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Infection during pregnancy

Infection during pregnancy

If you are planning a pregnancy or are already waiting for a baby, during the first visit to the doctor he will prescribe you the minimum necessary tests. This list includes tests for infections that are transmitted during sexual intercourse (including syphilis, HIV, hepatitis), as well as tests to judge whether you are immune to rubella, toxoplasmosis, herpes, and cytomegalovirus.

This information will help prevent problems that sometimes this “neighborhood” is fraught with during pregnancy.

Respiratory viral infections that are familiar to all of us do not bother the baby, if only the temperature of the expectant mother does not rise above 38 ° C. Otherwise, overheating of the body may affect the well-being of the child. And it is also advisable to guard against SARS during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy in order not to risk a halt in its development.

Fortunately, in most cases this does not happen.

With a slight indisposition, the future mom’s body will cope without medication, it only needs to be helped by simple means. Drink more (cranberry juice, tea, milk with mineral water) and, if you have a cough, sore throat, runny nose, use “Bioparox”, “Herbion”, children’s nose drops. But in order to reduce the high temperature, the expectant mother needs help from paracetamol-based drugs (in pills or candles).

However, in this situation, home remedies will also work – wiping with water with the addition of vinegar and wrapping with wet matter.

Regarding the origin of the virus, it is impossible to say whether it is the flu or a SARS without a special examination. Most often, the diagnosis remains approximate.

Episodes of “poisoning”, which they cause, usually have no effect on the well-being of the baby. After all, inflammation in these cases affects only the intestines. The problem can only be a big loss of fluid and high temperature, so for any intestinal infection you need to drink a lot.

If this is not done, due to intestinal upset and vomiting in the future mother’s body, there will be a lack of fluid, and to cope with it, you will need to go to the infectious diseases hospital. Doctors will replenish its amount with the help of special solutions through an IV drip.

If the causative agent of dysentery or salmonellosis (which means that it is serious) has caused the poisoning, a woman may need a course of antibiotic treatment. In other cases, for example, when an enterovirus infection occurs, the therapy boils down to relieving the future mother of the unpleasant sensations caused by the microbe: dehydration, nausea, vomiting, upset stool, high fever.

Of all the “childhood” infections, it can cause the most unpleasant consequences. All the rest (for example, mumps, chickenpox) sometimes complicate the course of pregnancy (for example, by causing a serious rise in temperature), but they do not directly affect the development of the future baby. Adults suffer rubella harder than toddlers, but the most unpleasant situation develops if the expectant mother gets sick, especially in the first weeks of pregnancy.

This is one of those rare cases where a virus can cause serious developmental defects in a baby.

It is known that those of us who have suffered rubella in childhood will not be able to become infected again, which means that nothing threatens the child. But the majority of women do not remember if they suffered from rubella, so the analysis for antibodies to the virus causing it is included in the standard of examination before the onset of pregnancy and at the very beginning. If according to the results of the analysis, antibodies are detected, then rubella is not dangerous for the future mother.

The absence of antibodies will be a reason to guard against this infection in anticipation of the baby, and if the pregnancy is still planned, to be vaccinated. But in this case, however, the onset of pregnancy will have to be postponed for 6 months.

If the expectant mother still has rubella, the risk of developmental abnormalities in the baby will depend on the duration of the pregnancy. The smaller it is, the more likely it is that problems will arise.

Infection during pregnancy

Usually, antibodies to pathogens of this disease are in pet lovers, especially cats. Their presence in the blood suggests that the body has already experienced this infection and is protected from it.

In this case, the child is not in danger.

The doctor will not recommend those who do not have antibodies to eat badly roasted meat, do not touch stray cats, and if you have a pet at home, do not clean the cat’s toilet.

Expectant mothers who have had a herpetic or cytomegalovirus infection should not worry about waiting for complications. The overwhelming majority of women are only carriers of the infection, and in such a situation the baby is not in danger. Those whom this news found at the planning stage of pregnancy should not be afraid of the consequences of treatment.

