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Important points in the development of your baby

Important points in the development of your baby

When does it start? 6 months

What’s happening? When the child was younger and dropped the rattle, he thought that she just disappeared.

Now he guessed that objects continue to exist even when he does not see them – this is what is called “constancy of objects”. So, a wonderful game appeared – and you go again to watch what he threw out of the crib this time, and return the loss to the little master.

For a child, this is a useful entertainment: he gradually understands cause-and-effect relationships – “I dropped it, my mother picked it up”. And sometimes it starts to abuse it.

How to survive? If you are not tired of this game even after ten approaches, you are a very patient mother.

The more actively you pick up the toy, the more enthusiasm the game causes; as soon as you leave it, the game will end. If the ejection of objects occurs during the meal, we can safely assume that the child has already eaten and is ready to play something else.

Another option: tie a pair of toys on a short ribbon and teach your kid to pull out the discarded one yourself.

When does it start? 7−9 months

What’s happening? Do you think that the main goal of the kid at breakfast is to eat? No, your goals diverge here because food attracts him for other reasons.

It can be passed through the fingers, smeared on the table and hair, clap on it with a spoon. In addition to studying the properties of food, the kid also cares about his incipient independence: there are so few things that he can control, and playing with food is one of the few things that happen by his rules.

How to survive? Suppress a keen desire to take a spoon from a baby and feed it with the necessary number of calories.

He must learn to eat by himself, and if you wait until his coordination of movements allows him to eat carefully, there may be no desire to do so. By two years, he will eat much more carefully, but for now just gently direct his spoon towards the mouth, do not pay attention to the dirt around and do not forget to praise the child!

When does it start? 7 months

What’s happening? The baby becomes very anxious. More recently, he quietly agreed to be in the hands of guests and relatives, and now everything has changed.

Even a grandmother who rarely visits her grandson, not to mention your girlfriends or a nurse, can cause a tantrum. He is embarrassed and embarrassed by other adults, and are you embarrassed about his behavior? Of course.

But the ability to distinguish oneself from others is very important for the development of a child, and you will have to gently explain this to upset relatives.

How to survive? Help the baby gradually accept the fact that his world is not limited to mom. Fear of contact with unfamiliar adults subsides by an average of 14-15 months.

Do not pass it on to other people without warning, give your child the opportunity to first establish contact with them in order to feel safe.

When does it start? About 9 months

What’s happening? Your child is approaching a significant milestone – soon he will rise and go.

He now directs all his energy to the development of this important skill, so a rollback may occur in other areas of life, in particular in connection with sleep. He will often wake up again at night.

How to survive? Show patience. Put the baby to bed, as you usually do, make sure he lays down, and leave the room – let him fall asleep himself.

The longer you sit with him, the more he will be excited and the longer the period of falling asleep. It is important to follow the usual bedtime rituals: put him to bed after bathing or feeding, sing lullabies for the night or tell stories, and a good habit to fall asleep easily and fast to bed will return soon.

Important points in the development of your baby

When does it start? Not earlier than 9 months, more often between 10 months and a year and a half

What’s happening? The anxiety from parting became so acute precisely because the baby can already imagine you mentally, even when you are not around.

Now he needs to be with you all the time, and even with the absence of the toilet, serious difficulties may arise. The kid is absolutely not ready to part with you simply because he still cannot even imagine how long you are going to disappear.

How to survive? When you need to do lunch, keep talking to your baby so that he understands: you are near. Pay his attention to the return from the kitchen (“Hurray!

I came to you again! ”). If you need to leave home, ask your grandmother or nanny to come early so that your departure and change of player does not become too sudden. Do not disappear unnoticed, be sure to say goodbye to the baby, kiss him, ask him to say “bye bye” and tell him that you will be back soon.

Children who, from early childhood more or less regularly stay with someone else, pass through this period more easily, but difficult partings can last all the way to kindergarten.

When does it start? 8−9 months.

What’s happening? The kid has already realized that mom and dad are present in his life with different intensity and with different roles, and can express their preference – sometimes too active.

Usually, children prefer the parent with whom they spend more time. If your spouse works a lot and sees little baby, their relationship will be more complicated simply because they have less time to develop their own communication style.

Quite often, dad will be denied in favor of mom.

How to survive? If you are the one to communicate with someone more often refuse, you will have to show patience.

Too strong, your perseverance can cause and more resistance, and resentment at the child and especially its demonstration – not at all the way out. The best solution is to try to spend more time together. A more “authoritative” parent in this case will be able to move into the background in time to give the “rejected” the opportunity to communicate with the baby.

It is important to involve dad in routine activities – feeding, bathing, putting to bed so that the baby does not have associations: “ordinary life is only a mother”.

When does it start? 9–12 months

What’s happening? By this age, the baby is better and better owns his body.

Just lying to him is boring. These five minutes are the time to practice turning over, getting up on all fours, or pulling up.

How to survive? Look for ways to distract him.

Most likely, it will work that rarely falls into the hands of a child. A good decision is to do it on the floor: the mother does not worry that the child will fall from the table or sofa, the baby immediately gets a lot of room for maneuver.

Or do not force it to lie, but try to change the diaper right on the run.

When does it start? 4 months

What’s happening? Sucking hands, feet and toys – while the most accessible way for the baby to get information about the subject.

Whether it is solid or soft, warm or cold, whether it can be eaten is all very important for the development of the baby, and he cannot yet ask questions.

How to survive? Keep all dangerous (especially small) and not suitable for sucking objects out of range.

If the baby crawls on the floor, pay attention to cleaning and detergents, wires from equipment. Crawl on the floor and carefully inspect the apartment “from the point of view” of the baby.

The phase of studying the world with your mouth will be quite long, and it will pass by one and a half years when it will be more interesting for the child to walk and try to talk. But that’s another story.

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