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Know the measure (about intimate and not only)

Know the measure (about intimate and not only)

When bathing a child, be sensitive, especially when it comes to the intimate parts of his body. At the age of one and a half – two years, the child can begin to wash on their own. He is ready to show independence – give him that opportunity.

When a child picks up a washcloth and soap, it means that he can and wants to wash himself. Treat your wishes with respect: sooner or later he will have to learn how to wash himself – take advantage of the moment when the child takes maximum initiative.

Do not worry about the fact that he will not do this “qualitatively” enough – warm water and soap will not let you down. It is very important to understand that as a child grows up, parental authority and control in relation to his physicality should decline.

Ask yourself the questions: at what point can you stop checking how clean the baby is? When he becomes uncomfortable without clothes in the presence of adults?

If the child is faulty clean, this is not the end of the world. He will quickly learn to wash his private parts on his own.

You can help him with advice, but only with words, without touching him.

Know the measure (about intimate and not only)

When the baby laughs, he is just a miracle! You love his laugh so much. You tickle his heels, armpits, neck.

He adores it and laughs happily. But in a few minutes the baby’s laughter can turn into crying and crying. And this is not surprising.

Tickling excessively excites the nervous system, and pleasant sensations turn into irritating.

Be attentive to the child’s behavior, do not go over the limit. This is a game for two, and it should bring joy to both participants.

A small child is not a “little bag with a laugh,” you should not bother him for your own pleasure.

Did you rock the baby when he was very young? It seems that without this he cannot fall asleep anyway … But he still has to learn.

Shake him a little, but don’t be too zealous. Is he already sleeping?

Great, that’s enough.

During pregnancy, mother cradles her baby in the stomach during walking and various movements. It is natural for a child. Therefore, when we continue to swing the baby in an even rhythm, corresponding to a quiet step, he calmly falls asleep.

Motion sickness is beneficial when it meets the needs of a small child, when movement corresponds to his inner rhythm. For some time it is important for the little one to maintain such a deep connection with the mother and, feeling asleep, feel in the womb.

But do not prolong this state: the child needs to find more mature ways of transition from wakefulness to sleep. And motion sickness will successfully replace reading at night.

Know the measure (about intimate and not only)

Massage is useful for most children. But some children do not like him at all, others adore him.

How does your baby react to massage?

First of all, you need to understand that you are doing massage for a child not for your own pleasure, but for its benefit. To learn sensitivity, it will take some time.

Pay attention to the reaction of the child: he may be cold or hot, he may feel bad, because he has recently eaten, or simply does not want him to get a massage right now. In any case, if the baby starts to cry, it means that something is wrong.

Tears mean that he is upset, angry, annoyed, nervous, and therefore, you need to finish the procedure.

It is necessary to get rid of stereotypes that the massage is pleasant to everyone. Some children do not like massage, and do not need to insist – the child can perceive it as coercion, suppression of his will and disregard for feelings.

Give the child time, perhaps as he grows up, he will stop reacting so negatively.

Massage is an invasion of personal space, you must get consent for it If the baby likes a massage before you begin, explain what you are going to do.

The child should not feel like a passive body with which they do something. This is an active two-way process.

Know the measure (about intimate and not only)

Most children are delighted with the game in the “plane”. It hovers low above the ground and soars up sharply.

Often the baby asks to repeat this game again and again … until the moment when his laughter suddenly turns into screams of protest or crying.

Here, just like with tickling, the child quickly moves from laughter, expressing pleasure, to anxious, hysterical laughter, and then to tears. A small child can not always say: no, stop, stop! In a panic, he may “fall into a stupor” and will be unable to express his feelings – neither by crying nor by tears.

If you see that the child is over-excited, it’s time to finish. Parents should know when to stop!

One of the most important rules for young children is no excessive stimulation. The baby does not need to constantly entertain, bother, laugh.

The child is not obliged to be constantly vigorous, cheerful, laughing. He needs moments of calm solitude, contemplation and concentration.

There is no need to constantly find classes for him, at home and during a walk, he is able to occupy himself for a while. He can observe with incredible interest, for example, the movement of leaves in the wind or reflection in a puddle. He has the right to such “idleness” because, even when he, in your opinion, is not busy, the process of knowledge continues!

He perceives, feels, thinks. And our adult ideas about the usefulness and feasibility are canceled here! For a while…

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