quests, for the passage of which it will be necessary not only to solve a number of ambitious tasks, but also to show ingenuity and team spirit.

Visitors are waiting for excavations and shadow theater, acquaintance with nuclear technology and Old Russian calligraphy, with asset management and marketing research. For schoolchildren from grades 1 to 8, subject thematic routes were compiled (Russian language, literature, Russian history, the surrounding world, geography, biology, life support, social studies, labor, physical education).

Let them teach me!

One-time classes for children in training their robotics in the “Corporation of Robots” this year were realized in the “Rooshka School”. Lessons – robotics, design and programming – here start from September 19 on weekends (all day) and 2 times a week for 2 hours. Teachers learn in the course of the game, in the result of which each child participates in the creation of their unique robot *.

Bonus for the most diligent: enrolling in the annual course, will be able to try their hand at the robotic Olympiad!

* The robot is not only a human-like iron creature, it is a washing machine, and a smart vacuum cleaner, and a multi-cooker with a self-switching function, that is, a system programmed to perform some actions.

Let them teach me!

This SKOLKOVO business school, together with the international company International Paper, decided to reflect on what will happen in the field of vocational guidance in the coming years, what knowledge will be useful to our children tomorrow and what professions should be mastered today.

Teachers are waiting for future architects at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, where the studios Shape and Color and Scale: from Chair to Planet have been opened for younger students since September. Here, children will be taught to translate a flat pattern into a volume (turn a circle into a ball, and a square into a cube) and will be introduced to the possibilities of the color spectrum. Participants in the architectural course dedicated to the concepts of scale and proportion will go further: in the classroom they will create a three-dimensional model of a fictional character and send him to live in their own city, which they themselves will design and build.

Hurry up: classes will last only until the beginning of December!

Favorite subjects of the child in the school of nature and biology? Welcome to the Darwin Museum – his study lab invites students to practice their observation with a microscope.

Each lesson (60 minutes) is devoted to a specific topic: the simplest microorganisms, insects, man, or the soil under his feet. After becoming acquainted with the microworld, younger schoolchildren will find out why the ciliate is called a “slipper”, and the older children (10+) know how many and what bacteria live on our skin.

Classes for young microbiologists are held in the museum on weekends at 13:00 and 15:00.

Let them teach me!

In the cultural and leisure center ZIL, children are waiting for programs on animation, design, cinema, dance, music, theater and television. The course “Interlocutor” will help primary school students to understand the most difficult topics in the Russian language and mathematics. The program “Tell a Story” (12-16 years old) will teach children an important skill – creating a multimedia presentation, and “Illustration” (9-14 years old) will introduce design mock-up and various artistic techniques.

In the film school. McGaffin teenagers (groups 9–13 years old and 14–20 years old) will learn the basics of filmmaking and make short feature films.

And those who have not yet reached a big cinema are invited by the 7BiOZ animation workshop, where there are three whole courses for different age groups (from 7 to 18 years old) – here students learn animation, master its basic techniques, invent stories and, of course, create real cartoons.

Let them teach me!

All September, from 21-00 to 00-00 hours (except Tuesdays and weekends), under the condition of clear weather, astronomical observations will be conducted in the Sky Park of the Moscow Planetarium as part of the 100 hours of astronomy international project. Under the open sky, with the help of several portable telescopes, children (age recommendations for a visit are 12+) will be able to admire the brightest celestial objects – the Moon and binary stars. But the main sight is waiting for everyone in the Big Observatory, where the huge professional telescope is located, in which the Earth satellite is clearly visible.

The program also promises a tour of the collection of ancient astronomical instruments and interesting lectures from astronomers. The cost of participation is purely symbolic – 100 rubles.

Let them teach me!

The Children’s Center of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center invites elementary school students (age 6+) to the design office. In the studio classes, children will get acquainted with the history of architecture and design, and will also be able to create and protect their own project on one of the course topics. The course consists of blocks, each of which is united by a theme, material or technique.

Mentors guarantee: here, any child will be able to reach their potential and realize the most daring creative ideas (from a mobile phone case to the layout of the future house). Classes are held on Wednesdays (17: 00-18: 30).

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