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In a prominent place (vaginal discharge)

In a prominent place (vaginal discharge)

For a start, it is important to understand what vaginal discharge is considered the norm. Outside of pregnancy, if a woman is healthy, the nature of the discharge changes under the action of hormones, and this is completely natural.

In the first phase of the menstrual cycle in the body increases the amount of estrogen. Thanks to this hormone, the follicle is maturing, from which at the time of ovulation an egg hatch.

During this period, the vaginal discharge is clear and fluid so that the sperm can easily move towards the target. Ovulation occurs on the 14th – 16th day of the cycle, and since at this moment the production of estrogens reaches a maximum, the discharge becomes more abundant.

Then begins the second phase, which regulates progesterone. Under the influence of this hormone, the endometrium (the mucous membrane of the uterus) changes its structure so that the fertilized egg invades it and becomes firmly entrenched there. During this period, vaginal discharge performs a protective function: they become viscous and thick so that infections do not penetrate into the uterus.

The female body prepares for fertilization every month until the onset of menopause, and the hormones do these tricks, regardless of whether it was conceived or not.

For the entire period of pregnancy also has its own “physiological norm.” First, over the course of 9 months, vaginal discharges tend to become more abundant. Many of this scare, and in vain, although to be sure you can pass tests (smear on the microflora, PCR smear, bacteriological culture from the vagina), in order to eliminate the infection.

Secondly, due to hormonal changes in the first half of pregnancy, the discharge is usually more watery, and in the second – thicker.

There is another case where there is no reason for concern. Usually, 2 weeks before the baby is born, a mucus plug comes out of the vagina, although this can happen during childbirth.

Someone has the form of a lump, someone does not, someone falls at once, and someone in parts during the week, leaving brownish smears on the gusset. It can be almost colorless, and white and yellow, and pink.

A mucus plug is the mucus lining the cervix. When the cervix dilates, the cork falls out.

So this is only one thing: a meeting with the baby will take place very soon.

In a prominent place (vaginal discharge)

The outpouring of amniotic fluid – provided that they depart in due time – should also not be alarming. If the pregnancy develops correctly, this process can begin at any time starting from the 37th week. Amniotic fluid can flow out simultaneously in a large volume or slowly “leak” for several hours (in the latter case, they are easily overlooked).

Normally, they are transparent and bright, and if there are problems, their color can vary from yellow to green. To facilitate the task of doctors, it is better to spread a white diaper under them.

And, of course, immediately go to the hospital.

At any stage of pregnancy in the first place should be alarming bleeding, especially bright red or scarlet. Only a doctor can interpret them correctly, so there is no need to panic ahead of time.

The main thing that you should do in this scenario is to go to the hospital right away. But still what could it be?

Blood discharge during pregnancy occurs for various reasons. In the period from the first day of delay of menstruation until the moment when the ultrasound shows exactly where the fertilized egg is located, they may indicate ectopic pregnancy. Other possible symptoms: pain in the lower abdomen, extending to the leg or anus, nausea, general weakness.

In this case, the question is about saving the life of a woman. At any time, bleeding can foreshadow the threat of miscarriage, which in most cases doctors are able to prevent with modern drugs. Sometimes a non-developing pregnancy makes itself felt in the same way, when the baby’s heart suddenly stops.

In this situation, one way out – curettage of the uterus. In the early stages (up to the 17th week), we can talk about chorionic detachment, at later periods – placental abruption.

Fortunately, modern medicine can deal with these problems effectively.

If the discharge is not blood, but, for example, cheesy, white, odorless, it may be thrush. If they are greenish or yellowish and have a sharp smell of rotten fish, bacterial vaginosis is quite possible. Infections that are sexually transmitted can also manifest different seemingly secretions.

An accurate diagnosis will help the tests prescribed by the doctor. Treatment will depend on the type of infection and the duration of the pregnancy.

In the first trimester, the doctor will take harmless measures in order not to harm the baby. To relieve inflammation, he may prescribe, for example, gauze tampons with borax on glycerin.

In the II and III trimesters, when the organs and systems of the baby are already formed, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics and vaginal suppositories.

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