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How to rock a baby?

How to rock a baby?

In the first months of his life, he needs to be at his mother’s hands as often as possible. Only in this way can he calm down and feel safe.

Motion sickness is primarily the creation of contact between mother and child. She learns to feel him, to understand the reaction – this is the process of full communication.

If dad wants to rock the little one, you shouldn’t forbid him. It is more difficult for a man to feel a baby, because he did not bear it and did not give birth.

The contact of father and child, especially motion sickness, will help both to establish an emotional and psychological connection. Scarce each time will increasingly trust the pope, learn to calm down and in his arms.

Baby can be rocked on the hands and in special beds and wheelchairs, which are equipped with shock-absorbing mechanisms. It is important to know that swinging in a regular wheelchair is dangerous for the baby’s health, as well as too much and sudden manual motion sickness.

This may result in injury to the cervical spine.

Mom can take the position that is convenient for her. If not hard, walk well with the child, keeping a certain rhythm.

You can rock and sit, swaying to the beat of a lullaby, lulling a baby. There are special rocking chairs for women, with a comfortable footrest.

You can use a special large inflatable ball that is familiar to fitness lovers – a fitball. Sitting on it, my mother sways a little up and down, despite the fact that there is no extra load on her back, and her movements are smooth.

Physiologists believe that manual motion sickness has a positive effect on the development of the child’s brain. Psychologists add that the first 3 months spent in the hands of parents are very important for the formation of future relationships between them and the child.

How to rock a baby?

In the first few months (as a rule, up to 3, if the child is healthy), the baby should be picked up by the first time he cries. In the first half of the year, the child’s leading activity is emotional communication, he forms a basic confidence in the world.

Only mom and dad provide him with a sense of security. Do not worry that the baby will become too naughty and become attached to the hands.

After 6 months, the child will be more occupied with the surrounding reality, the cognitive developmental stage will begin, and it will be enough for him to simply see the mother next to him in order to feel protected. Therefore, in the second half of the year, parents should be very careful not to encourage crying when they first want to be in their hands. Baby crying – go to him, smile, talk, but do not take his hands until he calms down.

After 6 months, the baby needs to gradually wean off motion sickness as the most effective way to calm down. Before bed, do a relaxing massage, turn on soft, quiet music, dim the lights.

And during the day, watch the baby. He has already learned to calm himself – see how exactly (using nipples or toys, for example), and use his skills to both of you for the good.

The child has begun to cry – distract him with your favorite thing.

Small children – the radar of emotions. They catch the slightest change in the mood of the mother and sharply react if something wrong happens in the family. If the baby is healthy, but often cries (as it seems, for no reason) and you cannot calm him down, even swaying, think about the reason.

She must eat. In order for a child to grow calm, healthy and happy, care is also needed for mom, especially in the first months after birth, when her life changes dramatically, you need to learn a lot and not everything works out the first time.

If she feels the support of her relatives, she will be able to overcome all possible difficulties of motherhood very quickly, and her calm and confidence will be passed on to the baby.

How to rock a baby?

It is not easy to swing a child only in your arms. You will be helped by a chair with the rocking function, which can be put anywhere in the house or easily taken out onto the countryside – it weighs only 2.8 kg. The chair has 3 positions of a back inclination and the convenient fixing 5-point belt which guarantees safety of the baby.

All covers can be washed.

How to rock a baby?

Sometimes the baby is not easy to calm and prepare for sleep after a busy day. Aromatherapy can come to the rescue: it helps to relax not only adults, but also the smallest ones.

The Italian company Helan has created special flavors for children’s rooms. Their fresh and sweet notes lull the most capricious child.

How to rock a baby?

The baby is naughty? The novelty from the NUK company from latex and silicone will not only help him to calm down, but also will form the correct bite due to its unique orthodontic shape.

Mom will always find a pacifier in the nursery: there is a luminous button on the mouthpiece.

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