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Instead of a fairy tale: smart games before bedtime

Instead of a fairy tale: smart games before bedtime

1. “How much is a handler” This is a fantasy game.

Its essence lies in the fact that you ask a child some question, but he must not answer it correctly, but come up with some fantastic answer. For example, you ask: “Why are there so many stars in the sky?” The fantastic answer might be: “Because the tooth fairy, taking the teeth of the little ones from under the pillow, flies with them to the sky and puts them on the invisible shelves, these teeth and they glow in the dark! ”Let your child invent the most incredible thing that comes to mind.

It perfectly develops the imagination!

2. “Find the word.” Two minutes before the child goes to bed, you come up with three words and write them down, mixing all the letters together. For example, the word “cat” can be written as “shokak”, the word “dog” – “akobas”.

Write them down in large letters and show the child. The task is to guess the word hidden there.

If the child is difficult at first, tell me which letter the word begins with. Just do not turn on the timer, still sleep ahead, and the tension and excitement of the child to anything.

3. “Hugs”. This is a very simple and useful game in all respects – hug the child and say ten pleasant words to him.

He will like it! Complicated version: the next day, switch roles – let the kid tell you something affectionate and gentle.

Instead of a fairy tale: smart games before bedtime

4. “Favorite letter.” Choose a letter with your child, for example, “C”, and in turn call adjective words that start with this letter only.

Those who come up with more will dream the most interesting dream dream!

5. “On the contrary.” Very fun game in which children are included with great pleasure.

While lying in bed, guess a word to your child, for example, “ceiling”, and ask him to say it the other way around (it should turn out to be a “kolotop”). And you can play the opposite: you make a word in the reverse order, and the child will have to guess which word you have encrypted.

If you are set to play a little longer, you can make a goal with a phrase, for example, “Artvaz medyop onik” (“Let’s go to the cinema tomorrow”).

6. “Visualization.” Ask the child to lie back and close their eyes, dim the light.

Arrange yourself with him side by side and also close your eyes. In a quiet voice, start inventing a story: “Imagine that you and I are now in the forest.

Look around There are many paths in the forest, tall green trees, fluffy grass on the ground … What a soft! The air smells like a fire.

Look, there is a wide path ahead, it leads to a low house … ”. Your task is to try to see, visualize those images that you describe.

This game perfectly develops the right brain. Just gently, do not sleep in half a word!

Instead of a fairy tale: smart games before bedtime

7. “Day in the details.” Despite the fact that children usually have a good memory, it is even difficult for them to remember what they did a day ago.

Remember the whole day you spent with a child before going to bed, specify what he ate for breakfast, what t-shirt he put on for a walk, what sneakers he was wearing, what rezinochki fastened his hair, what fed him in kindergarten, etc. Remembering the past day or the day , which preceded it (or even the entire past week), the baby perfectly trains its memory.

8. “Yes, netki.” This famous childhood game that you can play with new children in a new way.

Instead of making a child some physical object, think of something intangible. For example, the word “name”, or “friendship”, or “love.” Teach your child to ask questions correctly, asking about the qualities of a hidden object.

Then swap roles.

9. “Dreamers.” The meaning of the game lies in the fact that together with the child you are inventing a funny fantastic nonsense.

Sit back on the pillow and start the story: “Once on a warm summer evening …”. You interrupt the story, and the child must catch up and continue: “Katya has returned from a walk …”.

Then again, your turn. So you get a fantastic story, invented by two authors.

Do not be surprised if the plot of the story gets into such jungle that sometimes you will not be able to stop laughing. Children can do it!

10. “Repeat”. You can play this game together or even together, the four of us, if you have several children or, for example, your father decides to join you. You call the word, the task of the next player is to repeat your word and call your own, the third player to repeat the two previous words already and add yours and continue in a circle until someone gets off.

The game can be varied by linking the words with the plot. Then you get a logical story that will develop as you move from one player to another.

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