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If love lives in the heart: raising a child “according to Sears”

If love lives in the heart: raising a child

Americans William and Martha Sears are not just writers, but doctors. Bill is a pediatrician, and Marta is a nurse, teacher of courses for expectant mothers and a lactation consultant. Surely, the impetus (and subsequently a wonderful help) to writing the very first book devoted to the care of a small child was not only professional experience, but also personal, because this marriage in every respect is remarkable for eight (!) Children.

In this case, it would be appropriate to clarify that Sears is familiar with the concepts of “special baby” and “difficult child.” The fact is that one of their sons – Stephen – was born with Down syndrome, and the girl Lauren became the adopted daughter. After the books that came out from under the fountain-pen of the spouses won the hearts of their parents all over the world and went off in crazy editions, the authors did not retire and did not deserve to rest on their laurels.

To this day, Sears conduct private medical practice in California, and at the same time advise everyone on their family website, www.askdrsears.com.

An example to follow is how one can characterize the authors of the popular bestseller “Your baby from birth to two years.” Martha Sears, with a “track record” of eight raised children, will give good advice to both a working mother and a housewife, because in 18 years she has tried on both roles for many times.

William Sears will share his paternity experience and talk about the invaluable role of the father in the life of the baby (read “Fathers in the role of educators” – a separate chapter of the book “Raising a child from birth to 10 years”).

If love lives in the heart: raising a child

If love lives in the heart: raising a child

Sears’ literary heritage is quite large – more than 30 books were published. Ten languages ​​were translated into Russian, of which the following bestsellers were the most popular: “Waiting for a baby”, “Preparing for childbirth”, “Your baby from birth to two years old”, “Raising a child from birth to 10 years old” and “Child health from Doctors Sears. ” A separate “hit” in the record of spouses Sears is the book “200 myths and facts about the care of the baby.”

In it, Dr. Bill, in collaboration with the famous New York pediatrician Andrew Eydsman, helps young parents to “separate the wheat from the chaff,” and explain in an easy and simple way why you should not blindly trust the legends and superstitions that may harm the health of the child. Agree that it is with such reading matter that it would not hurt to familiarize too active grandmothers!

If love lives in the heart: raising a child

If love lives in the heart: raising a child

Sears’ encyclopedic books cover the maximum possible period of child development: from planning to reaching adolescence (and from choosing a nanny to first love, by the way, too!). They can find all the necessary information – attachment to the chest, fighting colic, alleviating teething symptoms, rules for introducing complementary foods, training for a pot, etc., etc. – just manage to make bookmarks.

But the range of problems discussed goes beyond purely medical: from some sections you can find out what are the crises of growing up, how to cope with children’s moods, how to teach children to express their feelings, how to correct unwanted behavior from them, how to wean from bad habits, eventually how to raise healthy sexuality in the younger generation. Everything is described very clearly and in detail. And most importantly – with the soul.

In general, the most accurate definition of the tonality of the Sears books will be the following – a calm, leisurely family conversation.

And yet, in the Russian parental environment, opinions about the printed works of the popular American couple are still the most polar: from enthusiasm (“Desk book for all times for loving parents!”) To censure (“Open propaganda of sling and breastfeeding almost to school “). To appreciate the books Sears, you just need to go to reading is not biased.

Then you will notice that Sir William, of course, recommends, but leaves the choice. For example, speaking as an ardent supporter of breastfeeding, he, nevertheless, does not deny the fact that in some cases it is possible (and sometimes necessary) to refuse him.

If love lives in the heart: raising a child

Sears are adherents of the theory of natural parenthood, which dates back to the most ancient times. What is it?

Everything is simple: parental behavior should be defined by three main vectors – love, intuition and one’s own example. The foundation on which parent-child relationships are built is attachment.

It is necessary to begin to form it as early as possible, ideally from the first days of a baby’s life. And this idea that a child should spend as little time as possible in isolation from the mother has become truly revolutionary for the older generation of Russians who grew up on the books of Spock and Zaitsev. Give the breast as soon as the child wants?

Run to him at the first call? Take me to my bed?

Unthinkable But the Sears couple gently and strongly advised:

  • carry the child as often as possible (or in a sling);
  • breastfeed on demand for up to two years;
  • practice sleeping together for at least three years;
  • listen to your inner voice: it is he who will let you know what the child wants and respond to his needs in the most appropriate way.

What does it mean? The minimum of physical punishments (it is even better to do without them at all), the recognition for the child of the right to uniqueness and his own Wishlist, the planning of his day and the persistent meeting of difficulties.

This will help you proudly and with dignity to carry the difficult banner of parenting and raise such important personal qualities as self-confidence, independence, honesty and responsibility in your child.

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