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Lego presents new toys for girls

Lego presents new toys for girls

This spring, LEGO presents new products for girls in two series at once. One series is already known to little ladies – this is the LEGO Disney Princesses line.

With the new sets of girls will be able to come up with their own stories with your favorite heroes of Disney fairy tales. The second series is even more interesting. After all, this is a completely new line of LEGO Elves.

This is a fantastic story about incredible worlds and magical adventures. So, what new toys can you buy this March?

LEGO Disney Princesses Kits

“Elsa’s Ice Castle” (about 2299 rubles)

The set was created based on the cartoon Disney “Cold Heart”. The glittering three-story castle, as if made of ice, is a favorite place for the games of Princess Elsa and her sister Anna.

Especially they like to play hide-and-seek behind a secret staircase, and then admire the snowy landscapes through the frosty window. The sisters make a snowman Olaf, skate around the castle and have a picnic with frozen treats under a tree of icicles.

“Bedroom Sleeping Beauty” (about 749 rubles)

Based on the Disney Sleeping Beauty tale. This is Princess Aurora’s room in the castle. Here she is visited by a white rabbit, which is treated to carrots.

At the dressing table Aurora does her hair and puts on her crown. The princess will fall asleep if she pushes a finger with a golden spindle presented by an evil witch.

But a magic wand is hidden under the bed of Aurora, will the princess find her?

“Exotic Palace Jasmine” (about 1399 rub.)

Based on the cartoon “Aladdin”. Princess Jasmine lives in a palace with a hand tiger Rajah. They play near the dancing fountain, have a rest under a palm tree, and after lunch they fly to the oriental bazaar on the carpet-plane, where they watch the snake charmer.

With the help of a magic lamp, Jasmine and Raja summon a gin who fulfills wishes.

“Ariel Underwater Palace” (about 3499 rubles)

Based on the fairy tale Disney “The Little Mermaid”. Princess Ariel is preparing in the dressing room for the concert with his sister Alana.

Crab Sebastian and the Flaunder fish help the sisters, looking for a comb and glasses. After the holiday, the princess descends into her bed of golden seashells.

In the morning, Ariel dives into a secret grotto to admire his collection.

Lego presents new toys for girls

Lego presents new toys for girls

LEGO Elves Kits

The story of LEGO Elves begins when Emily Jones, walking through the garden, enters the world of elves through a magical portal. She meets four elves: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Elves want to help the girl to return to the world of people.

But to open the portal you need to find the four magic keys of the elements.

“Tree of the Elves” (about 2999 rubles)

Emily’s adventures begin with the Elf Tree, through which the heroine enters Elfendale. Here she meets the elf of fire Azari and the elf of the Land of Farran, living on a tree. On the ground floor of the house is a kitchen, as well as a secret room-hiding place.

On the second floor there is a balcony and a recreation room connected by a retractable bridge.

In order to find the first magic key, Emily, Farran and Azari go for advice to the elf of the Wind – Eyre.

“Eyra’s Creative Workshop” (about 599 rubles)

Elf Wind Eyra lives in the studio. Ayra flies everywhere and explores even the farthest corners of the wizarding world.

It is she who tells other elves that they need to collect keys, but no one knows where to look for them.

Emily, Farran, Azari and Ayra go to the Water elf.

SPA Naida (about 1099 rubles)

The elf of Water Naida has his own spa. Naida loves to spend time in the bath.

She creates new lotion recipes by mixing the ingredients in crystal jars. Her friend dolphin pulls out a map that says where to look for the magic keys of the elements.

The company goes on a sea voyage in search of four keys.

“Ship Naida” (about 1699 rubles)

In search of the key of the Water, Naida and Eyra set sail. In the depths of the waters, they will see a shell inside which the first key is hidden.

On land, friends go in search of the second key of the elements of the Earth, hidden in the Crystal Hollow.

Farran and Crystal Dell (about 799 rubles)

Earth Elf goes to a secret hollow in the forest. But his path is blocked by a guardian squirrel, Miss Spry, guarding her stock of nuts.

With the help of the power of the Earth, Farran explodes crystals at the foot of the tree, closing the cave entrance, and finds the key of the Earth.

The third element key is hidden in the Azari magic bakery.

“Azari Magic Bakery” (about 1699 rubles)

In the brewery of the elf Fire Azari you can enjoy fresh pastries and admire the bright interior. Here they put pies in a magic oven heated by lavapad.

And the key is hidden right in the lava.

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