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Let’s play in the storytellers

Let's play in the storytellers

Any fairy tale begins with the magic words: “In a certain kingdom …”, “Once upon a time”, “long ago” or “Once upon a time …”. So you said one of them, and the baby froze in anticipation of a wonderful story: what is next?

Indeed, what to tell next? Our children easily turn us into good wizards, because they sincerely believe that parents can do anything. And we try our best to comply with such a high status, and sometimes we even succeed.

True, sometimes we have a hard time, but … in fairy tales exactly what is difficult turns out to be the most correct. Over time, we get involved in the game, and what seemed difficult before becomes simple and entertaining.

And then the composition of fairy tales turns into a fascinating activity.

The hero is a hero, but still, the main thing in the fairy tale is the entertaining story itself. In essence, the story of a fairy tale can be anything that interested a child, everything he needs to learn about the world and about himself.

There are many ways to open up your imagination and create a good storyline. Here are some of them.

According to the finished canvas. This method is very convenient for beginner storytellers.

Take any children’s fairy tale, invent new heroes and “launch” them into an old familiar storyline.

For example, the fairy tale “Gingerbread Man” can turn into a New Year’s story. (Remember, Kolobok was blinded, then he runs away from his grandmother, grandfather, and so on). Replace the Kolobok with the Snowman, who was blinded by children. The snowman was standing-at the gate, and then went to the forest on New Year’s Eve.

Let him outwit all the insidious animals and run away from them, and even bring a Christmas tree to the children – well, why not a fairy tale? You can change the order of action, ending, complicate or simplify the plot. Come up with variations on a familiar topic, taking into account the age and interests of your child.

You can also combine several fairy tales into one entertaining story.

Changeers. Think about how else you can change the fairy tale that your tot is well aware of. With a child of 3-5 years, you can even discuss it in advance.

So, in the fairy tale “Frost” replace the evil stepmother with a good one, think of what can come of it. Or, for example, instead of the Boy-s-finger, an old man and an old woman appeared Girl s-mizinchik, or instead of the Snake Gorynych, the Talking Locomotive flew in from behind the forest.

If the tale does not turn upside down, it will still be completely different.

Let's play in the storytellers

Look around: practically any person, animal or object can become a hero of magical adventures. And sometimes you don’t even have to try to strain your imagination: ask your baby, and he himself will instantly come up with the main character of your fairy-tale epic.

The famous storyteller composed a huge number of beautiful fairy tales, because he knew a very important children’s secret, which other adults somehow forgot. Everything around is alive: stones, flowers, objects, toys … Everything can move, dream and speak, and therefore become the hero of an amazing story.

One has only to ask oneself: “What will happen if an ordinary object falls into an unusual place for it?” – and the tale begins.

Here, for example, an ordinary snowball, which sculpted your baby today for a walk. “Once a little boy blinded a snowball from the snow, brought it home and laid it on a chair. And he went to dinner.

The house was warm, and the snow lay down, lay down and began to lose weight and melt. The boy saw it and asked: “What happened to you, why are you crying, snow?” “Because in warmth I melt and turn into a pool,” said the snowball.

Then the boy opened the refrigerator and put a snowball on the coldest shelf. Snowball was very happy and said “thank you” to the boy.

That was a fairy tale. Of course, it will seem unpretentious to an adult, but a 1-2 year old man, with his little life experience, will appreciate it.

And for older children, you can think of a sequel. (Who met the snowball in the fridge? Who did you make friends with?

How did he get out of the refrigerator and returned home – in a snowdrift? Who helped him?)

Choosing a hero for your fairy tale, imagine him alive and talking. Put it in an unusual place.

Check how he got there. Think of what happened to him there. Imagine what might come out of it as a result. (Whom did he meet?

Who helped him? Who hindered?

How did it all end?) These tales can be classified as “to be continued.” For example: “I lay down and lay down a snowball on a shelf and saw, say, an orange … And an orange says to him …” Take your baby’s co-authors. Ask him, for example, about what this orange said or how a snowball managed to get out into the street.

It is likely that the child even wants to conduct an experiment with snow and water.

Let's play in the storytellers

The main character of the fairy tale can be your baby. Children, unlike us, do not bother to listen to the same tales a hundred times. So, turning your baby into a fairy tale hero, you kill two birds with one stone.

You do not have to repeat the same thing from evening to evening, and the baby will be proud of himself and his noble deeds. After all, he everywhere wants to stick his curious nose and put things in order – in his own way. To create such a fairy tale is very simple.

Take, for example, the famous “Teremok”. At the very climax, when the bear climbs into the tower and is about to destroy it, make a new turn in the tale. “And then our boy Lyonya arrives in a blue car and says:“ Stop, bear, you can’t do that! ”And the bear responded to him. Very soon your tot will start to invent new details and new plot moves.

You just have to support his initiative. Specify, ask leading questions, welcome humanism and a flight of imagination of your children.

You can invent heroes and even tell a fairy tale as a whole family – adults and children. Take a box, or a basket, or “Santa’s magic bag” and place several toys or Christmas-tree decorations in advance. Ask your child to pull out one object and say “magic words” about him – a fabulous beginning. (If the child is still small, you speak for him).

For example, the baby pulled out a bunny and said: “Once upon a time, there was a bunny,” … “Where did he live?” You ask. The next storyteller continues, for example, like this: “He lived in the house of Santa Claus …” (or on a shelf in a store, or in a box with toys …).

Then you all take turns continuing the tale. As you can see, which way the story will turn is not known in advance, because the next phrase will change depending on the hare’s place of residence. This makes the tale unpredictable and multivariate, and the game is general family.

In the event of a hitch, “spur” your fantasy: remove the next item from the basket and the tale will easily continue.

Take an old deck of cards or cards of the same size. On them it is necessary to draw (or paste already finished drawings) various fairy tale characters, animals, pictures of nature. These attributes are needed to wake up your imagination.

It is likely that your child will want to become the main character – children adore listening to fairy tales “about themselves”. Come up with a name for a fairy tale. It should reflect the plot of your story.

For example, “The tale about how Arina went to a good cow for kittens milk” or “A tale about a kid who received gifts.” The action of a fairy tale can occur where the child lives, and can move to a fabulous place. And as soon as the time comes to tell the tale, pull out 3–7 cards one by one from the deck (the older the child, the more difficult the tale, the more twists and details she has, and the more cards you need).

It’s time to send the hero shown in the picture on a fabulous journey.

Let's play in the storytellers

Proverbs and sayings also help you compose a fairy tale. They are good because there is a double meaning (direct and figurative), and often an interesting story is hidden. For example, “Who boasts, he will fall down from the mountain.”

It is enough to imagine a mountain and various animals that go there (on a visit, for a carrot …) – and the fairy tale is ready. Children 4–5 years old will be interested to write fairy tales themselves according to the proverbs that you offer them.

Select a proverb in the catch phrase. Come up with two or three heroes (fabulous or real).

Discuss the proverb so that the child understands its main meaning!

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