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Kindergartens abroad

The first difference between a European and even an American kindergarten from a Russian one is a completely “permissive” attitude towards cough, snot, lice, worms, and even light temperature. Coughing and sneezing kids quietly attend kindergarten.

If someone from the wards finds lice or worms, the caregivers will simply warn the parents that appropriate preventive measures should be taken. The source of infection is prohibited to mention. Also, “disregard” in foreign gardens belong to the “quiet” hour.

You want – sleep, you do not want – there is something to do except sleep. And children in many gardens do not sleep in beds, but on mattresses that lie on the floor. And also …

In kindergartens take children older than 1.5 months. Up to 4 years they attend kindergarten, after 4 they go into a special group at school.

When registering in a kindergarten, parents fill out a number of questionnaires, one of the obligatory questions is whether the baby needs daytime sleep.

The most severe punishment in the American garden is to sit the prank on a chair. Sitting time is one minute per year of child’s age. So, in 4 years the child will sit 4 minutes, and in 3 years – 3 minutes.

All children sleep, not only in the same clothes in which they played, but also in shoes. Instead of beds – mattresses laid out on the floor.

In order for a child to be accepted to kindergarten, you must submit a certificate stating that at least one of the parents works. When applying for a kindergarten or nursery, only a certificate from a pediatrician is required or, if the child is older than 3 years, from a therapist.

Be sure to provide information about vaccinations. Vaccination required, failures are not accepted.

In the garden, the child will be accepted only with their full set. The nursery accepts children over 6 months old, the child goes to kindergarten from 3 to 6 years.

The group consists of 20-30 people. Her “service” 2 tutors.

The child can be left in the garden or until lunch, or until 16-17.00. It is best to take the baby home after dinner, as there are not enough beds at all. Folding beds, by the way, are set at bedtime in the same room where children play.

After a quiet hour, they are cleaned in the closet.

Snot is not a reason to leave your baby at home. Calmly baby walks with rotavirus.

Treat this attack with Coca-Cola and purchased instant (and very salty) chicken “soup.” Even if the child was bad at night, but in the morning he feels fine, he is taken to kindergarten.

French women’s parental leave ends when the child is 2 months old. That is why the nurseries in Russia are believed to have sunk into oblivion. It is difficult to get a place in a manger, but a child can attend a nursery 1-2 times a week for several hours a day.

From the age of 3, the child begins to attend kindergarten, which, in French, is called the “mother school”. And he visits him to 6 years.

When taking in a nursery or kindergarten, parents will have to present a completed vaccination card. The child must be made mandatory vaccinations against 4 diseases: diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio.

In the group, usually 20-30 people. Each group has a teacher and assistant teacher.

Groups are usually of different ages, every year the child is in a new group, respectively, and the teacher changes with him.

In the garden, children do not change clothes or change shoes. The only requirement for parents: no scarves!

Apparently, the caregivers are afraid that during running and gambling, the scarf may drag around the neck and strangle the baby. Food and toys to bring with you can not be categorically.

Only dudu is allowed – a soft toy with which the child sleeps.

From the age of 1.5, children no longer sleep in beds, but on low couches or on mats with sheets stretched over them. And sleep, as a rule, in clothes.

For children 4-6 years old, they are sometimes asked to bring a pillow from home. But at this age in the “quiet time” the children themselves get settled in the room where they have to.

Snot, cough and fever are not considered good reasons to spend a day or two at home. Up to 38.5 temperatures in a child are not considered hot (this is a general medical practice, not only French).

Just stay at home until the mother is satisfied that the child finally recovered, will not work. First, almost all mothers work, and paid days to care for a sick child – 3 per year.

Secondly, for each day of absence, a doctor’s certificate is required.

Between classes there is a break for lunch. For lunch, the child can be taken home. So that the kid could have lunch in the kindergarten, in the city hall it is necessary to get directions to the dining room.

There are no kitchens in kindergartens. Lunches are prepared centrally and transported to institutions.

Lunch in the understanding of the French is a salad, meat or fish with a side dish, cheese and dessert.

In kindergartens take children from 2 to 6 years. From 2 to 4 years in the garden, children only play, at 4-5 – they already mold something, draw, master other skills of needlework, at 5-6 years old children are prepared to learn writing, counting and reading.

Reading, counting and writing are taught already at school.

From the age of 3, the children in the group no longer sleep, even if the kindergarten works after lunch. There are no nurses and doctors in the gardens. Even with childhood infections, quarantines are not satisfied, and bringing a child with a slightly elevated temperature is common.

But if the child’s temperature rises in the garden, the caregiver informs the parents. If it is below 38.5 ° C, the baby can be left in the garden; if it is higher, it should be picked up as soon as possible.

After the child recovers, a certificate from a doctor is required not in all gardens.

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