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Legs without varicose veins: 9 principles of disease prevention

Legs without varicose veins: 9 principles of disease prevention

The most common cause of pricking, heaviness and swelling of the legs and their cramps in the evenings is obstructed venous circulation. Veins begin to perform their function poorly: they expand, blood stagnates, water and toxins accumulate in the surrounding tissues.

Often, venous insufficiency is hereditary and manifests itself with age, during hormonal jumps, when you gain weight, eat improperly or lead a sedentary lifestyle. To solve the problem, you should act on all fronts at once.

If the muscles are weakened, the veins expand. And vice versa – the muscles in tone reduce the diameter of the veins.

Nothing can better strengthen the veins and lift the heaviness from the legs than physical activity – walking, cycling, swimming.

They contain extracts of plants – dicotyledonous ginkgo, Indian chestnut, black grapes and cypress. Herbal extracts are also present in a huge amount of nutritional supplements.

They can not affect the diameter of the veins and even more cure varicose veins, but they increase blood flow, tone up blood vessels and bring some relief to tired legs. If you feel heaviness in your legs, treat with one of these remedies.

Do not use several of them at once.

Legs without varicose veins: 9 principles of disease prevention

Most of these creams contain menthol, which has a refreshing effect, and extracts of venotonic plants. They enhance the effect of medicines and quickly bring relief.

Apply the cream on your feet in the morning after a shower with massaging movements, from foot to knee, and during the day – right on the tights.

They are recommended if the legs swell by the end of the day, or during pregnancy. These tights reduce pressure on the foot and lower leg and fight against the expansion of the veins.

Wearing them should be in the prone position, slightly raising the legs.

It aims to relieve venous blood flow. One of the most effective exercises is to lift the foot at a 45-degree angle to the ankle. Standing on your heels, place your toes on a book about 10 cm thick.

Keep your back straight and keep this position for a few seconds.

Legs without varicose veins: 9 principles of disease prevention

At the end of the day or after a long trip in the car, on the train or after the flight, if you have sore and swollen feet, massage them using a cream or gel for tired legs. These remedies have a double beneficial effect: they not only immediately refresh due to the menthol, lemon and camphor contained in them, but also relieve pain and heaviness in the legs with the help of herbal extracts that have a drainage effect and weaken blood flow, such as red wine, medicinal chamomile, grape seeds, and Indian chestnut.

Always apply them, lightly massaging the legs, in the direction from the feet to the thighs.

To stimulate the lymphatic system and improve blood circulation, start with stroking movements from the ankles to the hips, along the outer and inner surface of the legs (5 times). Stretch the muscles on the hips, at the top and on the side. Then massage your hips with stroking movements from the knee up, alternating hands.

Lightly, not too often, tap your finger tips on the outside of your hips. Gathering your fingers together with a gentle pressure massage in a circular motion around the knees.

Finally, knead the calf with both hands, slightly pulling the muscle away from the bone. Finish with stroking movements on the outer and inner surface of the legs, as in the beginning.

To strengthen the hips. Massage the legs from the bottom up, from the knee to the thigh.

Put your hands flat, thumb on the hip, the rest – on the side to cover the entire area.

For beautiful knees. Massaging movements are performed with the middle fingers, on both sides of the patella. The big fingers rest on the legs just above the knees.

Click and slide your finger up the contour of the patella. Then go again in the same direction with spiral movements from the bottom up, around the knee.

Legs without varicose veins: 9 principles of disease prevention

Massage your feet with a stream of cool water from the shower, keeping it at a distance of 10 cm from the skin, from the big toe to the inside of the knee. Then transfer the jet to the outside of the knee and massage the leg down to the ankle.

Sit in the bath, legs stretched out. Use a shower jet with cool water to reciprocate from your ankles to your buttocks.

Stop when the water level rises to the hips or better – to the waist.

Walk along the seashore on your ankles, knee-deep or hips in the water. Water activates blood circulation and tones tissues, and also makes a beneficial massage.

Manual lymphatic drainage and pressure therapy are among the most interesting techniques. The device Le Cellu M6 also brings good results – provided that the drainage will be used along the entire length of the leg. Ideally complement it with other methods.

The treatment ends with the application of a special cream in the direction from the feet to the thighs. Swelling disappears, legs become light.

Legs without varicose veins: 9 principles of disease prevention

If you want to have beautiful legs, you need to adhere to a balanced diet (35% protein, 15% fat and 50% carbohydrates).

Include vitamin E on a regular basis. This powerful antioxidant helps to thin the blood and reduces the risk of thrombosis. Most of all vitamin E is contained in nuts (almonds, hazelnuts) and vegetable oils (rapeseed, olive, nut, sunflower).

Flavonoids. These substances from the family of polyphenols fight inflammation, thin the blood, contribute to the narrowing of the veins and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

They can be found in grapes, berries (black currants, mulberries, raspberries), fruit peels, cabbage, parsley, turnips, spinach, broccoli and tea.

Potassium. It has a drainage effect. Thanks to him, he avoids the accumulation of salt and edema in the tissues.

It is found in dried apricots, almonds, artichokes, asparagus, bananas, cress, spinach, fennel, poultry liver, grapefruit, parsley, pears, pistachios, apples, grapes.

Vitamin C. It is necessary for the production of collagen, indispensable for strengthening the tissues of the body. It can be found in fresh vegetables and fruits.

Legs without varicose veins: 9 principles of disease prevention

Coarsening of the skin on the feet – a protective reaction to irritation. At least 1 time in 2 weeks, use a special foot scrub.

In winter, record holders on heel corns, and in summer – the back of the foot at the base of the toes. Here the skin is very thin, and the “summer” corns are not rough. Apply a special moisturizer in the morning and evening. the cause of cracks is increased dryness of the skin.

The healing cream will help to get rid of it.

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