Legal break

Legal break

It is important to observe a reasonable interval between the end of one and the onset of the next pregnancy. If the next pregnancy starts earlier than 3 years after the birth of the baby, it can harm the health of the woman. It is known that the first year after birth leaves for the recovery of the body of a young mother and lactation, because the production of milk will be a serious burden for him.

It should also be borne in mind that the younger the elder child, the more difficult it will be for the young mother to physically and emotionally endure the next pregnancy.

There are also medical arguments in favor of observing a reasonable break.

1) Pregnancy and childbirth cause a hormonal storm in a woman’s body. And, although all these “jumps” are a natural phenomenon, the body needs time to recover from such global shifts. Judge for yourself.

The time before the baby is born proceeds under the action (“protection”) of progesterone and other hormones that the placenta produces. In order for childbirth to begin, the body “removes protection” – the level of progesterone dramatically goes down, and the number of other hormones increases in the woman’s blood, the main of which are prostaglandins, estrogens, oxytocin. At the end of labor, their number also decreases sharply.

In parallel, in order to ensure lactation, the content of prolactin and some other substances in the body of a young mother are increasing. Their level in the blood of a woman remains high, but undulating: the longer the interval between feedings, the lower the content of prolactin.

The end of the hormonal excitement period marks the restoration of the menstrual cycle.

2) While the baby is still very small, it is very important for him to eat breast milk. Feeding itself seems natural and uncomplicated to others, but in reality it requires a lot of effort from the woman’s body. The amount of fluid in the bloodstream of a young mother increases, thereby loading the heart and blood vessels, liver and kidneys.

Guaranteed support for the composition of breast milk is another serious task of the body of a woman that requires considerable stress. That is why, immediately after the end of lactation, it is not worthwhile to load it with an even more important matter – carrying the child.

3) The cervix, the vaginal wall and the perineum of the young mother stretched out during pregnancy, and before testing this muscle group again, it is very important that they regain their tone. Looking at the size of the abdomen of the young mother in the hospital, it seems that another baby lingered inside: the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall were too over-stretched in anticipation of the child.

Sometimes a certain discrepancy between the rectus abdominis muscles remains, and then the next genera can strengthen it.

Legal break

Much work remains to be done on the uterus muscles. After the baby is born, the uterus is very mobile, which should not be, but since the ligaments and muscles of the pelvic floor, which fix it, are stretched, the uterus can only take a firm position over time in the pelvis.

If they are not allowed to recover, the onset of the next pregnancy may be threatened with termination.

4) Throughout the first year after the baby was born, the organs and body systems of the woman return to the former rhythm of life, because during pregnancy the heart, blood vessels, lungs, kidneys, stomach, intestines, hematopoietic system worked with double load. The immune system that worked during pregnancy to preserve it, reducing its activity, gradually returns to normal.

What happens if pregnancy occurs in a situation when the body of a young mother is not yet ready for her? For example, it is known that women who become pregnant in the first year after the birth of the child, when the hormones, and the menstrual cycle have not yet recovered, as well as the ligamentous apparatus and the muscles of the uterus, which help to support it, are more likely to experience problems of miscarriage.

What needs to be done to ensure that pregnancy does not take you by surprise? As usual – take care of contraception, even if menstruation after birth has not yet been.

By the way, for those mothers who do not breastfeed the newborn, menstruation begins 2 months after the birth of the baby, and in nursing menstruation may remind of itself in six months or even later.

However, the absence of menstruation does not mean the absence of ovulation (the release of an egg from the ovary and its readiness to “take” the sperm cell). Moreover, the longer the interval between breastfeeding becomes, the higher the probability of ovulation and the onset of pregnancy, because the level of prolactin is reduced and no longer prevents ovulation (the output of the egg from the ovary ready for fertilization). As soon as you decide to resume intimate relationships, immediately start using contraceptives, after selecting the appropriate method, together with the gynecologist.

In this list, local products (condoms, spermicides, vaginal ring), hormonal pills (women who are breastfed, are recommended products containing only progesterone, “mini-drank”), intrauterine device.

Legal break

Nowadays, more and more couples postpone the birth of children, explaining that by the desire to make a career or “live a little for myself.” As a result, the first child appears at the mother, who has already stepped over the 30-year milestone. At the same time, there are few parents who would like to start and finish the family story with the birth of their first child: most likely, they will soon want another child.

But the problem is that the age, which is suitable for the birth of children, is limited, and between their appearance on the world you need to take a break.

Experts believe that the minimum difference between the older and the youngest child is 2.5 years. Where did this figure come from? It’s very simple: 1 year “goes away” on feeding a baby with breast milk, 9 months at least – on restoring the body after lactation and 9 months – on carrying the next pregnancy.

Moreover, studies in recent years have shown that even more time is required for full recovery of the mother’s body. And this means that the optimal difference between children is not even 2.5, but 3 years. If a woman has suffered a caesarean section, doctors will advise parents to endure a three-year pause between deliveries and (attention!) With the next conception.

This is due to the fact that the scar left on the uterus must “strengthen” to withstand the load during the next pregnancy.

Now let’s see what kind of restoration of the body in question. First of all, hormones and the menstrual cycle, blood composition, level of microelements, proteins, vitamins should return to normal; then you need to restore the organs of the reproductive system and the muscles of the pelvic floor. American researchers have shown that babies conceived with at least a 3-year interval are much less likely to be born prematurely or with a small weight.

In addition, a three-year break is also beneficial for expectant mothers: during the next pregnancy, they almost do not experience anemia (anemia), pressure surges or bleeding.

Bao Ping Joo, an epidemiologist from the Missouri Department of Health, led the study, during which specialists examined and analyzed a database of childbirths for 400,000 women. As a result, it was found that regardless of the age, race, and social status of mothers, babies born with the observed interval are stronger and healthier than those who were conceived ahead of time.

At the same time, it is necessary to recognize that waiting too long does not benefit the expectant mother and baby.

According to several studies, women who think about a child only 5 years after the birth of their first child increase the risk of complications during pregnancy. Why this happens is not yet clear, but this feature is hardly related to the age of the future mother.

So, what conclusion can be drawn from all this? It is better if a potential mother succeeds in following the advice of doctors and to rest between the birth of babies.

However, if for some reason the parents do not want to pause or the pregnancy becomes a surprise, you can be sure: nowadays, experts will be able to help the expectant mother make and give birth to a healthy baby.

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