I will be mom

I will be mom

I will be mom

I will be mom

I will be mom

Did you make a baby shower? What style of clothing is better to buy pregnant?

Should I use cosmetics in this position and what? Which photographer did you order a photo session in position and how do you feel about it at all?

If you have answers to such questions and you yourself are in a similar position, but you can share good advice, write it on the forum. You can also share an interesting story about how a pregnancy goes and ask your own questions to users.

The authors of the most important and objectively valuable advice will receive prizes from Choupette: an envelope for an extract from Choupette or a gift set “Sweet Dream”. One prize will be given to two authors of the most interesting tips / stories according to users (i.e. those who have collected the maximum number of likes / votes) on the forum.

And the remaining 8 gifts will be distributed to the competent jury.

Important: write your term of pregnancy, or the number of months the baby.

I will be mom

I will be mom

With the envelope Choupette, your baby’s first “appearance” will be unforgettable! And also very comfortable. The envelope is convenient to use in the stroller.

The model has fasteners and a detachable veil.

The gift set “Sweet dream” from Choupette consists of 7 items: a vest, bodysuit, overalls, sliders, two caps and a curly diaper. All things are made of high quality cotton, soft and very pleasant to the body.

Important! Available only to registered users.

Competition for citizens of the Russian Federation. Prizes will be sent by mail Rosii at the expense of the organizer and only within the Russian Federation.

Dear participants, thanks for the valuable advice!

We remind you that according to the rules, once won in the competition marathon dedicated to number 200, they will not be able to win more in this competition. Also, according to the rules of participation in all competitions on the Parents.ru website, winning in competitions is possible no more than once every three months.

In this regard, some of the works of the participants who recently won prizes on the site were not considered in this competition.

The envelope on the extract from Choupette receive:

  • 1107493
  • avgusta1982
  • allaproshlyakova
  • Banana4ka
  • Isolda1977

Gift set “Sweet Dream” from Choupette goes to:

  • rasima03031988
  • Ultraulen
  • olya-oao
  • flor7
  • Mamulik2013

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