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How to take vitamins depending on the trimester

How to take vitamins depending on the trimester

It is necessary to supplement the nutrition of the future mother with vitamin preparations. First, in those foods that we eat, there are not so many vitamins and microelements.

Secondly, the diet of many women is far from ideal. Due to the fact that the representatives of the fair sex abuse fatty and high carbohydrate foods, the absorption of nutrients is reduced. At the other extreme: before pregnancy, some of the weaker sex are addicted to diets, which are not always balanced in terms of the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and even low-calorie.

So it turns out that without taking additional drugs, the body will not receive all the nutrients it needs.

Ideally, of course, when planning a pregnancy, a woman should undergo blood and urine tests for the content of vitamins and microelements. True, they are not included in the OMS policy, they can only be handed over on a commercial basis.

Nevertheless, it is worth doing this, because at the very beginning the deficiency of one or another nutrient does not have any clear symptoms. The woman simply gets tired quickly, feels sleepy or sleeps worse, more often has ARVI.

The test results will help to understand the causes and prevent such conditions.

This is very important, because quite often a woman enters into a pregnancy, already having a deficiency in a number of vitamins and trace elements. Such a state can greatly affect the well-being of the future mother and her child.

As a rule, doctors diagnose a lack of vitamins D, group B, folic and ascorbic acids (vitamin C). Folate and vitamin C are quickly destroyed during storage and processing of products, so getting enough of them with food is not an easy task, especially since during pregnancy the need for them increases two to three times. Vitamins of group B – the main building material for all cells, but in their food a little.

If you do not take special drugs, the shortage is almost inevitable.

It is for these reasons that future moms, in order to maintain the level of micronutrients at the proper level and so that the unborn child develops normally, be sure to prescribe vitamin complexes or vitamin monotherapy in prophylactic dosage.

There are substances that play an important role in the development of the future baby in the first trimester. This is folic acid and vitamin E. The first is involved in laying the nervous system and its further development.

It also reduces the risk of anemia in the future mother. Acceptance of folate in an additional dosage is mandatory for violations of the blood coagulation system in a pregnant woman.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. It protects the embryo from the effects of free forms of oxygen at an early stage, prevents malformations.

For the future mother, this nutrient is important in that it helps to best adapt to the hormonal background that changes during the baby’s birth, and thus reduces the risk of developing severe toxicosis.

Vitamins will help in the case when a woman’s perception of ordinary food changes in the first months of pregnancy and the body refuses to accept certain foods. The possible lack of nutrients will have to fill up with the help of multivitamin complexes.

The same advice is also relevant for vegetarians: they need to take iron supplements. Indeed, from plant products, this element is absorbed much worse than from meat and its derivatives.

The needs for vitamins and trace elements of the future mother are increasing. Magnesium, vitamin D and vitamins of group B are very important at this stage of the development of the unborn baby. Magnesium is an important component of many metabolic processes by which the organs and systems of the child are built and grown. This element ensures the work of the placenta at all stages of pregnancy.

It is especially important in recent terms, as it improves the elasticity of muscle fibers and their contractility. Vitamins of group B (nicotinamide, biotin, B12 etc.) are involved in the establishment and development of the nervous, circulatory and digestive systems, maintain skin hydration, prevent the loss of moisture from a woman.

Therefore, they are advised to take throughout pregnancy.

Vitamin D is necessary for the formation of the baby’s skeleton. With a deficiency of this nutrient, normal calcium absorption, development and strengthening of the skeletal system is impossible.

It helps pregnant women maintain a good mood and does not allow them to seize stress. It is often prescribed in addition to other drugs, since, according to statistics, 98% of the inhabitants of central Russia experience a shortage of drugs.

There are both vitamin complexes and vitamin monodrugs. The doctor should decide what to prefer, because a lot depends on the future mother’s state of health.

If there are no problems, complex drugs are prescribed in prophylactic dosage.

In addition, monopreparations are limited if the first half of the pregnancy falls in the summer and early autumn, when there is enough sun, a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables and a woman is healthy. In this case, it is not necessary in the vitamin complexes. For the prevention of malformations in the baby can be limited to taking only folic acid and vitamin E (monotherapy).

But when the main part of pregnancy falls in autumn and winter, it is better to take complex drugs.

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