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Let’s go to the theater?

Let's go to the theater?

Summer is a great time for someone to start, and for someone to continue their acquaintance with the theater. Especially with such a significant and popular Moscow theater as “Practice.” “Practice” invites adults and children to their performances, starting from the age of 2 years.

In addition to the performances, young audiences will be waiting for creative workshops half an hour before and after the daytime performances. Together with the actors or with the help of their parents, they will make wonderful handicrafts from simple materials that will remain as a souvenir of the play.

Hand-made dolls (by Tanya Portyanko), which children can get to know, play in the performances. The dolls are warm, sincere, very different from the purchased toys, in some ways even ridiculous, imperfect, but alive.

Let's go to the theater?

Let's go to the theater?

Elephant Horton (based on “Tales of the Elephant Horton” by the American poet Dr. Suze).

July 11 – 17, beginning at 12:00
1 – 7, 22 – 28 August, beginning at 12:00. In this story, the ingenuous and unfailing elephant Horton from Africa had to hatch in the bird nest of the chick.

4+ | duration 1 hour

July 18 – 24, beginning at 12:00

The revived hero dolls, made by the hands of Petersburg master Fani, will turn a children’s poem into real theatrical names and at the same time into a Russian fairy tale of the early twentieth century with balalaika, games and festive tea drinking.

2+ | duration 40 minutes

July 29 – 31, beginning at 12:00
August 8,9,12, beginning at 12:00

Tiny girl Thumbelina with honor will pass all the tests and receive a fair reward – a happy serene life in the kingdom of elves.

3+ | duration 40 minutes

Moomin Troll and New Friend

August 19 – 21, beginning at 12:00

Young viewers will find out what friends were expecting – Moomin-Troll and Sniff on a long journey and on the mysterious Lonely Island.

2+ | duration 30 minutes

Moomin Troll and Diamond Field

July 25 – 28, beginning at 12:00
August 13 – 15, beginning at 12:00

A letter from Snusmurik called Moomin-Troll, Sniff and baby Mu to the diamond field, to meet adventures!

2+ | duration 30 minutes

Moomin Troll and Dog Yunk

August 16 – 18, beginning at 12:00

Yunk dog was afraid of water and could not learn to swim. But once it happened that he himself did not notice how he swam.

2+ | duration 30 minutes

Agatha returns home

July 12,13,14,19,20,21,26,27,28, beginning at 19:00
2,3,4,9,10,11,16,17,18 August, beginning at 19:00

Once left alone at home, eight-year-old Agatha goes to the forest and meets there a real little devil, and then his dad. She is waiting for a series of interesting and terrible ordeals.

8+ | duration 1 hour

Hurry, the summer special program has already begun!

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