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Kids love to fool around

Kids love to fool around

Do you think your home was attacked? Rejoice, it is not so, just the apartment provided at the disposal of the little researcher, usually looks like that. At this age, the baby is truly omnipresent, and the task of the parents is to hone in themselves the speed of reaction, wit and intelligence, to prevent the little scientist’s train of thought and learn to react a little faster than the little one moves on its four.

This is not easy, but hard training will definitely bring good results. Until now, the baby could only explore those items that were within his reach, but now, when he is able to get to any thing on his own, he will not miss this opportunity for anything. An intensive learning process has begun – a crumb extracts useful information from everything it gets to.

And it is worth a lot, sometimes in the literal sense of the word.

Nothing stops a child at this age: he climbs on chairs, sofas and armchairs, risking a fall hundreds of times, he opens a drawer of a dresser and always goes there. He does not move away from the switches and buttons, which he notices in the direction of travel, opens all the boxes that give in to him, and shakes out all their contents. He opens the bottles of precious mother’s perfume and tubes of lipstick, powders himself abundantly with expensive powder and goes on.

In the hallway, he notices papa’s coat on a hanger: it’s easy to get to the contents of your pockets, you just have to pull a couple of times, and now you’ll find the desired driver’s license and car keys in your hands, you just have to find the right slots and holes to put it all securely.

The kid will not pass indifferently by the magazine lying on the table. Science doesn’t know why babies don’t like glossy magazines so much, but one thing is clear: the crumb will not allow this magazine to continue to be readable by adults, so it pulls out as many pages as possible, rubs them and tears it to shreds, and leaves it on the surviving sheets mysterious doodles.

A healthy and intelligent child will definitely try to seize the remote control and a calculator, as well as adjust the channels around the TV and find a suitable radio wave from the radio. Such a kid repeatedly roasts mobile phones in the microwave and drowns them in the depths of the toilet. He scatters the ground from flower pots, tastes pet food, or tries to eat something from a trash can.

He hits the door with spoons and rumbles with pots. Then suddenly there is complete silence, which seems more dangerous than the preceding noise.

Mom rushes to the child. He fell asleep on the floor, smitten with fatigue.

However, not for long, he is only going with the forces to go on new conquests. We will be courageous and, while the baby is asleep, slightly correct the familiar home environment.

Kids love to fool around

So that as a result of your kid’s research activity, the apartment does not resemble a city after an earthquake of eight points, limit the territory, but remember that it should not be very small. When a child is free to travel in a large area, he will not want to look for freedom and explore other places.

Adapt the allocated space to the situation, and in order to understand what the baby can reach, you need to crawl around the house on all fours and then just remove all the excess.

Where the floor is tiled, lay a heavy carpet. Consider the design of the batteries so that the child’s small pen cannot get stuck in them.

Sharp corners must be protected with special silicone corners or wrapped around them with something soft. Do not forget about the lower corners of the furniture, they can also be put on special protective devices or for a while to unscrew the legs from the bedside tables and cabinets.

If a child likes to climb tops and hang on something, attach bookshelves and other high pieces of furniture to the wall so that they do not fall. This will give the child freedom and at the same time guarantee security. Unscrew the furniture handles, and remove the keys and remove them until better times, otherwise the crumb standing on its feet will constantly bump against them.

Cover sofas and chairs with covers that can be washed in a washing machine. Make sure that there are unstable and heavy objects in your house, floor vases, floor lamps, etc. Check whether the cornices are firmly nailed, whether they can fall if you pull the curtain.

Of exceptional interest for children are tablecloths. Use cloth stands for cutlery and dishes.

Household chemicals Store them in a childproof locker. This also applies to vitamins, herbs and tinctures.

Ask guests who stay overnight to keep medicines in a safe place. The same applies to chemicals: working with them, do not let them out of sight

The handles of the pans should always be turned inside the hob. Ensure that the stove is stable in case the child climbs onto the open oven door.

And on the door itself should be a lock.

If there is a dog or cat in your house, remove the bowl with food after feeding the animal.

Knives, scissors and dangerous devices, handicraft items (threads, needles, buttons, etc.) should be kept in cabinets or drawers with locks or latches. When during use you put them aside, put them away from the edge of the table so that the child does not get them. Keep matches, cigarettes, cigarette lighters high from the baby.

Cellophane bags should also not be seen by a child. Keep them tied up in a knot, as such they are not so dangerous.

Kids love to fool around

At the top and bottom of the stairs should be barriers with a height of at least 70 cm. Shut off the entrance to the kitchen with a sliding partition or, when leaving, just close the door tightly.

They should have latches that children cannot handle and high chains or other devices that prevent the child from opening the window and the balcony door or squeezing into them when they are ajar. Remove things from the balcony that the baby can climb.

Outlets that are not used should be covered with covers. They should be dim and as inconspicuous as possible so that the child does not have an interest in them.

Cords of table lamps must be attached to the walls or furniture so that the child does not pull the lamp by the cord and it does not fall on it. Never leave the iron on the ironing board and do not allow its cord to hang freely.

Discard toys with sharp edges and corners, and those that are broken down into small pieces. Older brothers and sisters of the baby need to be taught to remove all small toys and parts when the crumb is on the floor.

Bulk products (cereals, salt, sugar) store in unbreakable, tightly closed jars. Vinegar, spirits, oil and all sorts of sauces should be kept on the upper shelves.

Do not leave candies and nuts within reach of the child.

Find out the names of all the plants in the apartment. Some types of indoor plants are dangerous and poisonous.

Remove them from the window sills. Land in pots, which may be available for the baby, cover with foil with holes.

The lock in the bathroom should be such that the child even accidentally could not close from the inside. Do not leave unattended bath filled. Remove all household appliances from the bathroom: hair dryer, razor.

Cologne, hair styling liquid, nail files and sharp razors hide away.

Even after the preparation of the territory, you should look after the baby, since the children’s imagination far exceeds the adult’s imagination. And no one is safe from surprises!

Freedom to the researcher! Until now, we only cleaned, hid, set higher. And what to put down, on the path of the “slider”, so that his research would be fruitful?

It is best to equip your child’s own corner or leave for research one box with safe things (socks, unbreakable dishes) in each room so that its handles will always have something to do.

On the lower shelves of the rack stack books with dense pages that your baby can turn over without tearing or already read magazines. Provide a crumb for researching old and unnecessary things – phones, radios, calculators.

In the kitchen, the best toys will be saucepans with lids, a rolling pin, bowls, spoons, plastic bottles – everything that can be opened and closed, licked, knocked against each other, rolled on the floor. At the growth level of the baby, you can hang up educational posters and drawing boards.

Children really like frames with clasps, buttons, zippers and velcro. Buy or make them yourself and also hang low from the floor.

Allow your baby to sometimes sort through the laundry basket or put something in the shoe box. Find an old bag and fill it with interesting items, stuffing them in different pockets.

And on the fridge, attach bright magnets or figures for gluing to the tile.

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