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Lady perfection

Clean work. We start with an important rule – thoroughly clean the skin of the face. When choosing a product, consider the type of skin.

If it is oily and prone to acne, then you are suitable means in which the surface-active substances more than moisturizing. Use Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with active substances – the product soothes the skin and gives a feeling of comfort – or cream makeup remover, Vichy, – it will carefully remove excess fat and dry pimples. If the skin is dehydrated, use cleansing agents with oils and soothing ingredients.

Benefit Remover It remover lotion from Benefit not only perfectly cleanses the skin, but also thanks to its white and blue lotus content it soothes and softens it.

Give me some water. Moisturizing is perhaps the most important part of personal care. Salvation for tired skin will be nourishing creams.

Try Vichy Aqualia Antiox. Moisturizing cream care intensively nourishes and restores the skin of the face 24 hours a day.

To make the cream more intense, apply it in spiral movements from the center of the face to the periphery – this is how you combine nutrition with a light massage.

Disadvantages and advantages. Of course, it is hardly possible to get rid of a couple of extra kilos in a week, if you do not combine it with a strict diet, but it is quite possible to remove toxins and tighten the skin.

Anti-cellulite gel Aqua Destock, Vichy, with pure caffeine smoothes the skin, improves its elasticity and does an excellent “orange peel”. A gel Ventre Plat, Thalgo, like a sculptor, gives the silhouette finesse and makes the skin supple.

Fast food. In order not to condemn your curls to post-holiday stress, carefully and carefully prepare your hair for the New Year’s trials. Treat your hair with a mask with vitamins and ingredients that provide enhanced nutrition to the hair roots, strengthen weak hair and prevent hair loss.

Nourishing mask from Klorane will restore the structure of the curls, significantly strengthen them and add extraordinary shine.

The eyes are clear. If you try to finish all the cases in the pre-New Year race, your eyes will immediately give you fatigue and ruin the whole picture.

Restoration, protection and lifting – such a rebuff to the uninvited “guests” will give an eye balm, L’Occitane.

Reset skin. Peeling will help the skin to restore its former glow.

In the wintertime, prefer soft peeling creams (Doux Peeling Crème Gommante, Clarins). They do not contain microparticles and remove dead cells like an eraser – roll under your fingers and do not scratch the skin.

All in your hands. Hands – one of the most important details of the festive look. On the crest of the wave – red and blue lacquers, does not lose its popularity and black with its twilight shades of gray.

Neutral pastel gamma and shades of gold are back in the trend. For lovers of unusual manicure will suit the recent development of the nail industry – cracking, a coating that mimics cracking or reptile skin.

Shelkoterapiya. You can quickly give your hair a well-groomed appearance using Sérum De Soie Sublimateur, Leonor Greyl serum, for hard and dry hair with active silk ingredients.

It gives the hair a natural softness and at the same time cares for them.

Salon at home. Restoring anti-aging masks will help to achieve an effect comparable to many hours of salon care in a matter of minutes.

Apply them to thoroughly cleansed face and neck.

Lock ’n’ Roll. Vanity leaves no time for packing in the cabin? Doing hair yourself, the more helpers more than enough.

Soft styling foam Wella Forte will create volume and provide control over unruly curls. To curl up all night, use Wellaflex foam superstrong fixation.

By the way, among the hairstyles are popular braids of various modifications.

Heavy artillery. The surest weapon for reviving tired dull skin is whey and concentrates. Acting purposefully, the preparations in a short time solve several problems of the skin of the face at once: matting, moisturizing, lightening and fighting wrinkles.

For emergency lifting and correction of wrinkles perfect serum Vaxin for Youth from Givenchy. A couple of drops of such an assistant will give a stronger effect than a few days of applying a regenerating cream.

If you need to instantly improve your skin tone, then the reliable solution is Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer serum from Clinique from extracts of brown algae and sage enzyme.

Pat me Want to get the desired result with minimal time loss?

The irreplaceable assistant in this is the Braun Satin Hair 5 styler. He quickly and painlessly handles unruly strands, gives them softness and eliminates electrification. Prefer cosmetics for hair technique? Then for you – the smoothing heat-shielding lotion with Smoothation micropolymers from Londa Professional.

The easy formula of means facilitates laying by means of the hair dryer and possesses antistatic action.

Brilliant story. Paul Mitchell Caring Spray will provide shine with a mirror effect.

Dyed hair is suitable shine-care from Nivea. It contains light-reflecting crystals and antioxidants, which enliven the color, creating the effect of freshly dyed hair.

In the light of spotlights. Using moisturizers with the effect of flicker, you will not only make the skin of the body soft and matte, but also will look mysterious.

Creative Scents “Vanilla with Sequins” hand and body lotion envelops the skin with seductive shimmer.

You only have two hours? After the comprehensive care “Antistress” in the salon “OblakaStudio” hair will gain a healthy glow, the skin of the face will get freshness, and your hands will become velvety.

It will exceed all expectations and the procedure for tired skin “Collagen lifting mask” in the cabin of Red Logde. Long-lasting hydration, reduction of dark circles under the eyes and smoothing of wrinkles are guaranteed.

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