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Intimate hygiene boys: instructions for parents

Intimate hygiene boys: instructions for parents

It would seem that it can be easier – washed the genitals of the son with soap and water and that’s it! But it is necessary to get down to business, there are many questions.

And when it comes time to teach the child independence, they will become even more.

Teaching the boy to hygiene, moms act differently. Alone – they entrust this role to the pope: let the men themselves understand; others let things take their course: grow up, figure it out, but for now I’ll do everything myself; third – show, explain and teach as they can. There can be no unambiguous advice – every mother knows her son best of all advisers, and intuitively chooses her own version.

But there are general rules.

This is exactly what the child should be explained to, for which the genitals are washed, as well as everything else – hands, feet, face, head, body. No need for complex explanations about microbes that live everywhere and only do what they dream of attacking a child and infecting him.

The impressionable baby will be scared and will not want to take off the pants, will tolerate to the last, and the daredevil, on the contrary, will decide to challenge the “offenders”. The baby must understand that it acts solely in their own interests, and not because the mother has asked whether they will give candy or allow them to sit at the table.

Tip In general, the child’s penis is better not to touch without special need. And the child himself too. But an older kid, obsessed with the thirst for knowledge, is quite difficult to follow this advice.

Therefore, without focusing on the forbidden routes of a novice researcher, teach him that it is better to study yourself with clean hands.

Complex schemes are not as attractive as short ones. That hygiene procedures must be performed easily, quickly, as something ordinary and not burdensome.

They came from the street, took off their clothes and shoes, and washed their hands in the bathroom. They rinsed them with water, washed them, washed off the soap, wiped them with a towel – and only then on the pot or toilet.

Advice From the fairy tales, the child will learn a lot of useful things, but they don’t say anything about intimate hygiene. And the only thing left for parents is to write applied fairy tales about IT themselves.

Living together with the characters familiar situations, the child receives many answers to questions that can not even formulate. We propose to try this plot: Winnie the Pooh comes to visit Rabbit, and thoroughly refreshed, asks, and where is the toilet. The rabbit shows him, and at the same time explains along the way that it is soap for paws.

After all, they are sticky after honey, you first need to wash them, and then you get dirty. When Winnie the Pooh returns to the table, you can discuss his impressions, suddenly having difficulty.

There are many options, the main thing is not to limit your imagination.

Starting with one and a half years old, boys should be taught to wash themselves. While the son has not learned to write in the pot, his intimate hygiene is reduced to rinsing the genitals with soap and water (or without it) when changing the diaper and evening bathing.

A child can do it alone, sitting in the bathroom or standing under the shower. Just ask your child to spend a couple of times soaped palm on the scrotum and penis.

It is important to act in this sequence, and not otherwise. And then you need to rinse with a stream of water.

Bast is not needed under any circumstances, super strength – too. Reject the foreskin, release the glans penis, do not.

As soon as the boy has mastered the pot, washing is replaced by manipulation with wet wipes or toilet paper. Explain that after each chair, both “big” and “small”, you need to take care of yourself.

Just put your son in the shower and offer to undermine to get rid of the unpleasant smell.

Tip The sensitive skin of the penis is easily inflamed if you do not properly wash off the soap from the penis, as well as from touching your hands, which contain the remnants of soap, household chemicals and cosmetics, such as dishwashing detergent or hand cream.

Pediatricians are advised to start using wet wipes. But this is not the essence of the problem, because the scheme of using materials is the same.

A kid who has mastered a pot should know that when he gets up from him, he should go to his mother – she will wipe the ass and penis. But one day, when the crumbs will be two and a half years old, which means that his curiosity will increase many times over, you can begin to fulfill this duty together.

What to do? Insert the palm of a peanut in your own and continue to follow your usual plan: take a napkin with your hand, bring it to the anus, wipe it, throw away the used tool. Stretch for the next napkin and wipe the penis – without pressure, effort, without moving the foreskin.

For a couple of days, the child will not master the skill, so together perform these actions for a week or two, and then entrust the baby. If after the first experiments panties will be dirty, do not scold the child.

In fact, the kindergarten toilet is also public, which means there should be no problems with visiting such places. The rules of conduct in the toilet of a supermarket, fitness center or theater only at first glance seem complicated.

When the crumb understands that the process consists of a set of the same simple actions, it is easy to orient.

Step one: wash my hands. This should be done, because before we sit on the pot or the toilet, we always wash them.

In general, we try to do it as often as possible.

Step two: go to the booth. And here are possible options: the boy can be held over the toilet, put on a disposable seat or inflatable, taken from the house.

As an option, suitable folding pot.

Step three: when it’s done, wipe the ass and penis, put on pants.

Step four: wash my hands again.

The Council is able to use the public toilet or not – not so important, because it is not at all an indicator of its independence. Therefore, do not insist that in such places the crumb must do everything himself.

While the son is not embarrassed by the presence of mom or dad in the booth, it is better not to leave him there alone.

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