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Let’s live bright! 10 games to learn colors

Let's live bright! 10 games to learn colors

Learning colors implies the ability of a child to consciously select a particular color, group objects by color, name the desired color or shade. All these skills do not develop immediately, and they need to pay due attention.

The point here is not at all that the kid has mastered colors faster than his peers. Color, like shape, and size, are standards for the child, having learned that, he bases on them the knowledge of various objects and phenomena.

And the sooner these standards are formed, the more useful information the child can understand and assimilate, the better it will develop as a whole.

In addition, the ability to distinguish colors is an excellent training for observation, attention, artistic taste. And to learn this wisdom is better in the form of the game.

1. We will build a red house

Playing dice, build two towers for the baby, for example, red and yellow, while saying: “Look, here’s a red cube. Where is the red turret? Here.

Here we put this red cube. But the yellow turret. What cube do we need?

Yellow! Here is a yellow cube!

Look at the turrets we have with you: yellow and red. ”

Similarly, you can lay out monochrome tracks from the cubes: “The bunny likes to ride on the blue track, and the dog to run on the white.” And do not we build multi-colored garages for cars? For Lightning McQueen – red, and for Chico “Thunder” Hicks – green.

Do not be upset if the baby stubbornly puts a yellow cube on top of the red turret. Have a little patience, and understanding will come.

Offer your child all sorts of games-sorting: put a colorful mosaic or large buttons into cups of corresponding colors, “feed” the animals with multi-colored cubes- “candies”: the doll loves green candies, and the horse – blue ones.

Let's live bright! 10 games to learn colors

4. Color stops

First you need to arrange in different parts of the apartment “colored stops”. They can be built from several cubes of a certain color or simply marked with sheets of colored cardboard.

After that, the baby becomes a truck driver, performing the role of passenger transport. Small toys sit in the back, commanding in their mother’s voice: “Driver, take us, please, to the White Stop.” And the truck rolls to a white sheet of cardboard, disembarks passengers and takes new ones.

You can give out colored tickets to the toys, denoting the stop they need (use tickets cut into colored paper as tickets).

It is best to play this game on the street with the company of children. But you can at home. Mom plays the role of “traffic light”.

She thinks of some color (for example, purple), and the baby should try to find this color in her clothes, touch him with his hand and cross the “road” without interfering – walk past the mother from one end of the room to the other. If the desired color is not, the crumb tries to cross the road, and his mother catches him to the common joy of both. For this game, it is better to dress the baby more miserably, so that the color palette is larger.

If the mother was able to catch the offender, he becomes a “traffic light” and makes color to the mother. Try to outwit the child and touch a different color.

Can he notice a mistake?

6. Eat only red!

If you buy a multi-colored candy “MMs” for your baby or the like, they can help you. Offer the baby: “Let’s eat all the red candies first, and then all the orange ones …” You’ll see how quickly the crumbs remember the colors!

7. Colored caps

Kids with pleasure draw with felt-tip pens: they are bright and do not require much effort to produce strokes. Choose felt-tip pens with colored caps especially for the crumbs. When the kid has finished drawing, ask for help to pick up his cap for each felt tip pen.

Do not forget to call colors. Sometimes it makes sense to “accidentally” make a mistake, put a cap on the wrong felt-tip pen, in order to give the crumbs the joy of correcting mother’s mistake.

A simple didactic game for learning colors can be made from ordinary colored cardboard. We select one sheet of each color.

This will be our “clearing”. From the same cardboard, we cut out various multicolored figures with a simple silhouette: fruits, butterflies, flowers, bunnies, chickens, etc.

Now, suggest that the baby “hide” the chickens from the fox or the bunnies from the wolf. To do this, they need to put on the “meadow” of their color. If the baby does everything correctly, the hares will almost not be seen at all.

Tell the baby that the flowers love to grow in the meadows of their color and invite him to put each flower in his meadow. And then we spread the butterflies to the appropriate flowers.

In this game, your imagination is not limited. The main condition: the baby should be interested.

Let's live bright! 10 games to learn colors

9. Fun drawings

Drawing with the baby, you have a lot of opportunities to practice in the ability to distinguish colors. For example, draw multi-colored balloons and ask your kid to draw strings of the same colors to them.

And, of course, name these colors together. Or draw a few colorful houses. Look, baby, what do our houses lack?

Of course, the windows! Come on, paint the windows of the houses so that they are the same color as the houses. In the same way, you can draw rays to multicolored suns, pour rain from multicolored clouds, draw on saucers to multicolored cups.

Draw on paper three identical flowers with different pencils (three red, three blue, three pink, etc.) and ask the baby to collect the same bouquets – connect the plants of the same color with a line. And there are a lot of similar tasks.

10. I see something yellow!

This game is good to play on a walk. Mom says: “I see something yellow!” The child looks around and calls some yellow object.

Did not guess? Guess further!

I guess? So, it was the turn of the baby to make a color object to the mother. You can play differently.

Invite the child to name all the objects of a certain color encountered. For example, red: a red car, a red shop, a red sandbox, a red jacket for a girl … And next time we will choose a different color.

Do not be limited to primary colors, because there are still lime, tomato, lilac, burgundy, beige, sand, etc.

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