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Joint efforts: partnership childbirth

Joint efforts: partnership childbirth

The concept of partner childbirth is quite extensible. Their meaning is not that a man sees all the physiological features of their course, but that the expectant mother receives support, both moral and physical, during childbirth.

It must be accepted by the couple consciously and mutually. Everyone should express their opinions, arguments and wishes, tell about their fears and doubts (if any). The presence of the husband during childbirth is permissible only with the sincere desire and readiness of the man for this event.

Persuading and pressure on the future of the pope will not lead to anything good for any of the parties. Some men are categorically unwilling to attend childbirth because of fears for the wife, the child, for himself.

If prospective parents decide to have a husband during birth, it is advisable to determine in advance the role of the father in this process. Much more often dads are present during labor bouts, but at the moment the attempts go out (themselves, at the request of the doctors or the expectant mother).

After a few minutes, they return, take the newborn in their arms, possibly cut the umbilical cord and participate in the baby’s first toilet. Others prefer not to be present at birth, but appear a few minutes after the baby is born; they also manage to see and hold their child in the first minutes of life.

It is about the presence of the future of the pope on the “natural” childbirth. In the case of a caesarean section, the future father will not be allowed into the operating room – he can only observe what is happening through a special window, if it is provided for, to see the face of his beloved wife; he will also be shown the newborn baby.

But he can take the newly made dad into the hands of the child only after the doctors have performed all the necessary manipulations: they cut the umbilical cord, wash the baby, weigh it, measure it and dress it.

Get ready for childbirth together. It is better to find special courses, for example, under the Partnership in Childbirth program. Here you will be given full information about the device of the female body, will tell about the sequence of events during childbirth, what the woman will feel at this moment and, most importantly, how future fathers will be able to alleviate her pain during fights.

A part of the classes is conducted by a psychologist – he forms the psychological mood of the couple, gives advice, answers questions of interest. A very important point of preparation is also considered to be the choice of the doctor from whom you have to give birth. Decide on the candidacy of the doctor in advance, two months before the expected date of birth.

Be sure to clarify whether partnership deliveries are possible, and take a list of tests that need to pass the future father.

Germany: almost all births are partnerships. Perceived with great enthusiasm.

France: partnership deliveries are allowed, as well as filming childbirth. Dad may be present even at cesarean section.

More on the courses midwives future fathers and mothers conduct an excursion to the hospital, to the hospital hall. Acquainted with the sequence of actions, procedures, etc.

Netherlands: mainly home births are conducted, where the pope plays the second role after the midwife.

Italy: insist on the presence of her husband at birth.

Joint efforts: partnership childbirth

Start. So, at home, the expectant mother begins to feel some changes in her condition. There is a heaviness, a slight pain in the lower back and lower abdomen, the uterus stiffens and feels very dense to the touch.

Fights begin.

Dad’s actions. It is important to respond correctly and in time, that is, to hear your wife. At first, contractions and relaxation of the uterus are irregular, lasting 5–10 seconds with long interruptions (up to half an hour).

At this time, you can help your wife take a shower and collect a bag for the hospital. Gradually, the frequency of contractions will increase.

If you give birth the first time and live near the hospital, then you can wait until the contractions become regular – every 5-7 minutes. Repeated labor usually goes faster than the first, with the onset of labor should go to the hospital. Often, before the onset of contractions, amniotic fluid may occur.

The normal water content in the uterus by the end of pregnancy is up to 1.5 liters. You may feel that a clear, warm liquid is flowing out of the vagina (without regard to urination). Can pour a little liquid, and maybe all of 1.5-2 liters.

If you notice unusually wet underwear, this is the situation in which you have to go to the hospital.

1st period At this time, under the influence of contractions, the cervix opens. At the end of the 1st stage, the contractions begin to repeat every 1–2 minutes and last for 60–90 seconds.

Dad’s actions. Remind your wife how to breathe properly during labor.

After the pain passes, the expectant mother needs to relax and rest. With the emergence of the wife’s desire to push, remind her that you can restrain yourself by starting to breathe with your mouth open, superficially and often. If the spouse is going to show “activity”, be her support and support.

Do not forget about anesthesia: pressure on the protruding points of the iliac bones; Stroke the lower abdomen up to the rhythm of breathing during a contraction; Gently press the fists on the sacrum (lower back).

Any creativity is also welcome at this stage. It distracts and pleases the future mother. (Some couples chant prayers during the first period of labor; others sing songs or just listen to music; others paint watercolors on paper.) But to speak, or rather even “talk”, does not follow much: it violates the physiological process of childbirth.

2nd period The woman is strained, and the child is born.

Dad’s actions. You are standing at the back of the head, next to the expectant mother. The midwife reminds her that at the beginning of the contraction you need to take a full chest of air and 3 times to push (by sending an effort to the lower part of the body, so that the straightened lungs put pressure on the diaphragm, and that, in turn, on the uterus).

At the same time, the head should be kept raised, and the special holders of the bed should be pulled over by hands. During the attempts, support the wife’s head so that she is tilted to her chest as much as possible – this will help her to straighten out correctly.

At the time of the birth of the baby’s head, remind your wife that you need to breathe often, like a dog. The most interesting thing is that at this moment you will too. push as a full participant in the process.

3rd period The third period of labor is marked by the birth of the placenta (afterbirth). The birth of the placenta is a virtually painless process and does not require much effort from you.

The third period does not last long – on average from 10−15 to 30 minutes.

Dad’s actions. If your wife again wants to push, help her, supporting her head.

You can also capture the first minutes with a newborn on a photo or movie camera.

Help husband after childbirth. After the birth of the child is usually placed on the mother’s breast. Then the child is carried away “to process”: to wash, measure and check reflexes.

Dad can also help cut the umbilical cord in crumbs. Then, the happy father will be given to the baby’s hands and sent back to his mother, and then all will be transferred to the ward.

China: Dad is allowed to be present at the maternity hospital, he is entitled to leave to care for his wife; Small maternity hospitals with long traditions still do not allow fathers.

Spain: the father must be in labor, he signs the witness in the first documents of the child. Doctors closely monitor the state of the Pope.

Turkey: in most maternity hospitals with oriental traditions, the presence of the pope is prohibited. But modern maternity hospitals meet dads.

Austria: partner childbirth allowed; if anything, medical support is guaranteed to the young father.

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