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Kids of Hollywood Stars: The Youngest Style Icons

Kids of Hollywood Stars: The Youngest Style Icons

“Dressed like a king!” – this can rightly be said about the children of one of the most famous married couples in the world, Prince William of Cambridge and Kate Middleton. Young Prince George and his sister Princess Charlotte dress strictly according to the dress code of Windsor, sometimes literally repeating the style, motifs, and sometimes completely models of previous generations of royal children, thus preserving the continuity of the family. True, these “old-new” models are created by very popular and fashionable brands.

But if someone thinks that “to dress like a king” means chic and rich, then no. Little princes will never stand out from the crowd of their peers for their costumes.

Their style can even be called modest, and the brands that form it are, of course, well-known, but by no means the most expensive. Any of the world’s couturiers, no doubt, would be happy to create clothes for the royal offspring, but their mother chooses something simpler. For example, for George, Start-Rite shoes, Cath Kidston T-shirts, Bateau pants and Rachel Riley shorts were recently purchased.

And all this may well be purchased in the free market by any “non-royal” family. Which, by the way, was made by many buyers, who bought out the models for two days after the baby’s new clothes were posted on the page of the duchess.

In addition, unlike some kids, well, very stellar parents, young Windsors do not disdain to appear at official events several times in the same clothes. Some people frown, and ordinary Englishmen respect the royal family, and Kate in particular, for this unpretentiousness.

So, the style of these high-born children can be described as: “Taste, conservatism, modesty.”

Kids of Hollywood Stars: The Youngest Style Icons

Judging by the numerous photos posted on the Web, the family of the American TV show star, model Kim Kardashian and her husband rapper Kanye Westoma are receiving increased attention. And the clothes of their children, the four-year-old daughter North, and the two-year-old son St., of course, also.

Saint is still too small to somehow react to everything that is worn on him, but North herself chooses outfits and poses in them on a photo or at numerous events, where she goes with her mother. “She loves to steal my accessories, so she has to share!” – mom tells about her daughter with ill-concealed pride. And she acts like any girl at her age: she wants to be like a mother in everything – shocking and striving for everything that is possible (and children too!), To attract Kim’s attention.

And if in the year poor North, still not understanding anything, just sweating in an uncomfortable biker jacket and Givenchy leather pants – copies of her mother’s clothes, today she herself tells her tailor the design of her clothes. And several collections of famous couturiers were created specifically for baby North!

Moreover, after another fashionable promenade in New York, the tabloids wrote that their daughter was eclipsed by their mother this time! The style of the North can be called, without doubt, rich, but, how shall I put it … somewhat eclectic, unformed.

A girl can suddenly wear a white leotard. Or naive outfit Disney princess. And then – a dress that mimics the female corset.

However, while her impulses her mother still holds back, making sure that North’s own outfits and outfits are in harmony with each other and directing the fitting of designer things like leather leather leather jackets from Balmain or Margella pants to fit the figure. So, through the efforts of my mother, North is growing its real copy.

What awaits the growing St, can only guess.

Kids of Hollywood Stars: The Youngest Style Icons

In three years, Blue Ivy Carter went in dresses from Dior, and today, when she was six, her collection of clothes in quantity and price already surpasses the wardrobe of many fashionistas. The American singer and actress Beyoncé seems to have a lot of professional pleasure choosing clothes for her six-year-old daughter.

Not without reason, Beyonce now not only sings, but also released her own, while the first, clothing line: glamorous, with a huge amount of metal ornaments … The singer claims that such outrageous clothes are intended only for the stage, and for everyday life there is something simpler. And for children too.

Is it so? If her one-year-old twins, Sir and Rumi, are still spared from fashionable experiments, then the daughter of Blue in dresses, chosen by her mother, vividly demonstrates the main passions of Beyonce.

And, probably, the first and indispensable condition for Blue dresses is their price. Everything must be expensive! At the age of five, on her first visible appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards, the star daughter was wearing a Mischka Aoki tutu dress for $ 10,950 and Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers for $ 565.

Nearby, in a pink dress by Francesco Scogniamillo, was performed by her mother. Pink (probably the favorite color in the family), Gucci Blue suit with a black panther on the back chose to receive the Grammy Awards last year, and a green dress for only $ 1,800 from the same brand for the NBA All-Star game in New Orleans February last year. You can already write for a long time about little Blue’s outfits, because they (unlike the outfits of British royal children) are not repeated.

New Outlet – New Outfit – New Photo. And Blue has a lot of exits.

Kids of Hollywood Stars: The Youngest Style Icons

Daughter Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Suri Cruise from birth became the object of close attention from the fashionistas of the whole world, and today this eleven-year-old girl is even called the legislator of children’s fashion. And no wonder: the daughter of celebrities and in terms of venerable stylists, and in the opinion of many ordinary fashion lovers, is always dressed with taste.

It is curious to consider her outfits, it is pleasant to look at her, each bow is a carefully and competently selected combination of clothes, accessories and shoes. Suri – the embodiment of a luxurious, glamorous, girlish style.

Have you ever seen her in pants? It is also important that the miniature and foldable Suri can wear it all naturally and beautifully, without putting the slightest effort. Well, just a ready-made illustration in the most fashionable magazine!

At first, her mother put her hand to this, and now Suri chooses her own clothes, thinking about creating her own fashion line and showing off her enviable wardrobe with such brands as Burberry and Stella McCartney. “She puts on what she wants,” says her mother Katie Holmes. – She likes bright things, bright colors. Just like me, for every new day she has a new idea what to wear. In this, we deal with it in the same way. ”

Katie does not hide that she intends to influence Suri’s style in the future; she even buys some things for herself, assuming in the future to pass them on to her grown-up daughter.

Kids of Hollywood Stars: The Youngest Style Icons

That’s really who does not bother about the clothes of their six children, so this is Angelina Jolie and their dad, her former husband Brad Pitt. And still they want to imitate their unassuming style.

Negligence, but, I think, negligence is still not quite cheap – this is how one can characterize the style of most of the children of the star family. Oversized T-shirts, comfortable baggy pants, sweatpants with stretched knees.

The main criterion is to be comfortable. But there are interesting exceptions. This is first and foremost eleven-year-old Shilo Nouvel, who feels like a boy, shears a boy and dresses in the androgynous style fashionable today in America.

Her mother said that Shiloh imitates his elder brothers and loves to wear their clothes. And she loves ties, jackets, sneakers, tracksuits, camouflage, cowboy boots.

In the same family, the stylistic antipode of Shilo is growing – 18-year-old Zakhara, refined and striving to emphasize her maiden identity. Her sophisticated, elegant and feminine wardrobe is quite suitable for an African princess. Even when traveling, even in the gym, Zakhara watches her appearance and tries to look gorgeous: colorful hats, colorful leggings, fantastic bags, peacock prints and bold sleek hairstyle decorations … But she’s knocked out of the general background of the star family.

As if not with them … However, the choice of Zakhara only complements the feeling of freedom from all sorts of stereotypes and from any external pressure surrounding this family.

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