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Let’s change: how to teach a child the rules of exchange

Let's change: how to teach a child the rules of exchange

Dad bought his son a model car. Although it is small, but it opens the front and rear doors. Why are there doors!

Even the trunk and hood of this machine can be raised. The machine is expensive, but you won’t go for any expenses to make your baby happy!

And the kid really was happy daddy gift. I was so happy … that the next day I changed it to an old, hackneyed neighbor’s machine, which not only does not open the doors, the wheels are about to fall off.

Do not expect a preschool child will be able to appreciate the expensive thing. A little boy can, not paying attention to a new and expensive typewriter bought by caring parents, to look at the neighbor’s old, filthy cart with lust. And the little girl – the owner of the next beautiful doll – to envy her friend who plays with her old mother’s cosmetic bag.

Why? You should not look for an answer to this question. Is it possible to explain why the baby prefers the car to the cart, and the doll to the old cosmetic bag?

We do not know what feelings these objects evoke in him. And do not be surprised if tomorrow he goes out with a new toy and exchanges it for the old one.

Yes, he likes the old one more, but this turn of events is unlikely to suit you. What is there to do?

First of all, you must understand that children will still change, because the exchange process itself is very attractive for them. It often happens that the baby does not want a friend’s toy, but just wants to play in exchange, because this is interesting! Remember yourself: didn’t you, as a child, change the typewriter for the ball, the ball on the spatula, the spatula for candy wrappers and, finally, the candy wrappers for the same machine with which the exchange started.

Was it interesting? That’s interesting to the baby.

Do not forbid him to change, just help him do it right, that is, without offending either himself or others.

All small money changers can be divided into four main types. Observe your baby and you will understand to which he belongs.

Let's change: how to teach a child the rules of exchange

Going out for a walk, your little one is stuffing the full pockets of soldiers, cubes, pencils. When he sees a strange boy or girl in the yard, he boldly comes up and suggests: “And you give me a scoop, and I’m a soldier for you”

The little stranger agrees, there is an exchange according to all the rules, and then the kids continue to play together, dumping all the toys brought from the house into one common pile.

Tip: You have a very smart baby. He knows how to make friends with peers, and the exchange – this is the first step towards friendship.

Many kids are shy to be the first to approach the little stranger with the words “let’s be friends”, they need a reason. And often this is the reason for the offer to play in exchange. Do not forbid your child to change with peers, because the exchange makes him sociable and gives him new friends.

It’s another thing if the baby takes everything out of the house for exchange that comes to hand: up to seven years, children are not able to understand the value of things. Explain to him that these things are dear to you and should not be taken in any way.

And teach that you should not change gifts.

The kid went for a walk with an old bucket, and returned with a beautiful new machine. A born businessman, once already at that age knows how to circle a peer around a finger. You should watch how he does it.

For example, he writes that his bucket is magic, so you can pour a whole sea of ​​water into it. There are little simpletons who believe his tales and gladly give the best toys for a bucket.

Tip: You know that when he comes home, the new owner of the bucket will rush into the bathroom and try to fill it with a sea of ​​water. What will be his disappointment! Yes, and parents scolded for the fact that he gave a new toy.

Therefore, by all means convince the kid to return the dishonestly obtained machine. Ask him if he himself was hurt if someone took his best toy, and in return gave his old and already unnecessary. Tell him that everyone should be kind, honest and fair.

And if not, then no one wants to be friends with him, and such a person will always have to play alone.

Let's change: how to teach a child the rules of exchange

It should be your baby to appear in the yard, as he is immediately surrounded by a crowd of children. “He has so many friends, and we thought he was from timid dozens!” – you are happy. But look at their games more closely.

It may be that the guys are friends with your timid and shy kid just because he gives them his new toys. He is not at all sorry to exchange them for old ones, because it seems to him that such a dishonest exchange is the only chance to win friends.

And if he did not have toys, no one would pay attention to him.

Tip: Tell your child about true friendship. It does not buy and do not exchange for toys. People are friends because they are interesting and good together, and not because someone has a car with a radio control.

Teach him to meet peers. Convince him that you do not need to be afraid to come first and offer friendship.

But if it is still difficult for a small person to overcome natural modesty and take the first step, be at this moment next to him. Let him draw support from your presence.

Just yesterday, your baby couldn’t get enough of a Barbie doll presented by her grandmother, and today she exchanged it in the yard for an old baby doll with a broken leg. And all because the girl from your own yard turned out to be very persistent, she did not lag behind your daughter until she gave her Barbie.

Tip: First of all, return the toy. Drop all sorts of embarrassment, talk to the parents of the neighbor girl, they will certainly understand you.

Do not deprive your daughter of an expensive gift. You do not need to punish her: “That has changed, now stay with the old baby doll.” She is still small for such punishments, and her only fault is that she still cannot stand up for herself.

So you haven’t taught her that yet. Explain to the baby that if she does not want to change, then there is no need to do this, and no one has the right to force her. Most likely, your girl is not too self-confident.

Tell her often that she is clever and beautiful.

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