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Keep under control (breast cancer)

Consultant: N.I. ROZHKOVA. , doctor of medical sciences, professor, director of the federal mammology center at the FSBI RDSRD

Keep under control (breast cancer)

Evelyn Lauder (1936–2011) was a true leader and an inexhaustible generator of ideas. In the first year of college, she met her future husband, Leonard, the son of Este and Joseph Lauder, the owners of a then little-known aspiring cosmetics company.

Shortly after the wedding, Este’s mother-in-law convinced Evelyn to join the family business. Talent Evelyn manifested itself in various fields: she expanded color palettes, worked on care products and fragrances, conducted presentations in stores. In New York, Evelyn Lauder was considered both an icon of style and an advanced, business woman.

However, perhaps her name is best known for her enormous contribution to the fight against breast cancer. Transferring breast cancer in 1987 at an early stage, in October 1992, Evelyn, together with Alexandra Penny, then editor of Self magazine, created the famous Pink Ribbon, which became a worldwide symbol of breast health, and launched the campaign of the same name. Having experienced the disease on herself, she did not remain indifferent to the similar problems of millions of other women.

Its main task was to report on how important it is to be alert to your health and to regularly visit the breast specialist. After all, a disease detected at an early stage is better curable. And her own experience proved it.

In support of the annual fundraising by divisions, employees, and partners of the corporation, Ms. Lauder initiated the distribution of millions of ribbons and instructions booklets on breast self-examination. This promotion has not gone unnoticed.

Twenty years later, already 115 million pink ribbons, as well as millions of informational booklets all over the world, remind every woman of the need for regular screening.

In order for the pink color to become the undisputed symbol of Campania, in addition to the ribbons in 2000, Evelyn came up with a program to illuminate world sights. Famous historical or natural sites are illuminated with pink light in October to draw public attention to the problem of breast cancer: the Empire State Building, Niagara Falls, the Tower of London, the Tower of Pisa, the Tokyo Tower and many others. In 2010, the Campaign was listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest 24-hour marathon of attractions in a charity program.

Today, pink color in the minds of many people is associated precisely with struggle and victory over breast cancer.

Evelyn Lauder struggled with the problem of breast cancer not only within the framework of the corporation Estée Lauder. In addition to the task – to inform the society – its goal was real medical assistance to women affected by the disease. In 1989, she successfully conducted a charity campaign, during which she managed to raise more than $ 18 million to equip the world’s first breast health center.

In 2009, a new center opened, 3 times larger than its predecessor. It provides all types of services, from diagnosis to care and treatment.

This model, bringing together the best specialists and the newest equipment to fight a single disease under one roof, has become a model for clinics opening around the world. In 1993, Ms. Lauder founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to cope with a catastrophic shortage of funds. As a result, the Foundation has grown to become the largest national organization, entirely dedicated to the financing of outstanding scientific research in the study of the causes, treatment and prevention of breast cancer.

Since its inception, the Foundation has earned more than $ 350 million and has transferred grants to 186 gifted scientists in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

Keep under control (breast cancer)

Evelyn Lauder, a brave pioneer who dedicated his life to ridding others of fear and ignorance, died at the age of 75 as a result of complications after non-hereditary ovarian cancer on November 12, 2011. But her business continues to live.

In 2012, Estée Lauder celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Campaign against Breast Cancer. The year of the 20th anniversary is also declared the year of memory of Evelyn.

The result of her efforts is obvious: over the years, the campaigns and programs conducted by the Campaign have contributed to significant progress, from the fatal concealment of facts about the disease to the general knowledge that its early diagnosis really saves lives. And this year, as always, millions of pink ribbons and informational brochures will be distributed at points of sale of the corporation’s stamps. Each of us can contribute to this good cause by buying specially designed “pink” products.

Funds from sales will be transferred to support medical research.

In Russia, the information partner of the Breast Cancer Campaign is the Federal Breast Center. Its director, Honored Scientist, Professor Nadezhda Ivanovna Rozhkova shared with us the latest achievements in the field of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Early diagnosis Most often, breast cancer is diagnosed in women over the age of 40 years. Recently, however, the disease is “younger”, and it is often detected even in 20-year-olds.

Problems in younger women began to be revealed due to the active preventive direction of modern medicine. Girls started coming to the doctor more often because they were aware of new technologies for early diagnosis, about the possibilities of sparing organ-saving treatment, even for serious diseases.

Experts say with all responsibility that thanks to new methods of treatment, it is possible to cope with breast cancer in 94% of cases. If breast cancer is detected at stage 1, the probability of living for 20 years or more is 92–98%. Treating benign tumors is also cancer prevention.

Often, oncology develops against the background of normal breast tissue. One of the modern diagnostic methods is targeted biopsy with a pistol-needle system.

Doctors do not inject the needle to the touch, as they were forced to do before, but sighting, under radiological or ultrasound control using a special gun.

High technology Medicine in the field of research and treatment of breast cancer is gaining momentum. There is a high level of development of screening technologies. The latest digital technology allows you to identify changes in size from 50 to 400 microns.

It should be borne in mind that x-ray mammography for the purpose of screening in the absence of complaints is not recommended for women under 40 because of the radiation dose, and ultrasound is not always able to detect some types of non-detectable cancer. In this regard, an innovative diagnostic technique appeared – electrical impedance mammography, developed by Russian specialists. The procedure is completely harmless and painless.

It can be carried out and young girls, and pregnant and lactating. This method is based on measuring changes in the electrical conductivity of breast tissue. Normal and altered tissues have different thermal conductivities, and sensitive devices can detect pathological changes, when the tumor has not even formed, at the precancer stage.

And from the onset of pathological changes to the appearance of a tumor the size of a square centimeter can take as several months, and 17−20 years. Today, such a study can be done in a number of metropolitan clinics.

Methods of treatment Treatment of breast cancer has many options that depend on a number of circumstances: the stage of cancer, the size of the tumor, the degree of prevalence, as well as the age of the woman and the individual characteristics of the organism. The treatment option is chosen in each case at the doctors’ consultation. There are many programs, including surgical treatment, chemical, hormonal or radiation therapy.

Most of them at early stages are aimed at preserving the mammary gland – sectoral resections with additional chemo-hormone-radiation treatment, depending on the clinical case. Plastic surgery is more actively used – implants or patient’s own tissues.

Self-examination is another important point in the fight against diseases of the mammary glands. It is proved that if a woman conducts regular self-examination, the frequency of metastasis in breast cancer is reduced by 35%.

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