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It’s time to take on the belly: food, sports, plastic

It's time to take on the belly: food, sports, plastic

If you strive to lose weight significantly, especially in the abdomen, then reduce your daily calorie intake to 1,300. Limit your intake of bread and cereal. Rich in sugars, they are poorly digested and often cause bloating.

The basis of your diet should be vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products. Vegetables stimulate digestion due to fiber.

But do not lean on cabbage and cauliflower, as well as legumes – they cause fermentation and gas formation. Try to eat as follows:

  • breakfast – fruit or vegetable salad, a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt;
  • lunch – low-fat vegetable soup, a salad of raw vegetables;
  • dinner – a few fruits, a glass of nonfat kefir.

In between meals, eat snacks with prunes, dried apricots, raisins. Dried fruits not only saturate the body, but also normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Eat fractional: often in small portions. Thus, you can avoid stretching the stomach, which means that the stomach will not bulge.

Forget about extremely rigid diets (mono diets) and starvation. To digest food, the body spends energy. If you do not eat, then your body has nothing to burn, except for its muscles and fat.

When fasting, the fat will burn much slower than the muscles. And remember that food should be fun, not just a vital necessity.

After all, food eaten without appetite is less useful.

Let’s be realistic. Remove the stomach with a single diet is impossible, because in this case we are talking not only about extra pounds, but also a serious stretching of the skin.

So without serious work of the muscles of the press can not do. However, before embarking on exercises, it will not be superfluous to consult with your doctor about how ready your body is for training.

As a rule, serious loads are allowed not earlier than 3-6 months after delivery. And immediately after returning home (or already right in the maternity hospital), make it a habit to wear a bandage that will not allow the stomach to completely “dissolve”.

By the way, the most practical thing is to immediately acquire a universal model of bandage, which can be used both before and after childbirth. “Sporting” breathing will also be beneficial: while exhaling, actively inhale the stomach, and when inhaling, inflate it like a ball.

Practice this exercise as often as possible. After all, it can be done anywhere – even while walking with a baby.

It's time to take on the belly: food, sports, plastic

There are more thorough complexes aimed at creating a flat and taut abdomen.

  1. Lying on your back, lift your legs, bending your knees, and keep your heels parallel to the floor. As you exhale, gently lift your head and chest, making sure that the main load falls on the chest, and not the head pulled the whole body. Perform 2 sets of 10 times.
  2. Sitting in the lotus position and clasping your hands on the back of your head, turn (without jerking) the whole body left and right, gradually increasing the amplitude. This exercise is included in the arsenal of Jennifer Lopez and perfectly forms the waist. It is recommended to perform 2 sets of 15 times.

This charge does not take you much time. If possible, supplement it with cycling and swimming. By the way, regular aqua aerobic exercises (at least 2 times a week) stimulate metabolism and strengthen each muscle of the body without a serious load on the joints.

The abdominal muscles, which alternately tense and relax while jumping, are most actively involved. Due to the effect of weightlessness, which creates water, even the most difficult exercises are performed very easily, and you almost do not feel tired.

In the fight for the figure of his dreams, belly dance, which is so popular now, deserves special praise. This is a completely unique method for affecting the body, which works out and strengthens such deep muscles that are not available, for example, when doing aerobics. Moreover, such an eastern hobby normalizes blood circulation in the lower abdomen, which is very valuable for a woman who has given birth.

And the body becomes flexible and seductive for the joy of you and your beloved.

More and more, many young ladies resort to the help of plastic surgeons in order to return a flat stomach. Some see this as the only effective way after the unsuccessful alternatives.

Others want quick results without unnecessary physical and moral costs.

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is one of the oldest operations, which has already celebrated its centenary. By popularity (according to observations of aesthetic surgeons), it ranks fourth after breast and nose plastics and liposuction. Potential clients are women after childbirth or grueling diets.

This method allows you to remove excess skin, get rid of stretch marks and “sculpt” the perfect shape of the abdomen. The fact is that during pregnancy, the skin and tendons are stretched and it is far from always then again contracted. As a result, even if there is no excess weight, the skin can sag and form a kind of apron (this is the word usually used by surgeons, explaining the indications for surgery).

So most often women from 20 to 35 years old resort to abdominoplasty. You can do the operation six months after the end of breastfeeding.

In order to remove excess skin, make a long incision in the bikini area from one hip bone to the other. Here the seam will be practically invisible, in addition, it can always be hidden under beautiful linen.

The surgeon with a scalpel cuts off excess skin, forms a new navel and sews up.

It's time to take on the belly: food, sports, plastic

If a girl has never had an elastic press or her abdominal muscles have weakened after giving birth, before cutting off the skin, anterior muscular wall plastic is done. Straight and oblique abdominal muscles are connected by tendons, which form the famous white line of the abdomen. During pregnancy, these tendons stretch from 2 to 5-6 cm and become like a thin film.

Alas, it is impossible to return the former elasticity to the tendons by any exercises. But there is a special duplicatory technique, with the help of which it is possible to lace up two parts of the abdomen. The corset seam criss-crossed the tendons, and as a result you can permanently get rid of the frog’s relaxed abdomen, so hated by the girls. This technique is also used for lacing the oblique abdominal muscles to form a waist.

As a result, after the operation, the girl comes out with an elastic flat press and a thin waist.

Depending on the complexity of the entire operation takes from 3 to 4 hours. Now it is increasingly being done not under general, but with epidural anesthesia, familiar to women who have given birth.

After the operation, you need to spend about 3 days in the clinic under the supervision of doctors, and then you can safely go home with a new stomach.

The entire rehabilitation period takes from 4 to 8 weeks, during which time it will be necessary to wear compression garments and refrain from thermal effects (baths, saunas). Surgeons note that the result of the operation lasts a very long time, even if the woman decides to have a second child (plan for pregnancy after an abdominoplasty is necessary not earlier than in a year). This is explained by the fact that if the patient had plastic anterior abdominal wall of the abdomen, between the skin and the muscle a whole layer of scars is formed, which hold the abs as a net and do not allow stretch marks to appear.

The only reason a woman can come after repeated delivery is to ask the surgeon to correct the scar. During pregnancy, it expands from pressure and needs to be removed. However, this does not mean that you can throw on the buns or throw in sports.

And remember that deciding whether to do an abdominoplasty or not can only be done after consulting with an experienced plastic surgeon.

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