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Legacy from grandmothers: thermostatic fermented milk products

Legacy from grandmothers: thermostatic fermented milk products

Recently, a new product has appeared on the shelves of the dairy departments – kefir, yogurt, yogurt and even cottage cheese with a “thermostatic” mark. What are the features of the thermostatic method? How is it different from the traditional way?

What are its advantages?

Manufacturing technology of dairy products has not changed for many decades in a row. In dairies, the tank method of production has been successfully used for a long time, when the starter is added to large-capacity tanks.

The fermentation and ripening of the future kefir, yogurt or yogurt takes place in these tank-tanks.

These tanks for souring fermented milk products are called tanks. Their size is amazing – they include from 5,000 to 10,000 liters of liquid product at the same time!

Ferment in the amount of up to 5% of the total volume is added to the tank with pasteurized milk, which maintains a certain temperature required for ripening.

Tanks have double walls to start the cooling process at the right time. When the acidity of the product reaches the desired level, cold water flows between the walls, and the automatic stirrer starts working.

It breaks up the formed clot to a uniform uniform structure.

It is very important to start cooling in time! If you do this before, the future kefir will stratify, and an unwanted serum is formed.

The technology will be broken, and several thousand liters of natural milk will be spoiled.

Here, in tanks, the product matures, and several hours later it is poured into sterile bottles.

Legacy from grandmothers: thermostatic fermented milk products

Thus, the process looks like this:

Mixing sourdough with pasteurized milk in a tank — ripening at a certain t ° — after reaching the desired level of acidity, cooling begins — mixing to a uniform structure — maturation of the product — bottling into sterile bottles

The thermostatic method of production was conceived to revive the old Russian technology, when sour milk in clay pots was put in the oven and languished for a long time at a slowly changing temperature, ripening for several hours.

The gentle thermostat mode allowed to recreate the conditions close to the manufacture of natural dairy products in a rustic stove, only the clay oven was replaced by modern thermostatic plants.

In such thermostat chambers, it is possible to maintain the required temperature for a long time, adjusting it to the nearest tenths of a degree.

The special feature of the thermostat method is that milk or cream with sourdough is immediately closed, and the product is placed in a special chamber, where it is aged and thickened for a while.

For example, how to make a thermostatic cream?

First you need to get the cream by separating fresh cow’s milk. It goes like this: the milk is cleaned, warmed up and sent to the separator-cream separator where the centrifugal force separates the milk into skimmed milk and cream.

After that, the cream is pasteurized on a special creamy pasteurization-cooling unit at a temperature of 92-95 ° C with an exposure time of 180 seconds. Then they are cooled to a fermentation temperature of 32-36 ° C and sent to a container for sour cream.

A sourdough is poured into the cream, everything is thoroughly mixed and sent to be poured into glasses. After packing, the glasses are transported to a thermostat chamber, where the cream thickens during souring (6-8 hours), acquires the taste and aroma of sour cream.

The process of cooling and maturation of sour cream lasts from 24 to 48 hours.

Legacy from grandmothers: thermostatic fermented milk products

Thus, the process looks like this:

Mixing prepared cream with sour cream starter – mixing – pouring into glasses – souring in a thermostatic chamber

Thermostat method allowed to return to the recipe of the last century. Thanks to this technology, today we can buy the same products that our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers enjoyed a hundred years ago.

Thermostat products are difficult to manufacture and are more susceptible to changes in external factors: in leaven, temperature conditions, characteristics of milk from different farms, the duration of the packaging process. With this method, naturalness is guaranteed, and products may differ from batch to batch, which is considered quite normal.

Unlike the tank method, where the clot is broken by a mixer, and the product itself acquires a drinking consistency, with the thermostat method the clot retains its integrity, and the product itself remains so thick that you can eat it with a spoon.

Both methods use heating and cooling. Heating is necessary in order to create a favorable environment for the propagation of live-sourdough cultures.

Moreover, each type of leaven corresponds to its own temperature (in the range from 32 to 42 ° C).

Cooling is necessary for ripening of the clot, when the milk protein begins to swell and condense. At the same time the product acquires a pleasant sour taste and characteristic aroma.

The fact is that the low temperature provides favorable conditions for the slowly developing microflora – yeast, acetic acid and aromatherapeutic bacteria.

The reservoir method allows you to produce more product at the same time than with the thermostat method, but the quality of the traditional product loses somewhat to thermostatic kefir, yogurt or yogurt.

The components of whole fresh milk in fermented milk products retain all their beneficial qualities, but are absorbed many times better. The protein in them is processed by the body three times faster than the milk protein.

Live ferment lactic acid improves the function of internal organs, boosts immunity, enriches the body with vitamins. This product contains the beneficial microflora of living probiotic cultures in the highest concentration.

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