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In fighting spirit

In fighting spirit

Exercise is expectant mothers only benefit. While moving, we learn our body better, learn to breathe correctly, protect ourselves from varicose veins, back pain and excess weight.

Mom’s activity is also useful for the baby: he gets more oxygen and moves more actively. That’s just the choice of the type of sport and the level of load the future mother needs to take very seriously and do it with her obstetrician-gynecologist.

There are situations when doctors prohibit women from engaging in physical exercise: most often for problems such as heart or vascular disease (for example, hypertension), weakness of the cervix, bleeding, improper attachment of the placenta. In addition, in order not to risk the well-being of the baby, all women “in position” should better avoid exercises related to fast, sharp movements and jumps, such as aerobics, step, cycling, and sports dancing.

Exercise should be regular and not too intense, otherwise the heart and brain will absorb oxygen to the detriment of the baby. During class, your heart rate should be 70% of the maximum heart rate. Calculate it like this: subtract your age from 220.

Example: 220–30 = 190. The required percentage of this figure is 130. This means that your pulse at the time of the load should not exceed 130 beats per minute.

In many fitness clubs, instructors even offer future mothers to wear a special device in the gym (a sensor and a bracelet with a clock) that measures heart rate.

In fighting spirit

Being engaged, listen to your feelings. As soon as you feel that your heart has begun to pound, your breath has become intermittent, your face has turned red, stop: you are moving too fast! Another alarm is a pulling pain in the lower abdomen.

Stop the classes and be sure to tell the doctor about the situation.

For sports and outdoor activities, choose the right shoes for yourself: the best thing with a high back, fixing the ankle, because of the weakening of the tone of ligaments increases the risk of dislocations. After returning home after a class or walk, lie down or sit, lifting his legs to facilitate the flow of blood.

Some sports may not be safe for expectant mothers, so it is better to cancel these activities during pregnancy. It:

  • roller skating, ice skating, downhill skiing, cycling;
  • horseback riding;
  • combat sports;
  • diving.

Future mothers can cope with everyday stress with techniques that teach you to feel your body and control your breathing: relax when it is needed, or, conversely, bring certain muscles to tone.

Yoga and Tai Chi

These ancient oriental techniques allow you to feel every muscle. All movements are performed smoothly, slowly and with concentration.

His goal is to restore balance between all the muscles of the body. The exercises are repeated many times, then the brain begins to receive the necessary signals from the muscles, and the body returns to natural movement.

In fighting spirit

If you are familiar with the feeling of heaviness and numbness in the legs, this indicates that the blood in the veins stagnates. Playing sports, you can solve this problem – working muscles as if massaging the veins from the inside, helping the bloodstream.

The water pressure massages the calves, facilitating the outflow of blood from the veins. In addition, immersion in water soothes and relieves muscle tension.

True, expectant mothers are not very fit swimming crawl and “like a dog,” because in both cases, overstretched muscles of the neck and lower back. It is better to swim breaststroke or on your back, leaning your head against the swimming board.

Do you have shortness of breath? This is natural, because during pregnancy a large load falls on the heart and lungs, and the pressure of the growing uterus on the internal organs limits the movement of the lungs.

Sports allow you to keep their volume in the norm and teach future mothers to control their breathing, which is very useful during childbirth.

It combines the benefits of training in the gym and pool. It is much easier and more pleasant to do many exercises in water than on land.

We do not feel the weight of our body, and our movements become smooth.

A growing belly shifts the center of gravity of the body, and expectant mothers have back pain. In addition, the back muscles and joints, softened with hormones, hold weight worse.

Fortunately, almost all types of activity have a good effect on the tone of the muscles of the back.

Under the guidance of a coach, you will perform exercises for the development of plastic body. At first they can be made at the bench, like professional dancers, and starting from the middle of pregnancy, sitting or lying down.

This type of activity allows you to gently stretch the muscles, toning them. In complexes for future mothers, preference is given to exercises that need to be performed while sitting or lying down in order to relieve the load from the back and veins.

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