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Important hardening elements

Important hardening elements

How to bathe? Daily bathing should take place at the same hour, preferably before the penultimate feeding, so that the baby gets used to the evening routine: bath, food, sleep.

The temperature of the air in the bathroom should be 26−27 ºС, water – 36−37 ºС, and it will be useful to check it with your elbow: there should be a feeling of comfort. No drafts! Use baby soap and shampoo no more than twice a week.

After bathing the child wipe thoroughly, blot the water in all the folds. The first months the time spent in the water is 5-7 minutes. After 8 months, bathing can be extended to 10–15 minutes.

Never leave a child in the bath one for a second – it is very dangerous!

At the age of 2–3 months, the child after a minute of bathing in water with a temperature of 36–37 ° C is doused with water a couple of degrees lower. For washing, which lasts 1−2 minutes, use water cooler – 28 ° C and, reducing the temperature by a degree every two days, bring it to the level of 20 ° C. For local wiping, the mitten is moistened in water at 33–36 ° C and hands are wiped from hand to shoulder and foot from foot to knee for 1–2 minutes.

Every part of the body should be immediately rubbed dry. Once every five days the temperature is lowered by a degree and adjusted to 28 ° C. In 3−10 months with a total wet rubbing after the upper and lower extremities wipe the chest and back.

The water temperature is the same.

In the year the child can already stand, so the total dousing should be carried out with a hose (unscrew the shower head). It is kept at a distance of 25−30 cm from the body, the pressure is quite strong. Pour on your back, then chest, abdomen and hands.

Start at 35-37 ° C, lower every five days by a degree, bring to 28 ° C. The temperature of the water during rubbing can already be reduced to 24 ° C, while dousing – to 24−28 ° C.

From the age of 1.5 years, a shower is used that has a mechanical effect. The duration of the procedure is 1.5 minutes.

  • Bath. The most commonly used children’s plastic baths: they are lightweight, durable and quickly wash. A baby can bathe in a large bath, but only after carefully treating it with soda or baby soap-based powder.
  • A thermometer is a must if you are going to perform hardening procedures. For hygiene procedures, an indicator or your own elbow is sufficient.
  • The washcloth is better to buy from a material that can withstand boiling.
  • Baby shampoo and soap
  • Soft large towel

Hardening is most often understood to be procedures using cool or cold water. However, this concept can be interpreted much more widely. For a start, it is worthwhile to convince the older generation of the family of the need for hardening: most often it resists your initiative.

From the very first day, when the crumb will be at home, you must follow the main rule: do not muffle! In the apartment during the day one layer of clothing is sufficient, provided that the temperature in it is not lower than 19–20 ° C.

It is better to organize baby’s sleep on the balcony or in the loggia, including during the cold season.

Hide the booties in the far box and do not buy slippers. Let the baby run in socks on the cool floor – from this he will only be healthier.

During bathing, lower the water temperature for babies to no more than 28 ° C. The mechanisms of thermoregulation in children are still very imperfect.

For the same reason, any break in hardening, even for a week, crosses the progress achieved – everything will have to start over again.

Hardening procedures should be carried out so that they cause only positive emotions in a child. If a child cries, worries, it means that the procedure is performed incorrectly and must be stopped.

For weakened children, the type of hardening should be selected only on the advice of a physician, gradually and carefully increasing the time of procedures and tracking the child’s reaction to them.

Important hardening elements

This non-contact thermometer is completely safe for children. Determines the temperature in 2−3 seconds by infrared technology. It has LED backlight and remembers the last 10 readings with the date and method of measurement.

Suitable for body and water.

Important hardening elements

Comfortable shape with a separate finger allows you to wash the folds on the skin of the child, making it easier to wash small areas. Soft material prevents nosing.

Fabric for mittens made of natural fibers and chitosan, providing an antibacterial effect and respect for the skin. Universal size.

Important hardening elements

Designed for comfortable bathing baby. The bends on the side walls allow parents to rest comfortably while swimming. The curved back provides the child with reliable protection.

The kit also includes a retainer for the shower, a shelf for soap, funny rattles, a valve to drain the water.

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