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Keep the defense: strengthen the immune system

Keep the defense: strengthen the immune system

The behavior of a person at the table directly affects his well-being. Harmful eating habits – the main source of evil for the immune system and the organism as a whole.

Despite the fact that doctors are alarming about this, no one is in a hurry to change their diet. However, we do not call our readers for drastic measures.

We only want to advise to achieve the “golden mean” in the consumption of fast food and sweets. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt to add more healthy foods to your daily diet that will help build the body’s protective barrier.

Frequent colds, prolonged fever around 37 ° C, chronic fatigue syndrome, pain in the joints and muscles, sleep disturbances, headaches, skin rash, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Mode. A messy diet leads our digestive system to a “strike”. For the body is a big stress, if we first gorge on the belly, and then starve all day.

And in the evening, we again overeat. After such a hearty dinner, food can be digested only if you do not sleep for another five hours. But we immediately go to bed.

And as you know, in a dream, all processes slow down, so food stale in the stomach begins to ferment. As a result, toxins and other harmful decay substances accumulate in the body and begin to poison it.

In order for nothing like this to happen, you need to try to eat every 3-4 hours, in small portions and as much as possible healthy food. We also advise you to give up the habit of eating at night.

Friendly team. All vitamins, macro and micronutrients are important for our health.

However, there are those who play a direct role in maintaining and restoring our immunity. We can attribute to them:

  • Proteins that are the building blocks for building antibodies – immunoglobulins.
  • Complex carbohydrates as “suppliers” of energy for the life of the cells of the whole organism.
  • Fats are involved in the construction of cell walls, including those involved in the capture and destruction of microbes.
  • Vitamins. There is a whole range of vitamins and nutrients that are responsible for the formation, strength and restoration of our protective cells. This friendly company includes vitamins A, B, C, D, E, PP, as well as zinc, selenium and probiotics.

Sweet life. According to the World Health Organization, sugar is the main source that undermines our immune system.

Sugar simply does not allow cells to fight a bacterial infection for 5 hours after it is consumed. This is clearly a reason for reflection.

Great cleaning. We all constantly do the cleaning in the apartment, because for some reason, dust and dirt accumulate very quickly. But we don’t even think that the same “cleaning” should be periodically carried out in our body.

If we systematically release the intestines from decomposition products, then our immune system will be able to concentrate all our forces on harmful microorganisms, and not recycling.

Keep the defense: strengthen the immune system

Breakfast: Porridge on the water and low fat cottage cheese.

Do not buy very low-fat products – they have no proc. Use dairy products with a fat content of 2.5% – it is the most optimal for maintaining good physical condition and health.

Porridge, in turn, contains a lot of useful minerals and vitamins, and, most importantly, fiber useful for digestion. It helps cleanse the body of accumulated decay products.

Lunch. Sandwich from whole grain bread (or with bran) and salty fish (low-fat cheese).

Yogurt is the perfect snack, as it contains the right combination of proteins and carbohydrates.

Proteins without carbohydrates will not be digested, and there must be two times more carbohydrates than proteins. If you pay attention to the label, then in the curd, for example, more protein.

Also pay attention to its fat content and sugar content to be avoided.

Dinner. 100 g of meat (preferably not fried and without adding complex and purchased sauces), a handful of cereals (rice, buckwheat, millet, etc.), as well as vegetables or vegetable salad.

High tea Yogurt or 100 g of fish with vegetables.

Usually this meal takes 4-5 hours, so you should reduce the amount of carbohydrates and focus more on proteins.

Dinner. 80 g of fish, meat and seafood (preferably without sauces), and vegetables. Cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir.

If you are able to restrain yourself in the evenings, then you can afford a light dinner until 8 pm. If there is no willpower, then it is better to have dinner at work!

Late dinner. Low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt and kefir.

It is important that the products are fat free, as we have no goal for their absorption. Those who allow themselves a late dinner, most often just try to satisfy the feeling of hunger at bedtime.

If you can not deny yourself sweet (and not only in the morning), then it is better to use it between meals so that after the meal took 1.5 hours.

