I ask silence

I ask silence

Planes are flying over us all the time with the noise, trains are rushing with a crash, cars are rumbling with engines rumbling. And when we open the window, it’s not the chirping of birds and the rustling of foliage that bursts into it, but a whole firework of noise: somewhere the neighbor’s car alarm sings, the construction hammers knock somewhere, and the discotheque rattles somewhere in high decibels. You close the window and immediately hear how the neighbors behind the wall started talking TV, on top – the vacuum cleaner boomed, and from below – a high-octave family scandal broke out.

Though your ears plug!

The human ear is a very delicate instrument, perfectly tuned to quiet sounds. This is how Nature conceived it from the very beginning.

Primitive man was a part of the animal world, therefore the ability to hear quiet sounds, for example, the predator’s creeping steps, gave him a chance to survive. But since then everything has changed. We are no longer surrounded by predators and live in civilized but noisy cities.

The fact of the matter is that the human environment has changed, and the ear has remained the same as before, tuned to quiet sounds. And under the influence of high-profile it suffers. The fact is that there are microscopic sensory receptors in our inner ear, they receive sound and convert it into impulses that are sent to the brain.

But constantly loud sound damages or even destroys these receptors. As a result, they cease to deliver the full amount of impulses to the brain. Hearing is reduced, and, unfortunately, forever, because the sensory receptors of the inner ear can not be restored.

Now you understand why your child constantly asks? In a too noisy world, he lives.

I ask silence

Noise is dangerous for any person, and especially for a child. Small children, especially babies, cannot yet, as adults, navigate the complex range of sounds.

For example, you simultaneously hear the dog barking, the creaking of the door, the gust of wind and the interlocutor’s question facing you. You know who these sounds belong to, and you know how to isolate the one you need from the overlapping ones – the voice of the interlocutor. The kid also hears all these sounds, but does not yet know who publishes them, and does not know how to isolate what he needs from them.

Therefore, unlike adults, he focuses attention on all sounds indiscriminately. And in the modern world there are too many of them, and they are not always pleasant.

These sounds become an unnecessary burden for your baby and harm his hearing. That is why Western psychologists advise parents to turn off the radio and television, close windows and doors tightly before they start singing a song or reading a fairy tale to a child.

This is necessary in order that his attention should not be dissipated into extraneous sounds.

I ask silence

First, with the help of sounds, the child learns to express his emotions, then, as he gets older, he already learns to tie these sounds to their sources — objects and phenomena. This process makes the child think, compare, analyze. Sounds help it develop.

But what happens when a child doesn’t hear well? At the world, as if at the TV, the sound decreases, and the child cannot speak articulately, he in fact badly hears human speech. He is poorly oriented in the sonic space, his academic performance leaves much to be desired, because the child needs not only to understand the words, but also to strain in order to catch them.

Studies show that children exposed to constant noise exposure are inattentive, sluggish and apathetic. In addition, the noise prevents our body to absorb food. Under its influence disrupted saliva and gastric juice.

The result is frequent diarrhea. “We ate only a hamburger and french fries. How could a baby have diarrhea because of them? ”- you are surprised. If he had eaten them in a calm atmosphere, then most likely the disorder would not have happened.

But the noise-gum of fast foods often influences the children’s organism in this way. Therefore, if you want food to bring benefits and not harm to your child, eat in peace and quiet.

Turn off the TV, radio or stereo system and do not talk loudly at the table.

“Mom! Give me a spoon! ”The baby cries out loudly, although you are only a meter away from him. “Do not shout, I’m not deaf!” – you resent.

But his hearing may be reduced, and the same noise will be to blame for this. Have you ever noticed how guys shout out of a noisy disco? Do you think they can not communicate calmly because they are overexcited?

Not at all! The fact is that for some time they will simply not be able to perceive quiet sounds, especially whispers, their eardrums have suffered so much from the music speakers. The intensity of the sound in discos exceeds 110 decibels, and the eardrums burst at 160 decibels.

Scientists say that staying at a disco is comparable to seven hours spent on the runway, from which turbo-jets take off every minute. In addition, scientists say that teenagers often experience a rhythmic shock from loud electronic music.

And if at the same time their psyche is unstable, then they can become overly aggressive or fall into depression. Your child also loses the ability to speak quietly and perceive quiet sounds if you constantly turn on the TV or stereo at full volume.

His sensory receptors are dying, with all the ensuing consequences. And when the child grows up, try to explain to him that CD and MP3 players are the scourge of a civilized person. After all, portable music devices are a deadly weapon for the sensory receptors of the inner ear.

Imagine the noise in the subway is 100 decibels. To block the noise of the metro, the intensity of the music must be at least 110–120 decibels.

And it’s like standing ten meters from a roaring jet engine. Two or three months of such music sessions, and the person begins to strain the ear to hear.

There are norms of permissible noise level depending on the place of stay of a person. In residential premises it should not exceed 40–45 decibels during the day (from 7 to 23 hours) and 30 decibels in the evening and at night (from 23 to 7 hours).

But, for example, the TV or the stereo system turned on at all volume gives out all 90–100 decibels, and it is already unhealthy both for your child, and people around.

Leaves rustle20
Quiet speech30-40
Soft talk40-60
Loud speech60-70
Street noise during the day60-70
The noise of a passing car70-80
The noise of a passing motorcycle80-90
Factory workshop90-100
Aircraft engine noise100-120
Highway track85
Noise in a crowded restaurant, cafe85
Medium Volume Music Player100
Ambulance Siren20
Rock concert120
Loud musical toys110
Fireworks and firecrackers130

There are some noises that you can’t turn off. This is street noise. And their level often exceeds the permissible rate.

For example, in houses located on major roads and highways, the noise rate is exceeded by 20-30 decibels. There are a lot of such “noisy houses”, according to the sanitary and epidemiological supervision, about 70%.

Therefore, the only thing you can do is equip your apartment with soundproof windows.

Our Moscow metro is considered one of the noisiest in the world. Even on an escalator, a sound advertisement, traumatic for hearing, suddenly turns on at full volume. Coming out of the subway, the child may experience tingling in the ears and a temporary hearing loss.

Therefore, do not descend into it unnecessarily, try to use land transport.

Try more often to get out into nature, where the side noises of civilization do not reach. Listen to the chirping of birds, the rustling of foliage of trees, the singing of streams.

Psychologists say that silence and the natural sounds of nature are necessary for a person overloaded with the noises of a big city. Remember, even in antiquity, nervous patients were treated with silence, peace, quiet music and the murmur of water. And if the house is too noisy neighbors, put on the floor, at least in the nursery, a thick carpet.

And buy a baby plush headphones, wear them on him when a drill bites into a wall or a nail is driven into the next wall. And you yourself speak more quietly, do not create unnecessary noise, the modern world is already full of them.

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