It may be necessary only in those rare situations when the patient and her partner’s infection often worsens and is accompanied by rashes, itching, and discomfort.

The most unfavorable situation occurs if a woman becomes infected with these germs during pregnancy. Only in this case, you can be afraid of complications in the development of the baby.

In time to notice them and take the necessary measures obstetricians helps ultrasound and special blood tests.

The presence of hepatitis B or C viruses in a woman’s body is often detected during a routine examination by an obstetrician-gynecologist. And it is not surprising, because before the onset of pregnancy, very few people take tests for hepatitis.

This news will require a special examination from an infectious disease doctor, and from its results it will be possible to judge what phase the disease is in and whether it will not disturb the baby. By the way, hepatitis B and C are transmitted during sexual intercourse, therefore, the examination will also be necessary for the future pope.

Most often, the disease proceeds calmly (doctors will say – in a chronic form), without becoming aggravated, and the danger of infecting the child with a virus is minimal. But if a woman first became ill with hepatitis, transmitted through blood (B or C) during pregnancy, there is a danger that the baby will be born with congenital hepatitis, although such viruses do not cause abnormal development of children.

This rare, fortunately, situation does not require any special treatment; moreover, it is possible to assume whether the baby is sick with hepatitis, before its birth is possible only by relying on indirect signs, for example, a slightly enlarged liver.

Infection during pregnancy

The doctor will pay special attention to the presence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the woman’s body, because if they show up, they must be treated without fail to risk infection of the unborn child. In addition, any inflammation in the body of the future mother can interfere with the successful course of pregnancy.

This rule applies primarily to inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs (uterus and its appendages), often caused by infection. The course of therapy will need to pass and future dad.

If the woman did not succeed in carrying out the examination and treatment before the beginning of the pregnancy, it will be necessary to do this after 12 weeks. Be sure to consult your doctor if you are worried about itching, burning, vaginal discharge of an unusual color (yellowish or greenish) – all these symptoms may be signs of inflammation.

Even if a woman had this disease many years ago, during pregnancy she will need a special examination. As a rule, it is carried out by an obstetrician-gynecologist together with a dermatovenerologist. Only with the help of the whole program of analyzes it can be established whether the expectant mother needs antibiotic treatment, because the presence of antibodies to syphilis in her blood does not mean at all that the woman’s body needs help in fighting the disease.

In addition, the expectant mother will need to be examined in order for the doctor to determine which hospital she is better to go to give birth to: normal or specialized.

The danger of chlamydial and gonococcal infections is that their presence in the body of the expectant mother can cause premature birth, and there is a high risk that they will “get” to the baby. In addition, trichomonas infection is a kind of “conductor” for other agents.

Its action on the mucous membrane of the vagina facilitates their penetration into the woman’s body.

That is why these diseases need to be treated, and with antibiotics: chlamydia, gonococcus – with pills or injections, and trichomonads – more often with vaginal suppositories.

These microorganisms are conditionally pathogenic: they can live in the body and not disturb it, that is, it does not complicate the expectation of a baby with inflammation. It is only important to know what their number is, and modern survey methods give us this opportunity.

In most cases, this titer is low, inflammation in the expectant mother is not detected, and therefore, treatment is not required.

If mycoplasmas and ureaplasmas are determined in large numbers, their presence is accompanied by inflammation or dysbiosis of the vagina, that is, a violation of the ratio between beneficial and unsafe microorganisms, is indispensable without antibiotic treatment.

In addition to inflammation in the body of the future mother, these microorganisms are also able to “get” to the baby. To find them in the cervical canal is possible only with the help of a special study – an analysis called bacterial culture. Usually, his results take into account not only the presence of a microbe, but also the amount in which it is sown, and those antibiotics to which it is particularly sensitive.

The doctor selects treatment based on the data obtained, the characteristics of the course of pregnancy and the outcome of previous ones. Why is it important? The fact is that antibiotic treatment is more often prescribed to expectant mothers who have had problems in the past with the onset, development of pregnancy, the exacerbation of these infections.

All the rest is required where less.

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