As for fruits, they are also a source of sugars. Therefore, they are advised to use until 3 pm, in the same manner as sweet.

Stress. If you often do not hear the alarm clock in the morning, then run off to the kindergarten with your child, where the teacher once again scolds you for being late; and after still trying to get to work, pushing through crowds of people in the subway, then you should know that your life consists of constant stress!

This means that your hormones are produced around the clock, which “kill” immunity. And, if you still want to maintain a healthy body and spirit, you need to avoid such nervous situations.

Just remember, we are talking about bad stress, and there is also a good one (love experiences, physical exertion, etc.).

Keep the defense: strengthen the immune system

Bad stress for our body: work for wear, bad ecology, crowds of people, crowdedness, lack of free time for pleasure. It is absolutely clear that it is impossible to completely get rid of stressful situations, but you can change your attitude towards them.

There are many breathing exercises and exercises that help to relax. Sometimes it’s enough just to hold your breath.

Also it is worth referring to the special literature. Even if you do not find the strength to apply all the advice, it will at least help you look at yourself.

! Essential oils promote relaxation. They are easy to take with you to work or carry in your purse and inhale if necessary. In addition, they kill pathogenic bacteria.

These can be oils of cedar, lavender or even wormwood.

ginger, barberry, cloves, coriander, cinnamon, basil, cardamom, turmeric, bay leaf and horseradish.

Sounds of music. Thanks to music, you can control your emotional background and the production of “positive” hormones.

When you are going to work in the morning, listen to dynamic and fun songs. They will charge you with energy and good mood.

In the evening, to calm your nervous system, listen to calm and relaxing melodies that will help you to forget about the accumulated adversity and will contribute to fast sleep.

There is a contact! Neurophysiologist Barry Bitman came to the conclusion that communication with relatives can directly affect the immune system, strengthening it. During his experiment, it turned out that people who are more likely to meet with their beloved friends and relatives are less sick than non-communicative citizens.

It turned out that the touches of loved ones stimulate T-cells that fight other malicious viruses.

Sweet Dreams. “How do you want to sleep!” – we complain to our work colleagues, and they to us – every day. And after all, it is no secret to anyone that healthy sleep is essential for good health and body recovery, including for cell renewal.

However, we do not follow the advice of specialists to sleep at least 8 hours a day and also in complete darkness. Such a dream in our time can boast a few, especially in large metropolitan areas that never sleep.

On charging, become! Despite the fact that most people do not sleep much, for some reason they never have time for physical exercises.

The reason for this – irregular work schedule and hobby gadgets, as well as laziness! I don’t argue that many really don’t have enough time even to wash their hair. So we advise you to do at least exercise, but every day.

This is very important, as with prolonged physical exertion (for example, running), blood formation and immunity are stimulated, which leads to more rapid renewal of the composition of blood leukocytes, providing protection to the body.

Keep the defense: strengthen the immune system

Necessary contrast. When it comes to hardening, many immediately represent the hole and frost.

But we did not even think of offering you such an extreme option, which often leads only to a weakened immunity.

For a start, you only need to air the apartment daily, opening at least one window wide open, despite the temperature outside the window. No one talks about an hour, but for 5 minutes it would be nice.

We also advise you to drench your hands – alternately with cold and hot water. The difference in temperature should be approximately 15 ° C.

This option is especially suitable for children. I would also like to note that the meaning of such hardening lies not in “freezing”, but on the contrary, in the warming up of the body, which occurs when the temperature alternates.

Walk so walk. Daily walk is very important for the overall tone and even more so for immunity. Naturally, you need to choose places with the maximum concentration of fresh air, but how else?

If there is no forest nearby, then take a look at the nearest park. The main thing is to walk away from the road, otherwise there will be little confusion.

Washing. A dry nose is a sure sign that microbes and viruses are attacking your body.

And the fact that the nasal mucosa is overdried, says that pests will not be difficult to attack the immune system. To avoid this, you need to constantly irrigate the nose with sea water, which is sold in every pharmacy.

And finally, love yourself and your body! Cigarettes, alcohol, sweet and flour – this is not love for yourself, but pity.

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