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I ask for the table!

I ask for the table!

In a baby that feeds on mixtures, the first dish usually appears at 4 months, and in crumbs that are breastfed – at 5-6 months. First, mom will need a spoon for juice and puree, and then a plate.

The child will try to use this tool of labor independently at 9 months. In the period from one year to two years, he will learn how to convey the contents of a spoon to his mouth, and from one and a half he will get used to the plug. Learning to drink the peanut will also gradually.

In six months, crumbs can offer a feeder, but only with a nozzle, like a nipple. In 9−10 months it will need to be changed.

At this stage, fit a straw, a nozzle with small holes or a nozzle that resembles a duck’s beak with a gap in the middle. Through such devices, the fluid flows with weak pressure, and the baby will not have a chance to choke.

With the usual cup, the baby will learn to be controlled closer to the year.

Children’s dishes should be first of all durable in order to withstand an accidental accident and a deliberate attempt to get rid of dinner, and later on a tooth test. Another serious selection criterion is thermal insulation.

Dishes that do not heat up will reduce the risk of burns. The covering of both the spoons and the drinking hole on the bowl should be soft: the baby’s tender gums are easily injured.

Equally important is the stability of the plates and cups. It is better to choose models with special suction cups or ribbed coating.

Take into account the need and table manners karapuz. Having become accustomed to the bottle, at first he will turn over the trough, so the non-spill valve will be useful. Thanks to this device, the liquid will flow into the mouth only at the time of sucking.

The first drinker will certainly have two handles, otherwise it will be inconvenient for the crumbs to use it (it will be satisfied with one handle around 1 year), and the first plate should be chosen with high sides.

Irina Bezrukova, pediatrician, PMC

Up to 6 months, the crumbs can be washed only with water, so it must be boiled. In the future, it will be possible to use special children’s tools or ordinary baking soda, but each item will still have to be processed separately, and before use it can be boiled over. The last measure can be waived after a year.

In order to hygiene, children’s dishes should be stored separately from the adult and wiped with an individual towel. To protect against dust, even in the closet with the door of the plate and cup the baby is better to cover with a special napkin.

To help crumbs seize the cutlery, mom can go for a trick. Children love to copy the behavior of adults, so the baby will quickly achieve success if one of the parents eats with him.

It is important to bear in mind that a hungry child may not have enough skill and patience to quench his appetite on his own. So first you need to feed him, and exercise already on the leftovers.

To speed up the learning process will help the image of cartoon characters at the bottom of the plate. They will fuel interest in eating at a small one.

Modern manufacturers think not only about children, but also about parents. So, a great choice would be spoons that change color depending on the temperature of the food.

A plate with the function of heating is useful if the crumb is saturated slowly. After a year when the diet of the child expands, dishes with dividers will be in demand.

The division of the plate into sections is not only aesthetic, but also practical: if the kid does not want to try one dish, he will be able to immediately taste the neighboring ones. In addition, some pickups do not like it when dishes are mixed.

I ask for the table!

Thanks to a soft silicone tubule, rounded handles and a non-slip bottom, any baby over 8 months old can easily handle this cup. The end of the tube is tilted so that the baby can drink everything to the drop.

The double lock on the lid completely eliminates leakage, so it is convenient to take the cup on the road.

I ask for the table!

With the Philips AVENT baby plate, it will be easier for your baby to learn how to eat on his own. The non-slip bottom will provide stability and make the meal safe.

To prevent dishes from mixing, special sections are provided. The drawings on the bottom will help draw the child’s attention to food, and the numbers on the rim – to teach the basics of the bill.

I ask for the table!

The special stool will make feeding convenient for the baby and its parents. Due to the large distance between the supports, it is very stable.

The spacious seat is covered with a cover of high quality PVC. The plastic table is easy to clean and takes 3 positions.

The stool in folded form is very compact: its width is only 15 cm.

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