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How to understand that your diet gives the result

How to understand that your diet gives the result

Of course, you can spend a few extra pounds with the help of a hunger strike. But, we all know how this ends.

Everything lost will be returned in a matter of weeks, and even double the amount. But if you pay attention to how much and what you eat, if your diet is dominated by fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat and fish, low-fat dairy products, essential unsaturated fats, whole grains, if you eat in small portions and do not make too big breaks between meals – you teach your metabolism to work more quickly and efficiently.

Losing weight does not always mean that you have chosen the right weight loss system. That is why the effectiveness of your efforts should be judged not only by this parameter, but in combination with everything listed below.

Sluggish metabolism – sluggish you. Food is, above all, energy for your body.

But it turns into energy due to proper metabolism. If your weight loss system makes you sleepy, tired, if you have increased fatigue – you are not on that path. Most likely, your body does not receive those nutrients that it needs to produce energy.

So, your plan for dropping excess weight is obviously failed. You will dial it back as soon as you finish with it.

The essence of an effective diet is not just to lose extra kilos, but also to teach you the correct eating habits, thanks to which you will feel happier and more energetic.

If you are not dieting, but you feel overwhelmed in the morning – help your metabolism help you: give preference to healthy food, watch portions, do not skip meals, drink more water and move.

This is a very important “symptom” of the fact that you chose the right tactics. The fact is that constipation, flatulence, abdominal distention, heartburn and general stomach discomfort are typical problems of people with poor metabolism. If the metabolism is slow, then the food is digested and digested not quickly, and not as it should.

Most likely, the food itself is far from that which is necessary for normal metabolism. Therefore, if you start to eat right, drink more water and increase your activity, you will feel that you have many times less digestive problems.

Did you know that malnutrition and a sharp reduction in calories makes you vulnerable to stress? The same thing happens if your food does not take into account the body’s needs for nutrients (for example, in essential fats, or in high-grade protein).

Any diet that does not meet your nutritional needs leads to physiological stress. And, on the contrary, if your diet is balanced and devoid of fashionable diet kinks, your body at an affordable level for it tells you that it is happy. And this immediately affects your well-being: you become significantly more resistant to any stress.

Moreover, for this you do not need to drink pills from advertising.

How to understand that your diet gives the result

Burning fat and restoring muscle mass makes you stronger and more resilient. With proper nutrition, the metabolism works in such a way that nutrients get to the right places.

This, in particular, means that glucose will go into the muscles, and not go into the fatty tissue “in reserve.” If you also pay enough attention to moving more during the day – this effect will be even more obvious.

When you minimize foods containing saturated fats, trans fats, refined sugars, you thereby minimize the ingress of “bad” cholesterol into your body. At the same time, adding to the diet foods that contain unsaturated fats (such as omega-3), fiber, helps you get “good” cholesterol and maintain the right level of cholesterol in the blood.

This is a significant bonus when working on improving your metabolism, since the health of your blood vessels and heart depends on it.

Suddenly you stopped freezing? Congratulations: your metabolism began to work better. People often become “cold” because of a slow metabolism.

Without getting into the scientific jungle, we only say that slowing down the metabolism adversely affects the circulation of peripheral blood, that is, that which supplies our limbs with heat and oxygen. Therefore, you begin to freeze when for others the temperature of the air remains quite comfortable.

So, if you notice that this problem goes away, it means that you are working properly on your metabolism.

This is another pleasant consequence of improved metabolism. And it flows smoothly from the previous ones. Losing weight, increasing resistance to stress, improving blood circulation – all this will not slow down affecting the health of those who are prone to hypertension.

Normalization of pressure – an important bonus when establishing a metabolism.

How to understand that your diet gives the result

Control of sugar level is important not only for potential diabetics, but also for anyone who is inclined to be overweight. Sharp ups and downs in blood sugar often cause unsupervised snacks and overeating.

With a sharp drop in sugar (for example, if you have not eaten for a long time, or the food consisted of fast carbohydrates), you begin to experience an irresistible craving for sweets, and this is a vicious circle and … extra pounds. The feeling of hunger caused by a drop in blood sugar levels forces us to choose the “wrong”, but very appetizing dishes (as well as to make extra purchases in grocery stores and order extra food in restaurants).

So, nutrition, improves metabolism, helps to avoid sudden drops in sugar levels and eliminates disruptions in the diet.

No wonder. Improved metabolism makes you slimmer, stronger, more energetic, improves blood counts, makes you more resistant to stress, helps to properly utilize nutrients from food – and this is a component of good immunity.

And if you notice that you have become less likely to catch cold and less likely to catch SARS, then you are on the right track.

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